Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The History of Republican Evil

The following comment is not mine. It was posted on another blog by a blogger by the name of Lone Ranger, who had posted a comment on one of my previous posts. Read it here.

Have you read it yet? Well, stop reading this and go there now! I'll wait till you get back.

Allow me to make a comment or two:

As I read through Lone Rangers comment, It occurred to me that I had always believed that the Republican party was the racist party. And I am pretty much a student of history, too. Yet I didn't know any of this stuff. I had been under the impression that it was the Democrats that were responsible for the advances we have made in civil rights in America.

I wonder where I got that idea?

Now I am thinking about something else. How many white supremacists and American Nazi's and skinheads are members of the Republican party because they have believed revisionist history, instead of the real history. If they knew the truth, they might be Democrats, and thus, might have very well swung the election results in the 2000 election. If the racists had been taught that the Democrats were the party with the agenda most closely resembling their own, John Kerry might be president today!

This goes to what another of my blogger friends brought up on his post recently. In their zeal to discredit the Republicans, have they instead shot themselves in the foot? When they blocked Boltons nomination, did they inadvertently insure he would be appointed by recess appointment, thus destroying any possibility of actually preventing his appointment with an up or down vote?

How ironic!

It would seem to me that the source from which we get our education in politics and it's history is the Mainstream Media. (not all the media, ER) We are supposed to believe that they are unbiased and impartial. If that is so, why haven't they corrected what is obviously a misrepresentation of history as we know it? They are educated people. Surely they do research about what they distribute.

Or maybe they have an agenda. Maybe they know the truth, but have decided in their wisdom that, in this case, the truth will not set us free. Who knows? But it makes me wonder what else we are being misled about.

What about you?

Lie Of The Day presented by Laura Ingraham:

"It's not Democratic or liberal or any kind of partisan network at all," claimed Al Gore, discussing his new cable network "Current," on The Tonight Show.

What has Al Gore EVER done that's not been liberal???

Note from your humble friend and uneducated blogger: Personally I prefer to believe that the jury is still out on this one. Laura may be assuming too much. But not likely.


Anonymous said...

Amazing job on your Blog! I'll definatly be coming back. If interested, my site is on the new PS3.

Poison Pero said...


The Democrats have kept minorities in a permanent state of "Political Indentured Servitude" for the past 50 years.

They have pushed minorities off as some kind of pathetic people, who can't help themselves. People who are at the mercy of the government, and government programs. People who are unable or unwilling to make a better life for themselves.......Thereby tying these minorities to the government, and the Democrat Party.

It is a shell game, and has accomplished nothing!! --> I don't want to hear about intentions. I want results.

The results of Democrat "generosity to minorities" are horrible!! --> High rates of unemployment, crime, fatherlessness, illiteracy, poor, etc., etc.. etc.

Also, it was the Republicans who freed the slaves, and it was the Republicans who broke the Democrat filibuster of the Civil Rights Acts in the 60's........But the Republicans didn't capitalize on these truths.

Instead, they allowed a Democrat president (LBJ) to take the credit for these acts, even though LBJ and his cronies in control of the Congress were a bunch of redneck racists themselves.........But they knew a good political tool when they saw one, and grabbed this one with both hands. --> They've been squeezing it ever since.

Don't fret, though, my friend......Things are changing.

Eventually minorities will wake up to the fact the Democrats they have supported so blindly did nothing but hurt them.......And there will be Hell to pay.

Like any other group, American minorities want better for their people and recognize the need to separate themselves from the "Government Welfare Complex" in order to rise above their current level.

Finally, American minorities tend to be Christians......This is the part of the equation the Democrats have really screwed up.

They are sick of seeing the Democrats be the Anti-God Party!! --> They are sick of seeing the Democrats be the party of debauchery, filth, and perversity. --> And last, they are sick of seeing the Democrats be the party that has held them down after all the hard fought gains they've made.

Don't get me started, my friend.

Erudite Redneck said...

Markm if you would read some history, you'd know more. About this and about everything else.

You said you get your history from Coulter? Egad. I sure don't get mine from Franken.

You get history from HISTORIANS, not politicians, or stupid, shallow pundits (see above) of either stripe.

Right, though. Repubs were the liberal party, on race, and the Dems were the conservative party on race, until the 1960s. Then Nixon adopted his Southern strategy, and blacks have been Dems, for the most part, with notable exceptions, ever since.

This is not news, though.

Mark said...

Pero, you've never left a comment that long on your own post. Yes, I've seen what you've said about this, but this is the first time I ever saw a complete history, broken down so thoroughly.

Perhaps we could also say the Democrats are the party of deception.

Mark said...

I didn't say I get all my history from Ann Coulter. I said the only history I've been getting lately is from her, because I am currently reading one of her books.

Poison Pero said...

"Pero, you've never left a comment that long on your own post"

You are right about this, Mark.

My blog is much different than most in that I highlight events.

It's not that I don't have a lot to say, or the knowledge to do so.

I run my blog the way I do, because I'm afraid most people don't have the attention span (or time) to read and digest much more than 50 words per topic.

We are a "HEADLINE" society, and if I can get people to notice the headlines, and read my short take, I am very happy with it.

tugboatcapn said...

Back to the subject of your post, Mark...
I followed Lone Ranger's link to his blogs a couple of days ago...
He is GREAT!!
I was totally blown away.
I intend to provide a link to his blogs whenever I can slow the wife down long enough so that she can help me do it...
She is the computer genius, I am just the right wing kook.
Without her, my Neo-Con drivel would not be possible.

Mark said...

Well, Tug, he IS a professional journalist. If he can't illicit some emotion in us, he isn't doing his job.

Jay Dub said...

OMG! I myself was never tought any of this in school. Then agean when I did a paper on Rush Limbaugh as a famous Missourian. The teacher gave me no points. Shows you where our education system is going.

Poison Pero said...

"Shows you where our education system is going." - Jay Dub

A picture is worth a million words:

Poison Pero said...

Stupid link.......Try this one in stead.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

One thing he could add to 1983 is how President Reagan signed the bill making Martin Luther King Jr. Day a National holiday.

To be fair, I don't think either party has a monopoly on civil rights. Also, political parties don't necessarily hold the same exact positions and ideologies over generations. One reason why someone like Zell Miller will say he never left the Democratic Party; it left him.

Thanks for linking that, Mark.