Thursday, May 26, 2005

I had an epiphany

Republican senator George Voinavich broke down in tears during his speech opposing the nomination of John Bolton yesterday. Obviously,he is very passionate in his concern for America's role in the United Nations. But did this unusual display of emotion do anything to convince anyone that John Bolton is not the right man for the job of ambassador to the United Nations? It seems to me that it would have the opposite effect. If I was a senator who was on the fence about Boltons nomination, I believe Voinovich's speech would cause me to vote in favor of Bolton. I would want a forceful, firm, unwavering ambassador who will represent his country with conviction and certainly not a whining over-sensitive senator. In fact, it scares me that someone with such minimal control over his emotions even has a position of authority in our senate. It is no surprise to me, then, that the esteemed senator from Ohio opposes Bolton. They are complete emotional opposites!

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