Wednesday, May 18, 2005

what's up with the L A times?

after newsweek printed a bogus story about the qu'ran being desecrated in guantanamo bay, anti american riots all over the muslim world caused the deaths of 17 people and injured hundreds more. now the LA times has also printed an unsubstantiated story about the same thing. what are they thinking? it's not enough that their story is based on heresay evidence and probably isn't even true, but apparently the times doesn't care if more people die as a result of their irresponsible journalism. all this story will do is incite even more riots and anti american sentiment among the muslims around the world. did they not see what resulted from newsweeks article? do they care? there has to be a reason for this. maybe they are hoping they will anger some muslim american enough for him to attempt an assasination of the president. i wouldn't put it past them.... .the media hates the president so much that they have already lied to hurt his image. is there anything they won't do in this insidious hate campaign? i am beginning to think there isn't.

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