Thursday, May 05, 2005

the problem i have with rush

i am a conservative. i have stated that for the record in previous posts. but i have an issue with conservative radio talk show hosts and their opinions of liberals. rush, and hannity, and laura graham, and others seem to think that liberals are malevolently trying to bring about revolution in this country because they are simply evil people. i don't share this opinion. having once identified myself with liberalism, i believe they really do have the best interest of the country and it's people at heart. they do care about the united states and the environment and animals and human (civil) rights. they really do want to make improvements to our system of government and to our lives. they really do care. i believe they are, on the whole, basically good decent people but they are misguided. the problem is not what they believe are the issues affecting the quality of life in the world, but rather in the solutions to the issues. more taxation and additional redundant legislation is not always the best solution to the issues facing us but it seems to me most liberals have no other answers. in short, in my opinion, the major difference between liberals and conservatives is the liberals tend to want the goverment to solve all our problems and the conservatives want us to stand on our own two feet and solve the problems ourselves and face the rewards or consequences of our own decision. this makes more sense to me than depending on the government to do the work for me. i guess that is the reason i am not a liberal.


Amicus Curiae said...

Excellent points. If only most liberals felt the same way about conservatives instead of thinking we're all out to exploit every dollar out of every poor person's pocket.

For what it's worth, Sean Hannity did make a lot of these same points in his first book.

Anywho, good luck with your new blog. I'm one of very few voices commenting on The Disgruntled Chemist's blog. Being opinionated, I have my own blog :)

jarnocan said...

Have you read Pat Buchannan's book? 'How the Right went wrong' In many ways the BushInc. are not traditional conservatives. Are they frugal? Do they put US first?
I enjoy alot of what I have read on the Cato site actually, although I am not happy that Murdoch is now invovled over there. I am sure you are not a big Sun Myung Moon fan-yet he is one of Bush's biggest backers, and his groups recieve federal money for abstinace and other programs. There are many disturbing real facts you can find out if you research Sun Myung Moon, CNP and Bush and Not to do with traditional conservatism. there is a lot that is very scary about his ties to the Saudi's.
Also- a lot of what is in your bio-well lets just say some folks with some conservative ideas and some with some more liberal ones -can also share some common values and have more in common than they would think.
Take care!

Mark said...

i agree that bush isn't as conservative as the conservatives had hoped. he is kind of a tax and spend president, which is one of the main traits of liberals, but i believe he is a man who governs on his own moral convictions and values and that, in todays political climate, is a breath of fresh air. further, let me state, that bush should not be held accountable for everything that goes wrong. for example: if someone flushed a quran down a toilet in cuba, i'm sure they did it without his permission or even his knowledge. there are lots more examples i could point to but i think you get my point.