Thursday, August 11, 2005

Child or Choice?

This is an ultrasound 3-D image of my grandson, A.J. Isn't technology wonderful? They do the ultrasound and then they use a computer program to enhance and colorize it, making a virtual 3 dimensional image out of it. My daughter was less than 6 months pregnant when this was done. I don't recall exactly how far along she was.

There are some who would say this isn't a baby. Not a child. There are those who would argue that this is merely a mass of lifeless tissue.

Remarkable, isn't it?

It is indeed remarkable that after all we now know about the development of the human fetus, that there would still be some who claim to believe life doesn't begin until the baby breathes air. Or until his face meets the light of day. Even now, after scientists have conceded that life begins at conception, there are still those who say this child is not a living, viable human being.

I believe those people are so committed to the "culture of death", that they refuse to believe evidence that stares them in the face. These people are to be both feared and pitied.

Here is another picture of the same "mass of tissue" some time later:

Let me tell you of another child. Another grandson of mine. My son's wife was 6 months pregnant when complications arose. She gave birth to a 1 lb. 7 oz. baby boy. It was a breech birth.

He lived one day.

One day was certainly not enough time for a mother and child to "bond", was it? I wouldn't have thought so.

I attended the funeral. To those who claim that a child 6 months along in gestation is not a viable living human being, that it has no more right to life than say, a lump of clay, I have only this to say: If you could have seen for yourself the pain and the grief experienced by my daughter-in-law, and still say her child was only a zygote, an amoeba, a mass of lifeless tissue, you have no heart. I wish you could trade places with that baby.

I truly do.

And if you stood in front of me, physically, and said something like that to my face, I would cheerfully separate your teeth from your mouth.

An extremist group called NARAL has recently released an advertisement claiming Judge John Roberts supports the bombing of "women's health clinics", better and more accurately known as Abortion Mills.

The ad is completely false.

And this shows the extremes that those who endorse the culture of death will go to further their Godless agenda. They, and those like them, also think it's acceptable to take the lives of the old and infirmed. If left unchecked, they will most assuredly take us to the point where anyone who has outlived their usefulness can be exterminated. They appear to be in the process of creating a society where only the strong survive. It's the survival of the fittest in action.

You see how this fits right in with Darwin's theory of natural selection?

And yet, they accuse President Bush of murder. They pretend to object to the killing of soldiers in the heat of battle. That, they say, is obscene. And wrong. They object to the execution of those who wouldn't think twice about killing their loved ones for the fun of it. Or for money. Which, paradoxically, is the same thing they claim Bush is killing for. Why is it wrong for Bush to allow soldiers to die fighting for our freedom and to save the lives of innocents all over the world, but it's ok to kill innocent babies and brain damaged young ladies by the cruel and inhuman method of starvation and dehydration?

What's wrong with this picture?

Kill babies if you don't want the responsibility of raising a child. Kill grandma when she outlives her usefulness to society.

Who's next?

Maybe YOU.

Don't come onto my blog and make mean spirited hateful statements claiming you have some insight into the mind of God or denying the existence of God. THe process of gestation in a human being could not happen by accident. So, don't even go there. I take this subject very seriously.

UPDATE: After I posted this, my daughter called me and told me that ultrasound was actually done when she was about 8 months pregnant. So, I stand corrected.

Incidently, my daughter once told me she hated kids, that she would never have any, and that if she ever did accidently get pregnant, she would have an abortion. But she did accidently get pregnant, and she didn't have an abortion, and she loves her child.

I asked her this morning how she feels about abortion now. Not surpringly, she is against it.

Children have a way of changing minds.


Lores Rizkalla said...

Excellent, Mark. I love the Ultrasound and the oh-so-cute picture of your grandson.

You are exactly right about NARAL. (I wrote about the ad yesterday!) Did you hear Sean Hannity interview their representative?! Ugh!

They say that what they want women to have freedom and choice but they don't talk at all about the freedom and the choice to NOT have sex until you're ready to take the accompanying responsibility. I'm obviously not referring to victims of rape, incest or women whose lives are endangered when I make that comment (for those who might jump on that point).

