Friday, May 06, 2005

i am not a dittohead

after i typed a comment on another blog that is hosted by a self described "republican moderate"(see: a liberal who is too wishy washy to admit he should be a democrat), he made the comment that i was parroting rush limbaugh. that brings to my mind a couple of different observations. first, the comment i made was my own. i had not heard what rush's take on that issue was previously, and in fact, i still haven't heard him mention his thoughts on the matter, other than report what the press is saying about it. so i wasn't repeating anything rush said. i am afraid you have only me to blame for the opinions i express. the other observation i must make is: no matter what you think of rush limbaugh, it has becoome painfully obvious that he has become the standard for what makes one a conservative or liberal. seems if you agree with him, then you are a right wing conservative, and if you disagree, you are a liberal. this borders on diefication of rush, and i, for one, am not ready to surrender my soul to him. until, of course, he recognizes that i am always right.

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