Tuesday, May 03, 2005

the real abuse of abu ghraib

yesterday army reservest pfc lindie england of west virginia became the latest sacrificial lamb in the ongoing united states effort to prove to the world that we are the most civilized and humane nation on earth. how sad that she will be going to prison solely because she was coerced into posing in some ill advised photos. she is, of course, a scapegoat. merely a concillatory gesture to convince the rest of the world that "we care". unfortunately, our efforts to demonstrate our humanity to mankind is not percieved as such by the peoples of the world, but rather a weakness. as a result, terrorists will no doubt become emboldened and will probably step up their attacks on innocent american civilians abroad. even as the announcement was released that pfc england was going to plead guilty, terrorists released a videotape of yet another innocent civilian pleading for his life. he will most likely be beheaded as so many have before and yet, the american media will celebrate the incarceration of a minor player in the mere humiliation of some iraqui prisoners of war at abu ghraib and still no outrage about the inhumane treatment of our people will be heard from them. what is wrong with this picture? in my humble opinion, the atrocities committed by the nation of islam will continue until america decides that we have been treated with contempt and disrespect long enough and then act on that decision by kicking some serous tail in the middle east. let's start by treating our most infamous prisoner of war, saddam, the way he would treat us. i don't think i'll have to describe that. let's stop being the wussies of the world now, before we go past the point of no return and regain the respect we garnered at the end of world war II.

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Shavonne said...

The Nation of Islam is the name of a population of muslim African-Americans. I just wanted to point that out since it appears all muslims are the same to you.

The other point I wanted to make is, the prison abuse scandal and the innocent civilians getting their heads chopped off wouldn't be an issue if Bush had kept his committment in finding and punishing Osam Bin Laden (the person who orchestrated Sept 11, 2001) instead of going into Iraq to find Saddam Hussein.