Thursday, May 12, 2005

warning comes too late

i just heard on the radio that a flight from france to logan international airport in boston was being diverted to banghor, maine because one of the passengers' name showed up on a "no fly" list. the report went on to say that the names on the passenger manifest were cross referenced against the no fly list but the match wasn't discovered until an hour after the flight had taken off. it further stated that this is common. all passenger lists are cross checked after the plane has taken off. the "no fly" list was instituted after 9/11 as a precaution against further terrorist attacks. somehow there seems to be something wrong with this picture. if the goal is to keep potential terrorists off the plane, how does it serve the intended purpose to check the lists only after the plane is airborne? if a terrorist was going to strike he would already be on board, and there is no way to prevent him from at least attempting a hijacking at that time. well, i am sure this news has to be a comfort to the passengers aboard the plane to know that the airline is aware of this man's prescence on their flight. my god, is there no end to the incompetence of the airlines and the governnment?

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