Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Change That Offers No Hope

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“The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principle device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and to promise to give it to them.” – H.L. Mencken

All of these opinions and theory's of why Obama won and Romney lost are getting us nowhere. The whole and only reason why Romney lost the election, clearly, is massive voter fraud

The evidence is ubiquitous

Incidents of voter fraud are like cockroaches. If you see one, you know there are thousands more behind the baseboards. And, so far, there is evidence of massive voter fraud nationwide.

 There's the Facebooker who bragged that he's already voted 5 times for Obama and plans on voting more

Then, the thousands of votes cast over and above the number of actual registered voters in several states (states which, coincidentally, did not enact a photo ID requirement to register), and, curiously, mostly for Obama. 

Entire precincts that, strangely, had no votes cast for Romney at all! 

Not to mention those polling places that had armed Black Panthers standing at the entrances intimidating voters. 

These cannot be mere coincidences.

Unfortunately, there is little recourse. There is  little chance the votes will ever be recounted. 

There is no chance the system will ever be fixed so long as the election boards are controlled by a government that is corrupt from the President all the way down to the local dogcatcher.

That's my opinion.

So far, you can still feel free to disagree with me in this country, but one wonders how long we will still enjoy that freedom, and the others freedoms we currently take for granted, such as freedom of religion (not from religion) and the right to bear arms.

Enjoy your rights while you still have them.

If the unscrupulous can already control the election outcome, there's no stopping them from total control of the electorate

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What I Don't Understand Part 2

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What I don't understand is why so many otherwise intelligent American citizens don't get a simple concept: 

People who earn over $250,000 a year are the business owners; the ones that create the jobs. If taxes are raised on these business owners/job creators, they will not continue to offer their goods and services at the same prices. They will not accept losses in their bottom line, no matter how patriotic they are! And, that bottom line is profit

There are only two ways a business can recoup the loss of profit due to higher taxes

1. They will raise the prices on their goods and services. They will have to to keep their profit margin at the same levels as before the higher taxes were levied upon them. 

Do you think they will give themselves a cut in pay? Dream on, little Liberal. 

And, when they raise the prices on their goods and services, the consumer will not buy those goods or services as readily as they would have if the prices were still low, thus, making it necessary for the business owner to raise the prices yet again to compensate for the loss of sales. This cycle  will continue on and on and on until the business goes bankrupt and/or out of business, or, 

2. The business owner will begin to lay off employees because he can no longer afford to pay them. If that happens, there are less people employed and, consequently,  less people who can afford the higher prices started because the business owner had to pay ever increasing higher taxes. This will undoubtedly happen to enough business owners that it will have a lasting impact on each and everyone of us, the taxpaying public.

In the end, due to ever increasing taxes, higher and higher prices on goods and services, and more people on the unemployment rolls, the Government is all that is left to provide for the people. 

Now, here's a question for all you big Government loving Liberals:

How does the Government provide for the ever increasing number of newly unemployed and newly impoverished citizens? Where do they get the funds? 

Naturally, by increasing taxes on the rich again, which merely exacerbates the problem the Government was trying to solve in the first place.

Then, what do we have? Government trying to stretch all the revenue generated by less and less taxes collected from the few businesses fortunate enough to still be in business despite such a heavy burden of taxes and redistributed to take care of the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, that the Government itself put out of work. 

It will mean breadlines every bit as long as those that afflicted the Soviet Union in the mid 20th century.

Do you understand, Liberals? If you do, will you be so anxious to vote for a tax and spend Liberal again?

Sadly, I still don't think you get it yet. 

That's what I don't understand.

More Hope And Change

For the record: I don't believe the re-election of Obama is the end of America as we know it.

 I do believe we are in for some radical changes now that he has "more flexibility".

 In spite of our fears and apprehensions, I think the majority of Congress is still patriotic, and will only stand for his attempt to "fundamentally transform America" for so long, and then, they will see the what direction he is going and will stop supporting his Socialistic-Islamist policies.

 He cannot fundamentally change America into either of those anti-American states without the cooperation of the Congress, and while he has the support of most of the Democrat Representatives and Senators, there is only so much he can do and still have the amount of support he needs to accomplish his goal.

 Of course, he can still issue executive order after executive order to bypass Congress, but there is a limit to what he can get away with. Even the Congressmen who actively support his Liberal Socialistic agenda will not let him continue to make Congress irrelevant.

 They have their pride and aspirations, too. They won't take to being ignored for long.

 Then, there's all the allegations of corruption festering just outside the White House doors. He and his willing accomplices in the media can only fend off the truth for so long, and four years is a long time.

 The old adage, "Give him enough rope,and he will hang himself" comes to mind.

 We can no longer vote him out, but we can still impeach him out.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Why, Mr. Obama? Why?

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I have not been posting blog entries for quite some time now, and that is because I've been posting my thoughts on Facebook. This morning, I posted the following comment on Facebook, and I thought I'd share it with those who don't follow me on Facebook. Besides, we need to get the word out in all forms of media we have available to us:

I know I promised my wife and my Facebook friends that I would try to be less political, but now, in the last few days before the general election, it is becoming more and more important (for me, at least) to get the word out on what we may expect should Obama be re-elected. Many "experts" are predicting a Romney win next week, but I can't be that sure. Because the main news networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC are not forthcoming on the essential facts surrounding the tragedy in Benghazi, Libya on Sept 11, of this year, I feel it's imperative that I do my part to educate those who would rather not know these "unpleasant facts", be they Democrat or Republican. It is a sad fact that some registered voters, regardless of party affiliation, would just rather let the politicians fight it out among themselves and let the chips fall where they may. 

I can't do that

People need to know, and they need to ask questions. Questions like, Why did our President refuse to help the besieged in Benghazi? We now know he was aware of the ongoing 7+ hour conflict in real time, and we know he was asked at least three times to send help, probably in time to rescue Ambassador Stevens and the others, but he refused. 

I have to ask why. And, as freedom loving American citizens, all of us need to ask the same question. 

Why did he stand down and do nothing to help our people in Libya? 

I've heard the opinions of those who oppose him, and I've also heard the explanation from those who were privy to the decision, and none of them make sense to me. 

Republicans say he did it to improve his chances to win re-election. But, in what universe would refusing to save dying American citizens help win an election? 

Democrats say they didn't send in help because they weren't sure what exactly was going on and didn't want to act until they were. That explanation sounds plausible. Yes, it sounds plausible --- until we learn that later reports reveal they (Obama included) knew exactly what was going on while it was happening. 

Here's something else that should make an Obama supporter ask questions:

Why did Obama blame an obscure Youtube video for the attacks in Libya when it is now clear that he knew all along the video had nothing to do with it? If I was an Obama supporter, that one fact alone would make me wonder if 4 more years of Obama would be worth the risk of voting for him again.