Saturday, July 09, 2005

Larry the Cable Guy on Freedom of Speech

Not many people read posts on the weekends, and I don't want to write a good post and have it basically ignored cause some people have a life, unlike myself, so I am copying and pasting this commentary from Larry the Cable Guy. It is old but it still applies. Enjoy.

What the hell is this, Russia? I've noticed something' about freedom of speech in this country the last few years other than ya get frowned on when pop out the f-word after stubbin' yer toe on a pew after the service. But I've noticed all these Hollywood peckerheads and P.C. pinkos' ridicule ya and try and silence ya when ya say somethin' they don't like. For Example: If I made a joke about a Christian feller or an NRA member or cracked out a Bush joke the PC crowd would laugh at it so hard that the late' they just swallowed down there emaciated tree huggin' commie pie hole would be commin' out there pierced noses! But if I did a joke about an animal righter or railed on Kerry or told a joke about Rosie O'Donnell gettin' kicked in the nuts these same sum-bitches'd be protestin' in the streets cryin' bigot and homophobe and cryin' like a Retard trippin' on marbles! I guess its ok for the P.C. ass-wipes in the country to make fun of things they disagree with but if ya make fun of things they agree with all of a sudden ya need to be stopped. Funny how it seems there's only freedom of speech in this country as long as ya don't step on the P.C. toes of the same people that preach freedom of speech. 2 things amaze me in this world. 1: The fact that Rich little still sells tickets and 2: P.C. people that have crowned themselves as rulers over what we say, think or do! Arnold the Governater used the term girly-man and was called a homophobe by the same group of people that call people names on a daily basis. Once again, its only freedom of speech as long as ya don't pick on certain individuals. Ya cant have it both ways like Ricky Martin, is it freedom of speech or isn't it. And no ya shouldn't be allowed to say the f-word at church after stubbin' yer toe, thats just manners! Like a deacon said after stubbin' his toe at church, "F##K!

The opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily those of your humble uneducated friend and blogger.


rich bachelor said...

Well, what can I tell you? Whenever I have been working on a demoliton site or in a fish processing plant, I work with a lotta Larry types. Usually, the reason I don't laugh isn't that they're offending me; it's that they're not actually funny.
And mind you, when I describe every Christer I've ever met in my life as a closet fag, That's Not Funny, right? Or that I view all Christers as child molesters in waiting, since they all seem to do it, then blame it on the fags? Or how even the Larrys seem to beat the living hell out of their "wives", and spend the rest of their days whining about the sanctity of marriage, it makes me not want to respect their Diversity of Opinion at all.
Truth is, I spent the Nineties working at/attending one of the most liberal colleges in creation. I spent most of my time telling them to lighten up, when I wasn't trying to understand all the things they were saying, since I might just not have caught something on my own, before, and they had something to say that I needed to know.
Like I say, this is why pretty much nobody on the right gets the benefit of the doubt on this one: Rush or some Fat Drug Addict Degenerate Gambler Mama's Boy tells you that Political Correctness is taking over the world, and you just damn well believe it, even though that was largely an academic thing, and never really a media thing.
Hell, where I went to school, just looking at a woman too long qualified you as perhaps having "mentally raped" her. That's the battle I was fighting against my own people.
What's the resta yer excuse?

rich bachelor said...

'Demolition', by the way. Not 'demoliton'.
Two time state champ. Like I says.

Mark said...

Huh? Apparently you have been smoking the wallpaper again. That makes no sense. What color is the sky in your world?

tugboatcapn said...

I'm highly offended by your generalizations,Bachelor. I've been married for almost 21 months now and I've only had to beat the hell out of my "wife" maybe 3 or 4 times. I've only had to shut her up in the closet once and even then I had to let her out in a couple of days because I missed her.
Your description of your college experience speaks volumes about you. I hate to break it to you, but you have been totally indoctrinated.
By the way, liberalism and political correctness are what's ruining the Catholic church (which is who you are really referring to as "Christers").

rich bachelor said...

That thing about Catholicism is weird, O Grand Dragon. When I say 'Christers', what I am talking about is that weird, heretical form of not-exactly-Christianity that calls itself 'fundamentalism' in this country.
My comment at large was an attempt to remind you why some people might try the (I think) ill-advised move of telling other people what is okay to joke about, and what is not. I can see the nerve I hit from here, and in a roundabout way, proved my point. I don't really think that you are all gay, by the way.
And the last point was entirely missed by the Cap'n, so I'll lay it out nice n' simple: the reality of politcal correctness was something that people like me had to deal with in a real sense, when we were just trying to go to school and learn something. These people who I thought were on my side quickly revealed themselves to be the idiots that they are, and more than willing to sacrifice the larger argument to a lot of doctrinal in-fighting about who is the bigger victim. In some senses, I'm agreeing with you, in short.
Though, in a lot of other senses, I'm trying to remind you that everybody's feelings get hurt when it's about Them. I see you making fun of that Fat Drug Addict Degenerate Gambling Addict up above, and I appreciate it. But lastly but not leastly: what are you all doing up in the middle of the night like this? I no longer have a job (see my blog; what's your excuse?

Mark said...

Bachelor, I see your point about the double standards people have regardless of world view. One could even point to the previous post (Achmed and Abdul) to prove that even rich bachelors can be offended at things that really aren't offensive at all, if taken in the proper context. Oh, and about why I am up so late: simple really, I have the kind of metabolism that requires very little sleep. There are people like me. Napoleon and Edison are 2 that come to mind.

tugboatcapn said...
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tugboatcapn said...

Grand Dragon?? Where did that come from??
If I left the impression that I think that all catholics are child molesters or that I have anything against catholicism, or any religion for that matter (that doesn't cut off people's heads or blow things up), or that I think that ALL anythings are ANY WAY AT ALL, then please let me apologize sincerely. I am not like that at all.
I may state things in outrageous terms to make a point, but we are what we are, all of us, and I'm cool with that.

tugboatcapn said...

Oh, and I was just up late last night working on my EVIL PLAN for WORLD DOMINATION!!
BAAAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HA!!..HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!...hah ha ha ..ha ha... ahem.... ha hm...

Kristen said...

I read posts on weekends.

I am, however, a dork.

Do carry on witcho bad self. I'm going back to blog-hopping. :)

BRUISER said...

Rich --- your summations are Hilarious ...and as for the Reichwing to say they are the persecuted is so recockulous.

Toad734 said...

I know you have a disclaimer on this but I would like some examples of what he is talking about. Sorry if you don't like Bush jokes but he is an easy target, after all how many Presidents have we had who cannot speak in complete sentences, chew a pretzel or ride a bike?

I have an example for you of how conservative are passing laws not allowing college professors say anything that might offend conservative students.
Look at Florida HB 837 sponsored by Bill Baxley. This bill allows conservative students the right to sue a professor who talks about anything "controversial" such as evolution or the holocaust. In other words, anything they disagree with, right or wrong.