Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Should the President be Impeached?

Pat Buchanan has suggested that some Republican congressman propose a bill of impeachment of President Bush.


Buchanan is a staunch Republican and unashamed supporter of President Bush, so why on earth would he advocate the impeachment of the President?

Because, Buchanan says:

"Twice, George Bush has taken an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Article IV, Section 4 of that Constitution reads, "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion."

Well, we are being invaded, and the president of the United States is not doing his duty to protect the states against that invasion. Some courageous Republican, to get the attention of this White House, should drop into the hopper a bill of impeachment, charging George W. Bush with a conscious refusal to uphold his oath and defend the states of the Union against "invasion."

It may be the only way left to get his attention, before the border vanishes and our beloved country dissolves into MexAmerica, what T.R.(Teddy Roosevelt) called a "polyglot boarding house for the world."

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He is referring to the porous border that is allowing illegal immigrants seemingly unimpeded access to our country.

He is right.

However, I think threatening impeachment is a little extreme. In your humble friend and uneducated blogger's opinion, a bill of impeachment at this particular time could start the bandwagon rolling, with every left winger and Democrat that has an agenda jumping aboard. They would be crawling all over like roaches after the lights go out. There is way too much dissension over the war, social security, oil prices and "that woman" that's camped outside his ranch, among other things, right now.

But Bush needs to take some action, and fast. Those borders aren't getting any more secure on their own. There have been some suggestions that we should put a fence up along the border from the west coast of California to the easternmost end of the border between Texas and Mexico. This proposed fence would be 10 foot high, chain link, and topped with razor wire. In addition, the fence line would be patrolled by border patrol agents, 4 times the number currently employed.

I think that is more reasonable than threatening to impeach the President.

The big problem now will be in getting the President to agree with this plan.

But now we're back to impeachment again. Darn.

Also, Remember to keep all the victims of Hurricane Katrina in your prayers, and help with whatever you can. My girlfriend, Jeannie's father lives in New Orleans. She hasn't heard from him and doesn't know where he is. Pray for him and his family and also for blogger friend Dana in Slidell. In her last post before Katrina struck she said they were going to stay home and camp out in the family room. Yesterday, I heard on the radio that Slidell was under water.

Lie Of The Day: (from Laura Ingraham's web site)
After providing Judge John Roberts with background memos regarding the government's policy on the treatment of detainees (something Roberts had no role in), Sen. Patrick Leahy commented: "I don't think a Supreme Court hearing is a game of gotcha. I'd really like to know what he thinks."

Roberts may have to rule on a related issue as a Justice, and Leahy is merely trying to stir the pot knowing that the press loves to cover anything relating to the Bush Administration's "torture memo."


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I do believe President Bush was out this way in LA, giving lip service about the borders issue and having federal, state, and local authorities working together. I just want something more than lip service but concrete solutions being done.

Poison Pero said...

Obviously, Bush hasn't committed any impeachable offenses.......Equally obvious, Buchannan is a dumbass.

That said, the (R)'s better pull their heads out on this immigration issue.

I live in a border state, which was also a Red State (AZ), and can tell you the people here will back whichever party takes care of the issue.

REAL ACTION..........NOT LIP SERVICE. --> Unfortunately, we are getting way too much 'lips' in the form of smoke being blown up our arses.

mlwhitt said...

I think bring articles of impeachment against Bush is not the way to handle this. Threatening all our congress and representatives that if something is not done that we will not vote for them next ellection is the way to go.

But that being said Buchannan does havea valid point, even if he is attempting to make it the wrong way. For someone so dead set against the terrorist, willing to invade other countries to protect us, why he is not trying to make a move to protect our own backdoor?

BRUISER said...

Chimpeach the douchebag already.

Shit they got Nixon for less than this war profiteering jackass has done already.

Good thing he spent 1 minute and 25 seconds addressing the tragedies in the Gulf states... We need a man in office not this sorry excuse for a silver spoon fed texan.

Anonymous said...

Jesus loves you, Bruiser!

Francis Lynn said...

97,000 non-mexicans from all over the world arrested last year crossing the border. Many from countries on the state-sponsored terror list. They were given a court date & released into the country. 98% fail to appear in court. Big drug/meth operations from Mexico coming into our country. Many murderers, rapists, pedophiles & other criminals are crossing. Our borders are WIDE OPEN -repeat - WIDE OPEN - to terror as well as the illegals invasion, which is between 1-3 million a year. Schools, social services, hospitals are strained trying to handle the flood. Towns are culturally changed within a few years with the influx.

Billions upon billions are spent for illegal education, free health care, social services. It is disgusting that taxpayers are footing the bill. So many issues to this border problem, it is not funny.

So yeah - Bush is an abject failure with border & immigration control. Why he is not doing anything about it is stupefying. He is putting the country at risk. The next 911 will come from the borders. Homeland Security Dept is a joke - strip search your granny at the airport, but allow the horders to cross the border.

But Congress is to blame too. They are doing nothing either. They need to get serious or get voted out. We hate them.

Fitch said...

Who cares what Buchanan says. The guy is a dweeb. I agree that we need to shut off the border, but IN NO WAY do I wish to align myself with Buchanan. I sincerely hate the guy. I also hate the fact that people lend him any credibility whatsoever. There is only so much the Pres can do anyway. He's not out there pushing for it, but he's never really been know to do that on any issue. Congress is the entity that needs to step up to the plate.

tugboatcapn said...

If we impeached the President every time some kook called for it, we would get nothing else accomplished, ever.
Democrats, if you want to start winning elections again, and I mean in a BIG BIG way, here is your issue right here. The Borders.
Whoever comes up with a workable solution to secure our borders and gets this solution implemented will be Heros for Decades to come.