Friday, July 01, 2005

Sandra Day-O'Connor steps down

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day-O'Connor tendered her resignation to the president today. While this is no longer news to most people who stay on top of the issues, it has prompted me to wonder who President Bush will choose to replace her. And, following that, I also wonder what "extraordinary circumstances" the Democrats will site to filibuster the nomination of who ever he appoints, for it is as sure as the grass is green and night follows day, they will do just that. That was the intention of the now infamous gang of 14 from the beginning.
You have to give the Democrats credit for having the foresight to expect an opening to come up in the Supreme Court, and for somehow convincing some gullible Republican senators to cross party lines and agree to the compromise on judicial appointments. Now we will see the results of that compromise. If you scroll back in my archives you will find the post where I made the prediction that the Democrats will most assuredly use this so-called compromise against anyone the President chooses to appoint.

I had heard, through other sources, that Ted Kennedy was already objecting to Bush's next judicial appointment, so I went to Google and attempted to find the exact quote. I couldn't find it. I had heard the quote repeated on talk radio but I don't recall exactly what he said. However, I will say this: What little I heard didn't convince me that Kennedy was objecting to any appointment before the fact. I think some right wingers are reading more into his statements than what he intended. But since I don't remember what I heard, I could be wrong. I'm not saying he won't object to whoever Bush chooses, in fact, I am reasonably sure that he will object, and strenuously.

In any case, I will go on record now as saying, (and mark my words): There will be a filibuster of whoever the President nominates. Unless he nominates a left wing liberal. And we all know that won't happen.

Addendum: I have just thought of the perfect choice to replace Ms. O'Connor on the Supreme Court. Zell Miller. Why? He is conservative, but he is a Democrat. This is a perfect choice, because the Democrats have demonstrated that they don't see a difference between Democrats and Liberals. (The speech by Karl Rove, when he talked about liberals and the Democrats got offended, proves that they don't differentiate between the two.) So, appointing Zell Miller to the court will meet with little or no opposition from the Democrats and thus a conservative will be confirmed.


Francis Lynn said...

I'll second Miller - great choice. War is coming - Dems are preparing for it. They promised to filibuster only in extraordinary circumstances, but unless a lib is nominiated, all Bush choices are extraordinary circumstances for them.

Mark said...

Just as I said, Lynn, you can make book on it.

Mark said...

By the way, Lynn, I find your picture troubling, to say the least.