Saturday, May 07, 2005


ok. this will get me in trouble. once i was having a nice pleasant discussion with a group of people and it got ugly very quickly because i happened to voice my opinion about what apparently is a sore subject. what did i say? i simply mentioned that i didn't believe anyone was BORN gay. and i still don't. all of a sudden i was intolerant, ignorant, hateful, neanderthal, bigoted, stupid,.....i forget what else i was called. even the woman who broached the subject by mentioning that she was a lesbian admitted she WASN'T born that way. but she insisted on regurgitating the same old pro-gay line that homosexuals are born as homosexuals. i know that these days my opinion is an unpopular one but i stick with it. NO ONE IS BORN GAY! now, i didn't say i don't like gays, and i didn't say they were wrong. i simply said that in my opinion, i didn't believe people are born that way. i believe people choose to be that way. some people say, " why would i choose a lifestyle that subjects me to ridicule and persecution?" and i have to admit, that premise did stump me for a while, but then i realized that i know someone else who chooses to suffer. my ex wife. she is not gay, but she chooses to suffer. she has what i refer to as munchhausens syndrome. that is a condition where someone makes them selves suffer or appear to suffer to get attention. my wife used to tell everyone about how bad off she was, from a failing marriage to money problems to a intolerable boss, and on and on and on. if it wasn't one thing it was another. fact is, things were never as bad as she made it appear. one time, the condition got so bad, that she actually believed she was pregnant, and the psychosis was so strong that she even got fat. she literally began to LOOK pregnant! it all came to a head when she felt labor pains and insisted i take her to a hospital. her "pregnancy" lasted all of 2 months, if that long. when the doctors and nurses at the hospital finally convinced her she wasn't pregnant, they were able to talk her into seeing a psychiatrist. i said all that to say this. some people DO choose to suffer. i don't understand why, but it does happen. at any rate, that is my explanation for why one would choose to become a homosexual. there maybe, and probably are, a myriad of other reasons, but one reason that doesn't hold water is the theroy that they are born that way. all evidence that homosexuality is genetic is suspect. one so-called doctor claomed he had discovered a gene. another claimed he had discovered a gland that was different in homosexual men and not present in heterosexuals. in both of these cases, and indeed, in all of those cases, it has been since revealed that those doctors were gay themselves and that the evidence they claimed to have to support their theories was manipulated. in other words, there has never been any credible evidence that gays are born that way. there is, however, plenty of evidence that childhood traumas are a major factor in determining if someone eventially exhibits homosexual tendencies, such as rape by an adult when they were children, an absent father, or a dominant mother, to name a few. now, i know that i have opened up the proverbial can of worms on this subject, so let me say, for the record, i do not hate, nor am i afraid of homosexuals. i have known many people in my lifetime, both male and female, who were homosexuals and, as a rule, i have liked them and considered them friends. in fact, offhand, i can't think of any of them i didn't like, but i still will go on record as saying they are not born that way, they chose their lifestyle, either consciously or unconsciously. now let the firestorm begin. i think i'm ready for it.

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