Monday, May 23, 2005

kids vs bus driver

when i first saw the video of the altercation between the school bus driver and the 2 teenage brothers, i didn't know what my position would be on the issue. obviously, both sides are guilty to some degree. then i saw a portion of the interview with the children's father. i now have a position on the issue. the childrens father said, and i quote, " mark saw the look on his (the bus driver) face and felt threatened." i admit that, upon hearing that, i literally laughed out loud. and then i was outraged. the situation is clear here. these kids have been spoiled by their parents to the point that they don't feel they need to be held accountable for their behavior. exactly when did the rules change? when did respect for one's elders go out the window? when did respect for authority become abhorrent? so the 15 year old saw the look on the bus driver's face and felt threatened so that excuses him for standing and PUNCHING HIM IN THE HEAD? i am not going to say blame the parents here. i am going to say blame the kids AND the parents. the parents raised (and i use that word loosely) their kids to be disrespectful and ignore authority and then they expect us to excuse their children for criminal behavior. but the kids had a choice, too. they could have chosen to obey the bus driver and avoid this whole mess, but instead, they chose to react violently to a situation that need not have been present. i hadn't mentioned this yet but the incident appears to have been started by the younger of the two children (13) cussing the driver out, seemingly without provocation. did the parents teach them to cuss as well? i am betting they did. what i saw in the video was the bus driver assisting another child with his seat belt and then the younger boy began the verbal abuse. now, their parents, many other parents, and of course the media are all upset that the driver got a minimal punishment and the boys are charged with assault. well i say, for once, the charges are justified. the only thing i would do different is handcuff the kids father and allow the bus driver to punch him in the face. and when he's finished, give me a shot at him. after all, he is the perfect example of a lot of what is wrong in america today.

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