Monday, May 16, 2005

biased media

once again, the media has overstepped it's bounds in it's erstwhile efforts to undermine the confidence we, as americans, should have in our country and our leaders. this time it is newsweek magazine. how low the media will sink to instill it's hatred of the president into the hearts of the naive majority here in america! here is the gist of the story: WASHINGTON, (May 16) - Muslims in Afghanistan gave Washington three days to offer a response to a Newsweek story that claimed the Islamic holy book was desecrated at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, but the magazine apologized Sunday for the report, which prompted deadly riots across Afghanistan last week.
Reaction across the Islamic world has been strong, with daily demonstrations since the May 9 story came out. At least 15 people died in Afghanistan after protests broke out Tuesday following the report that interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, placed Qurans in washrooms to unsettle suspects, and in one case ''flushed a holy book down the toilet.'' this is (and i say this in the kindest way i know how) a blatant lie. the only reason i can think of for newsweek coming out with this story was to unflame and incite hatred against america and in particular, george w bush. newsweek has apologised but that does little to assuade the suffering experienced by the numbers of family members left without loved ones as a result of newsweeks vicious lie. my opinion is this: if the media hates america so badly, why don't they all just pack up and move to afghanistan or iran or north korea. i am sure they would be welcomed with open arms in those countries.

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