Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"A man meets with no more respect than he exacts." ~ William Hazlitt

It is so much fun to watch the Democrats go after their own! And especially fun when they attack Obama.

I don't know how to imbed the video in this story, but go here and watch the video.

It was simply a joke, and it was funny. The first commentator acknowledged that fact.

But then, apparently realizing how his remarks might be misconstrued as a defense of Carville, he quickly added a reminder that such jokes, when told about Obama, are in poor taste.

Well, naturally, the fawning Obama lapdogs over at CNN wouldn't want to offend their dear leader, now, would they? Their slobbering love affair with Obama continues despite the mountain of evidence that he is attempting to destroy our country.

Well, they say love is blind, but in the media's case, it's also deaf and dumb.

The second commentator made a very good point:

Where was all that feigned outrage when Liberals insulted President Bush at every turn? Every day, for 8 years, we had to endure the vitriol and disrespectful attacks on the President of the United States, and no one on the left had the cajones or the grace to say, "Wait a minute. We're supposed to respect the office of the Presidency".

Not once, in 8 years, did any leftist Liberal media spokesman offer even the most innocuous defense of the president.

Now, as the third commentator rightly pointed out, we're supposed to have respect for the office, even if we don't like the President himself.

That's truth about Liberals number 5 in spades: The only standards Liberals have are double standards.

But, I must say I agree with the third commentator.

We must respect the office of the president of the United States.

I believe the best way to respect the office of the President is to throw the current occupant (who demonstrates no respect for the office himself) out on his oversized ear.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

True Colors

"The smaller the mind the greater the conceit." ~ Aesop

I read this story earlier this week, and was struck by two observances:

1. From the way he responded to Pat Sajak's statement, as well as the arrogant tone he manifested as a sports reporter so many years ago, Keith Olberman has apparently always been a condescending elitist.

2. Even back then, Keith thought Federal legislation was the answer to everything with which he disagrees. He suggested that the "Icky shuffle" should be outlawed by an act of Congress.

Yes, I know it was a joke. But considering the first thing Liberals want to do in handling a problem is either throw money at it, or legislate it out of existence, I wonder if he really was kidding.

Watch this, and you'll see what I'm talking about:

Over the course of years, most people evolve into better educated, more intelligent beings. Keith Olberman has devolved.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Can We Focus?

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." ~ John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

Now that the Republicans have won the majority in the House of Representatives, most Conservative pundits are celebrating what would seem to be a great victory. And, if a Republican victory is all the American people wanted, then there is indeed a reason to celebrate.

But, not so fast, my friends.

As Lord Acton observed, power has a way of staining the most spotless of reputations.

Many a fresh-faced idealistic political hopeful has lost his integrity when faced with difficult choices. There is always a certain amount of compromise in political negotiations. The trick is to stand strong for one's principles in the face of relentless opposition. Can they do that?

I don't know. I hope they can.

I know I seem cynical, but we've all seen this movie before and we know how it usually ends.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope this election was indeed the turning point in history that we all desire.

I hope and pray these new representatives can stave off temptation and stick to their guns. I hope they don't let the old beltway politics get to them.

I was born in Missouri, the show-me state.

I will be keeping a watchful eye on our new representatives, and will not fully relax until they show me they will not be corrupted by their new found power.

Let us celebrate, but let us be wary.

The old guard will not surrender easily.