Sunday, August 21, 2005

Thank You, Bloggers

Sometimes I don't remember why I started blogging. I go back to my first post and I read what I said then:

"The title of this site refers to the location my mind can usually be found. I am usually so far out in left field that I'm about 4 rows back in the bleacher seats. This being my first post, I will tell you that I will be commenting on things in the news that make me say, "What the....?" I believe I can be counted on for a different perspective on things other than those offered by the usual suspects, ie talk radio hosts and political pundits and bloggers. I offer only my opinions based on what I hear, with the caveat that what I hear may not necessarily be accurate."

I think that has come pretty close to true. So far. I never intended it to become a political blog, and that's why sometimes I write about non-political issues.

Some things I've noticed since, about blogging:

I have been encouraged by those who visit and offer uplifting comments. Even some who disagree instill in me a desire to continue to offer my opinions.

I have been insulted, too. But I've notice the ones that insult are generally the ones that have no fresh ideas of their own. No "perspective from out in left field" so to speak. Most of the time they are just angry and miserable people who seek to bring me and others down to their own miserable level.

I have said before that I feel a need for everyone to like me, so those jerks hurt my feelings anyway, but I am learning.

Soon their comments will roll off me like water off a ducks back. I suppose that I should thank them for hardening me, but is that really something to be aspired to?


I am being educated, too. I don't always write about things that I am particuarly knowledgeable. My new found blogger buddies are always right there to set me straight when I am mistaken. I get direction from all sides. Recently I noted that I was unaware of some very important things in U.S. History.
Lone Ranger enlightened me, and ER took me to task for my ignorance. Thanks guys. I needed that. Poison Pero teaches me things, too. I am becoming more educated as a result of blogging.

It's not only other bloggers that are educating me, but it is because of the fact that they hold me accountable that I now try, at least, to research what I write about.

Tug, and Daffy, and Mary, and Xena, and Lores,and Francis Lynn all give me input on things that interest me, and they encourage me.

Mike, as well as Pero, offers me a somewhat far right perspective. Rich Bachelor, although he disagrees much more often than he agrees (does he ever agree?), gives me left wing perspectives to consider. Others could make me consider their left wing viewpoints, possibly, if they were not so mean spirited and hateful.

They know who they are.

Middle of the roader MadMustard offers interesting commentary.

Wordsmith and Tech inspire me to continue my attempts to improve my skills.

All of these people, with their various opinions and commentary, together embody what the first amendment is all about. Free speech, thought, and expression.

God bless America!

Overall, I think blogging is quite possibly one of the most challenging and rewarding things I've ever done. I am richer for the experience.

I love it!


Sheila said...


Let me say that although you and I started out on the wrong foot. I have come to think that your an exceptional and thoughtful man.

I may read and keep my mouth shut on politics here, but like you said the right for free speech is what it's all about and so I respect the rest of you by keeping my fingers silent.

You have really opened yourself up for judgement on some of your posts and I have to hand it to you. I'd be chicken! :) But on the other hand your personal writings have shown me who your are really. Thanks

Francis Lynn said...

Blogging is one's little soapbox in the park. "Here's how I feel world." You can be standing on it & be ignored by everyone, or have a small or large crowd around who cheers you, jeers you or who challenges you. It is undoubtedly theraputic.

Along the way, you pick up some friends, some learning & some puter skills.

TECH said...

Thank you for the mention. I rarely participate in debates so I don't comment much, but I do check in every day or so to see what you're up to. :)

Xena76 said...

Mark, you have encouraged me as well. In fact, I think that now I will start posting again. I had become frustrated and only occasionally left comments, but you are right it is challenging and engaging and I think it is time for me to get back in the game. Thanks!

tugboatcapn said...

Mark, I when i first stumbled across your blog, and still feel, that you and I are kindred spirits. When I come home from work and settle in for an evening of blogging, yours is the first blog I check.Thanks for the mention, but you should know that you are a hero of mine. You, along with ER, and Daffy and Xena are the reason that I have stuck with the blog thing as long as I have.
Thank YOU, my friend. I am glad to know you.

tugboatcapn said...

I should have said "I felt, and still feel, blah blah blah."
That's what I get for second-guessing myself...

Erudite Redneck said...

OK. I'm puttin' it this way just for you.

Mega dittos, mark. :-)


Poison Pero said...

Very nice Mark.......You are an original.

That said, anything we teach you, reciprocate.......You know I've had many technical questions on these blogs, and your advice is always welcome.

I admit to being a "hard", and this is a good place for me to relax, and see some differing view.

Keep it up, and we'll all keep visiting.

rich bachelor said...

Hey-I agree with you sometimes.
If anything, all this happening over here has provided me with a place to talk about all this with people who don't already feel how I feel, which is the most important thing.
And in the meanwhile, I'm trying to bring my own back around to things I've noticed other than politics. It's not easy, tho'. These are odd times.

Lone Ranger said...

Thanks for the mention. I started my blog just as a place for me to vent without some Bizarro World liberals tossing their nonsense in my direction. It was just a place to talk to myself. I deleted two previous attempts in frustration. Had the last one worked out, I would have been known as the Green Hornet. But I've found that blogging is making me a better writer and a more logical thinker. Some day when you have a LOT of spare time on your hands, read your blog all the way from the beginning. I did that this morning and found myself quite entertaining. I really crack myself up sometimes, even if I don't have that effect on others.

Anyway, I seem to have attracted a handful of fans who check in every day, and now I feel obligated to post regularly. Otherwise, I'd never comment on irrelevant people like Cindy Sheehan.

Daffy76 said...

Aw shucks, Mark.

Mary said...

"Thank You, Bloggers"

Thank you, Mark!

Blogging is a fascinating thing.

I think my favorite part is having the opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts with people I never would have met otherwise.

There's so much to learn.

In some of my Internet experiences, I've learned what jerks people can be; but I've also gotten to know some very intelligent, interesting individuals.

You're certainly one of them!

MadMustard said...


Wow, see what happens when you miss a few days of blogging! I appreciate the mention and I also want to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog.

You post a lot of very thought provoking subjects and I enjoy your perspectives. It’s rare to find a blog in which you have comments made by people with so many different points-of-view that still remain civil to each other. You do a great job.

I also have come to read the blogs of many of your bloggers. I often check on ER and check with Francis Lynns’, BorderWatch. You hang out with some good folks.

Oh-by the way, I have found that by staying in the middle of the road you run the risk of getting a white stripe painted on your backside. That’s why I always try to stay off the roads with the yellow stripes down the center!

Take care,

Lores Rizkalla said...

Thank you, Mark! I have to echo the others. I always enjoy your blog and you have been an incredible encouragement to me. And, I have met other blog-buddies through you!

So, thank YOU, my friend!