Friday, May 27, 2005

Law and Order under fire

Ordinarily, I don't post 2 comments on the same day but I couldn't let this one go by. "Law and Order", the television show, has ignited controversy among the conservative republicans and pundits. I just saw the clip in question. A police officer in the drama makes this statement: "Maybe we should put out an APB for anyone wearing a Tom Delay T shirt". This, needless to say, has the republicans indignant to say the leaast. All of the conservative talk show hosts have leaped onto the bandwagon as well. I am going to disagree with them. This is a tv show. the person who says it is an actor. The line is part of a script. These are things that script writers do to make the show believable and plausible. It is certainly no stretch of the imagination to think that there may be some police officers that actually have that sentiment. Especially when we and they are constantly inundated with leftist hate speech regarding Tom Delay in the media. This whole thing should be viewed as simply what it is: entertainment. There is no use in trying to pretend that regular people, including police officers, don't have political opinions. I think we should let this go and worry about things that really matter, like the stalling of John Bolton's appointment to the United Nations by the democrats, who, if you'll remember, promised NOT to fillibuster the presidents appointees.

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