Furthermore, the moment we dehumanize a human life at any stage, it becomes a slippery slope before we become like the most heartless human rights violators in history.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Powerful Statement, and one that must be known. You have one of the cutest masses of tissue I have ever seen:-) I'm terribly sorry about the other Grandson. Life does indeed begin at conception.

Francis Lynn said...

It's an old game: dehumanize an enemy. Soldiers do it, ex-husbands do it, abortionists do it. Makes the killing easier, salve for the guilt, gives justification for killing. Thus the "mass of protoplasm" rhetoric from abortionists. Nice post, by the way.

Poison Pero said...

An excellent post........As those from the heart and personal experience always are.
I've worked in a pediatric clinic for the past 12 years, and have seen so many premature babies come in..........As little as 24 weeks premature.

Amazingly, the wonders of modern medicine are allowing these children to live fully functional, normal lives.

When I first got in this field, the age of viability was just under 30 weeks gestational age......Now it is 24 weeks.

These children are obviously viable, and there is little doubt the age of viability will continue to get lower.

"Safe, Legal & Rare"

Somewhere along the road we lost control of Rare.........I would fight for none, but think this is an unwinnable battle. --> RARE is winnable.
30 years = 45,000,000 abortions in the U.S.

1 in every 4 American pregnancies ends in an abortion.

9,000,000 Jews were executed by the Nazi's and we called it the "Jewish Holocaust".

That said, there is no way to call our abortion situation anything other than a Prenatal Holocaust!

Michael said...

Great post Mark, it is truly hard to understand how anyone could say it is murder for a soldier to die in war, but support the abortion of that same soldier 20 yrs earlier before he was born.

grody jo-dee said...

i think that most women who choose abortions are making uninformed decisions. that is, they haven't felt their baby move, or watched their baby's heartbeat, or seen the baby suck her thumb on the ultrasound. it IS undeniable life, no matter where you are in the pregnancy. while i believe abortion is murder, i also feel sorry for those women. they have no idea what they're missing.

mlwhitt said...

I think abortion is killing, clear and through. One of my favorite bloggers that I visit daily admited that she was gang raped, yet she is still having the baby. The world needs more people with fortitude like her. And what does that say about someone that wasn't raped just decided to throw a life away because they don't want it since it will hamper their style?

If there is one thing that I instill in my baby girl when she is born, it's that Abortion is never an option.

Dana said...

I totally agree with you. Besides my two beautiful children, I had two miscarriages. Part of me still grieves for the two that I never got to know. And the thought that I will meet them one day always moves me to tears. No one can tell me that my children are not just that - my children, living or deceased.

Mary said...

Great post, Mark!

A.J. is adorable!

How is it that people in the pro-abortion movement are able to say that cute, little, blonde A.J. is a different being than the A.J. on the ultrasound?

The photos are all of the same person. Take a picture of him when he's sixteen or sixty, they will still be images of him and only him.

For me, life is a continuum, no less precious at conception than at birth or at adulthood or nearing death.

So many of the people demanding that it's acceptable for women to kill their babies are the same ones that can't bear the thought of displacing caribou at ANWR.

I don't get it.

I'm so sorry about your other grandson, Mark. I hope your son and daughter-in-law and you have found healing.

Mary said...

A quick aside:

Hey, Lores!

I just realized you're the Lores from Sean Hannity.

I've heard you a number of times on the show.

Lores Rizkalla said...

Hi Mary! Yes, that's me..."Lores from Los Angeles." I've met a few fellow Hannity listeners through Mark here :)

Good to meet you!

frogs said...

Mark, your grandson is precious. It is sad how many young women are using abortion as a means of birth control in this day and age.......yes sex is an important part of life.......but, again you have to be prepared for the consequences if not using protection.......with the outbreak of aids I would think having intercourse with contraceptives would be imperative.

Nice post

Mark said...

My son and daughter in law are now divorced. They had a boy, who is now 4 years old, and a girl who is now 2. the one that died was between the two others. I healed fine. I didn't even know she was pregnant till after the baby died.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I am pro-life now, too.
Children do have a way of affecting one.

Great post.
Keep up the wonderful blogging.

Karens Korner said...

I saw a sonogram ofone of my great grandchildren, that was in living color. It was awesome!
your writing on abortion is also awesome. I agree with your view.