Friday, May 06, 2005

cinco de mayo

oops. i completely forgot to say anything about yesterday's 2 whateva....cinco de mayo celebrates the historical significance of the mexican army killing some 20,000 french soldiers...or is it 5,000? i don't know, but it happened in 1862, while we were 2 years embroiled in the american civil war. at any rate, it makes me wonder....does the french army EVER win without help? also yesterday was the national day of prayer. i certainly hope you said your prayers for the country yesterday and hope you say them everyday, because i don't, and someone needs to take up the slack. my one twisted thought to tie the two events together? celebrating mass slaughter on the same day we ask the lord's blessing? how ironic. i wonder if shirley dobson considered the date when she was making the plans for the national day of prayer this year.

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