Saturday, May 21, 2005

registered sex offender lists

recently, on several different radio talk shows, there has been some discussion about the registered sex offender web sites. even here in the hagerstown area, i have heard and read some comments about the discovery that some registered sex offender has been found living in someone's neighborhood, much to the surprise of the people who logged on and checked. in virtually every case the person expressed indignation that the offender is present in his or her neighborhood where there are children living. almost all have suggested that the offenders should be made to move somewhere where there are no children around. while, i agree, we should be made aware of the offenders presence in our areas, i cannot bring myself to demand that they be moved out of the area. i have a question for those who would have the offender move. where do you suggest they go? where can anyone move to where there are no children at all? i understand there are adult only communities and apartment complexes around, but most of those are high rent, and after checking the web site in my area i find most of the offenders are living in low rent areas and i sincerely doubt that is by choice. anyway, even if they were all moved to adult only communities, they still have the ability to drive or even walk to communities where children are present. no, i don't think that moving them away is any solution. the only recourse that i can think of is keeping watch over your children and the offender, making sure your children understand that they must stay clear of the offender. as i have stated before, there is no cure for pedophilia so all we can do is be ever vigilant. after all, moving them away from my children only helps keep my children safe, it doesn't keep yours safe. this is a problem that all people need to work on together.

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frogs said...

I totaly agree with you......closing our eyes to the issue at hand will not solve the problem of sex offenders. Nor moving them to an area where there are no children....after all just because they don't live in your neighbor hood doesn't mean they may not show up one day watching your children.