Saturday, April 30, 2005

Michael Jackson

Well, it appears someone got paid off in the Michael Jackson trial. Even his ex wife refuses to tell the truth. It looks like he may go free, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that he is exactly what everyone knows him to be.

A pedophile.

Let me shed some heretofore never addressed light on this mess. Several years ago, I did some research on pedophlilia and I have some insights into this case that the media hasn't really bothered to touch on, at least as far as I know.

To begin with, Michael Jackson says he loves children and would never hurt a child. Believe him. He really does love children. All pedophiles do. And molesting a child, in a pedophiles twisted mind, is not hurting them, rather it is an expression of the love they have for the child. He really believes he has done nothing wrong.

Pedophiles cannot differentiate between love and sex. When he molests children he is showing the child that he loves him. Is there hope that Michael can be cured?

Studies have shown the answer is no. There is no evidence to suggests that pedophilia can ever be cured, however, if the pedophile can be brought to the point that he can acknowledge that he has a problem, he can control the urge to "show love".

The problem with this is that one can never know if the sexual urges of a pedophile will stay controlled. There is always a chance that he will molest again.

From the press and media reports concerning Michaels childhood and lifestyle, I can say with reasonable confidence that he fits the psychological profile of the textbook pedophile and in my opinion, he is one of the few that will never admit responsibility for his crimes. Therefore, if Michael Jackson is acquitted this time, he will not stop. And even if he is found guilty, he better be locked away or he will continue molesting children the rest of his life, especially if he can continue to find mothers and fathers that are willing to whore their son out for a few dollars and some jewelry.

With that said, let me say that Michael Jackson should not have to bear the burden of his crimes alone...he could not have gotten away with this for this long had he not had the cooperation of greedy parents, who care more for monetary gain than their own children.

In short, even if Michael Jackson has never touched a child in a sexual way, the psychological evidence suggests that he will eventually.


bschneider5 said...

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Shavonne said...

Amen. I agree 100%. Michael Jackson shouldn't be the only one on trial. What about the parents of these children? I don't have children but if I did I wouldn't let my child hang out with a strange grown man, especially after he's already been accused of being a child molester.

jarnocan said...
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jarnocan said...

I agee; He had a lot of enablers, who likely should also face some charges. I have heard interviews with folks who cared about him, and tried to intervene, and have him get help, and were shut out from the inner circle