Friday, May 13, 2005

ted kennedy

just heard a sound byte on the radio of ted kennedy opposing the closing of a military base. wait a minute. isn't supporting the military kind of un-democrat? i thought the dems were decidedly non militaristic. well, i won't complain. at least this time he is on the right side. by the way, has anyone noticed that most people refer to the democrat party as the democratic party? as far as i'm concerned there is a definite difference between the democrat party and a democratic party, and lately i believe the democrats should be calling their party the communist party, as their politics are certainly more communistic than democratic. i am democratic but i'm certainly not a democrat. oh, and one more aside. isn't super swimmer teddy the same ted kennedy that opposed the installation of wind turbines near his home because it obstructed his view of the scenery? not very democrat there either.

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