Sunday, May 01, 2005

babes i want to date

  • i am single for the 3rd time and i have been thinking lately about the kind of woman that i would most like to date. i will say this: i find intelligence very sexy, so, my choices are not neccessarily what most people would call beautiful, although in my eyes they are. intelligence is my first criteria. the positions are interchangeable so here goes: condoleeza rice. she is sooooo intelligent and a conservative and classy. ann coulter. conservative author...very intelligent and beautiful as well. geena davis... member of mensa and a beautiful actress, although she is not conservative, but what the heck. as long as she keeps her political opinions to herself, i think her and i could have a nice time. being a liberal is the only reason she isn't first on my list. laura ingraham...another one that doesn't make number one on the list but nevertheless, if the future of her boobs weren't uncertain, and, if she wasn't about to get married in the near future......well, enuff said. i can't think of any others offhand. when i think of some more i will add them. keep in mind that these are only fantasy dates. i will never even meet any of these ladues much less date them, and that is why i left my jeannie off the list...she is no fantasy...she is real and i love her.

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