Tuesday, May 24, 2005

dems and republicans agree?

am i the only one that sees the folly of the latest move by the senate? it seems that 7 democrat and 7 republican senators met behind closed doors to reach a bi-partisan agreement on the judicial filibuster issue. from what i understand (and i may not be completely accurate on this) the democrats have agreed to allow an up or down vote on 4 out of 10 judicial nominees without holding them up with a filibuster, and also not to filibuster any more presidential appointees except in "extraordinary circumstances" .....hellooooooo? aren't the majority of senators, both dems and republicans, attorneys? and aren't attorneys the most adept at finding and exploiting loopholes in the law? this is no compromise. the democrats have won the right to filibuster any and everyone they choose and if anyone tries to bring up this agreement, all they have to say is this nominee falls under the "extraordinary circumstances" exception. i, for one, am sick of all this political infighting in the senate. how long has this been going on now? however long it's been, that's how long nothing has been done in the legislature of this country. the only way this is going to stop is if the voters of this country say, "enough is enough. vote 'em all out of office and start fresh"

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