Saturday, April 30, 2005

Michael Jackson

Well, it appears someone got paid off in the Michael Jackson trial. Even his ex wife refuses to tell the truth. It looks like he may go free, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that he is exactly what everyone knows him to be.

A pedophile.

Let me shed some heretofore never addressed light on this mess. Several years ago, I did some research on pedophlilia and I have some insights into this case that the media hasn't really bothered to touch on, at least as far as I know.

To begin with, Michael Jackson says he loves children and would never hurt a child. Believe him. He really does love children. All pedophiles do. And molesting a child, in a pedophiles twisted mind, is not hurting them, rather it is an expression of the love they have for the child. He really believes he has done nothing wrong.

Pedophiles cannot differentiate between love and sex. When he molests children he is showing the child that he loves him. Is there hope that Michael can be cured?

Studies have shown the answer is no. There is no evidence to suggests that pedophilia can ever be cured, however, if the pedophile can be brought to the point that he can acknowledge that he has a problem, he can control the urge to "show love".

The problem with this is that one can never know if the sexual urges of a pedophile will stay controlled. There is always a chance that he will molest again.

From the press and media reports concerning Michaels childhood and lifestyle, I can say with reasonable confidence that he fits the psychological profile of the textbook pedophile and in my opinion, he is one of the few that will never admit responsibility for his crimes. Therefore, if Michael Jackson is acquitted this time, he will not stop. And even if he is found guilty, he better be locked away or he will continue molesting children the rest of his life, especially if he can continue to find mothers and fathers that are willing to whore their son out for a few dollars and some jewelry.

With that said, let me say that Michael Jackson should not have to bear the burden of his crimes alone...he could not have gotten away with this for this long had he not had the cooperation of greedy parents, who care more for monetary gain than their own children.

In short, even if Michael Jackson has never touched a child in a sexual way, the psychological evidence suggests that he will eventually.

Friday, April 29, 2005

wildlife alert

Today's announcement of a confirmed sighting of the ivory-billed woodpecker in Arkansas, a species last seen in the wild in the 1930s and long considered to be extinct, is simply terrific. The discovery is a wondrous glimmer of life that had been feared forever dimmed. .......big wildlife loving friends wonder why i am not as enthusiatic about these things as they are and that's probably the reason i'm not a member of peta.

samantha runnion's mother

the murderer of samantha runnion in california was convicted yesterday. this is good news. however, i heard a sound byte from samanta's mother this morning which made me sit up and say, "what the.....?" of course, i can't find the same clip on the internet but i did find another quote from her: Ticking off the names of Samantha and other abducted children, Runnion called for parents to take steps to protect their children, the objective of a foundation she launched in the months after her daughter's death. somehow, erin runnion seems to think that child molesters can be stopped before they start by making people aware of the possibility that anyone's child is at risk. how will that stop the crime from happening? there is nothing any of us can do to stop a crime before it happens when we don't know what the criminal mind may be planning and we don't know who the criminal is. the idea that we can stop any kind of crime by making the public more aware is ludicrous. there will always be crime and there will always be criminals to commit them no matter what we do to try to prevent them. all we can do is be vigilant and pray that it won't happen to "my" daughter. as for the murderer, torture him before you kill him. i'm sure he did the same to samantha.

happy anniversary laura

while conservative radio talk show host and author laura ingraham recovers from breast surgery, april 30th marks the day her radio show will celebrate it's 4th anniversary. ms. ingraham was wondering out loud on her program this morning what kind of celebration could they have to mark the occassion considering she is in the hospital in her pajamas. i have a suggestion for her. instead of pajamas, slip into a sexy see through negligee and have boudoir photos taken and post them on her internet site. i know i would like to see her naked just once before she loses her breast. seriously, i wish her and her show good luck and hope to be able to listen and enjoy her program for many more years to come. happy anniversary, laura and get well soon.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

democrats and republicans

when i was in my teens and just starting to get interested in politics i decided i must be a democrat because the democrats were the ones that seemed to oppose the war in vietnam, which i opposed too. i have never been one to follow the crowd, however, and eventually i decided i must be a democrat because democrats seemed to believe, as i did, that the american people were, on the whole, too stupid to take care of themselves so the government must take care of them. my personal opinion was this: we must protect the people from themselves. left to our own devices we will surely destroy ourselves. the goverment must take care of us. one big problem with this line of thinking is that it doesn't take into account the number of people who lack the integrity to let this system work without trying to exploit and take advantage of it. people will find very creative ways to defraud the government and literally steal the funds that our tax dollars created to help the poor and disadvantaged. therefore, i have revised my opinion that the goverment should be the ones to help the people. it doesn't work. if one cannot make it through hard work and diligence, they will just never make it. it sounds harsh but that is the way it is nature and in life. this does not come from someone who has made it. quite the contrary. i struggle every week, every day just to make my bill payments and often i find myself short of the needed funds to keep my electricity on or the eviction notice off my door. however, it is a lifestyle that is a consequence of my own poor choices and bad decision making and i won't blame anyone but myself for these dilemmas. hence, i am something of an enigma...a conservative leaning republican with no money. there are many other reasons that i have decided to be a conservative, but i will reserve that information for future posts. i will add that after observing liberals for sometime i have noticed one glaring fact. liberals are for the most part a very mean spirited bunch, preferring to launch personal attacks against their opponents, rather than attack their viewpoints in a respectful manner...that alone should be enough of a reason to not be a liberal, but i know that some people are small minded enough to think that personal attacks are the best way to resolve differences...i fail to follow this logic, but that's just me.

thoughts from a different perspective

the title of this site refers to the location my mind can usually be found. i am usually so far out in left field that i'm about 4 rows back in the bleacher seats. this being my first post, i will tell you that i will be commenting on things in the news that make me say, "what the....?" i believe i can be counted on for a different perspective on things other than those offered by the usual suspects, ie talk radio hosts and political pundits and bloggers. i offer only my opinions based on what i hear, with the caveat that what i hear may not neccessarily be accurate. if you are wondering why i don't use caps, it is because i am a 2 finger typist and i consider the effort it takes to hit the caps key superflous and unneccessary.
today, the subject on my mind is the increasing uproar over the illegal immigrant issue. i don't have an answer to the problem, but i will entertain suggestions. after we put up massive walls with sentinels with machine guns installed every 100 yards or so, we will still have illegal immigrants who somehow ingeniuosly managed to sneak across the border. so my first suggestion (offered without first thinking it out) would be to hunt then down using all the technology available to us and then give them a choice: either go back home or be enslaved. that's right...i say make them slaves. i need someone to do my housework for me that i don't have to pay and if that doesn't stop illegal immigration i don't know what would.