Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Is The Apocalypse Near?

As I write this post this morning, I am watching the forcible eviction of one family from their home in the Gaza strip.
The family has been living there for 32 years. It is a tragic sight. They are crying and rending their garments in the traditional demonstration of anguish, and the children are reading aloud from the Torah.

The mother of this family has just stated that this is exactly the way the Jews were forcibly removed from their homes by the Nazis. They have all repeatedly asserted that there is a religious reason for being here. They point to a photo on the wall, a photo of their oldest son, who they say was murdered by the Palestinians in terror attacks upon their village.

And now, the image of an Israeli Soldier sitting on the ground between two walls, crying. Clearly the Israeli Army is sympathetic to their people, but they have a job to do, however unpleasant. That should send a message to anti-war protestors here in the States. Soldiers do what they are commanded to do. It is their job.

The Israeli government seemingly is comfortable with depriving the Jews of their birthright, that is, the God given right to their land. This is the Jews "Promised Land", a land that they have fought for thousands of years to claim. And now, it is being ripped from them.


All this was foretold thousands of years ago in the Old Testament. Israel will be driven out of their land, and will return, and it has been thus for centuries, just as the Prophets said.

"I believed that God would not let this happen, but this is not true," a woman said in the isolated settlement of Morag while clutching her baby.

This eviction, in my opinion, is a travesty, an outrage. I realize that I may be blowing this incident out of proportion, but in any case, I believe this does not bode well for the future of Israel and the world. This may signify the beginning of the end. What the Israeli government and the Palestinian Government have done, in concert, in the name of peace, is a direct violation of God's commandment to His chosen people, according to these people I am watching right now.

I have not been able to find words To express the emotion I am feeling right now. I feel that I am watching the beginning of the apocalypse. But one of the callers on the Laura Ingraham show this morning summarized my feelings very nicely. He said, "I've read my Bible, and I know how it ends."

This will not bring peace.

UPDATE: One of the commentators, Mike, in my comments section has a very good blog of his own. Go visit it here. I already blogrolled it.


Mike said...

Good thing Bush is a huge proponent of the Gaza Strip pull out ...see what lies do to people Mr. Bush?

Poison Pero said...

We look at this in horror, but it could happen here after the recent SCOTUS "eminent domain" case.
Something I hadn't thought about in the Gaza pullout (heard it on Hugh Hewitt show):

It's bad enough the living are being torn out of there, but there are Jewish graveyards in Gaza.

If they dont' rip all the dead out of the ground, and rebury them there is little doubt the Philistines will dig them out and desecrate them!!!!

Just another day in the history of the Jews.......

Mark said...

I understand, Mike. The problem with that is Bush HAS to support Israel. Ecven when they're wrong.

If Bush didn't support them, I would not support Bush. I don't mess with the Chosen People and neither should anyone else.

Mark said...

Incidently, I saw this story live as it unfolded on FOX news this morning. I turned the channel to MSNBC to see what they were saying and they were not even reporting it. I wonder what that says abut the so-called mainstream media?

Mike's America said...


Apparently you've been hoaxed by another of the leftwing "truth squads" that seem to revel in falsehood as a tool to confuse and sow disunity.

I, the author of Mike's America DID NOT WRITE THE ABOVE COMMENT attrtiuted to "Mike." You'll notice my profile attached to this comment does not match.

Not sure the Blogspot commenting software you use allows IP tracking of comments, but please do forward the IP to me and perhaps we can discover who the perp of this fraud is.

I'm not surprised by this effort. How many examples have I seen recently of people passing some variation of "I was aconservative who once voted for Bush" or "I was in the military but Bush is bad"

It is so abundantly obvious that the people on the left who actively use lying, deception, disinformation and distortions, learned at the hand of Michael Moore, heir to Josef Goebbels, have NOTHING of any substance to contribute.

As I have said more than once: the absence of a principled opposition during a time of war when this nation confronts life and death issues is profoundly disturbing for the future of our Democracy.

And the blame falls directly on the shoulders of the liars that populate the left and seek only to obstruct measures to be more effective in this war.

People will die as a result of that calumny!

Sheila said...

You know Mike,

I'm from the left, if you can call me that. I'm an American I know that. I'm a 20 year Vet. I know that. I worked in the B41 White House and walked in the Oval everyday when you were just an intern There. I know that. I've seen the inside of a Joint Task Force enough times, I know that. I'm pretty damn patriotic and dedicated to the welfare of my country.
Did you say you've sufficiently served this country enough to be out spoken and critical toward anyone who has served in the military and has a hard won opinion?

Your very free with it considering you've never served.

I can tell you sir, as someone who is center left and still in touch with many so called righties from B-41, They and I have a hell of a lot more intergrity and respect for those peopel who have served, whether lefty or not.

Sorry. White Washing an entire segment of the US popullation still makes me mad Mark.

Mike's America said...

Oh "Sheila"

Well on the basis of the fake it up and make it up Goebbel's propaganda I have seen here already, forgive me if I question your credentials and authenticity>

You're mentioning of those whose who haven't served in the same way as those who you again only claim to represent gives me pause to consider the source.

I, on the other hand, have been an ardent supporter of our military for many, MANY years. I fervently support the tools and resources necessary to make sure that our brave men, and now WOMEN, have the weapons, training and intelligence to act effectively against this nation's enemies with the least possible civilian casualites.

I do not know what stand you as a "center left" person has taken on this issues, but I would wager a significant sum to suggest that you and your likeminded fellow travelers have opposed most of the tools I describe.

Perhaps you can describe your significant Washington experience that you feel invalidates mine. Please do so. I'm always interested in an intellectually HONEST debate.

But as I have said above, an HONEST debate seems to be the last thing you people wish to engage.

Sheila said...

No my dear Michael,

I don't need to debate you. I'm not sure why I even wrote anything down. Everyone is the enemy to you unless they perscribe to everything you perscribe to.

You know, that White House Administration B-41) was that last of the real and great Administrations. I am still in touch with Mr. Scowcroft, Secretary Baker, and many other of that adminstration. Too bad the wisdom didn't carry over to the two recent. I'm not sure why I divulged this type of thing, but these men are terribly important to your understanding that I cousider these men wonderful and respectible. You may consider me dirt on the earth for my beliefs but they don't.

With that I will leave this today because you don't reason with a man that had nothing but hate on his mind.

Mark have a great night and a good week. :)

Erudite Redneck said...

Boy, THIS sure brought out some ugly.

My take on the apocalypse: When the Dome of the Rock gets blown up, and somebody starts talking about buioding a third Temple, I'll start freaking out. That's about all I remember from my Hal Lindsey "Late Great Planet Earth" period.

Francis Lynn said...

All the Israelis have done is to give the Palestinian terrorists a closer base of operations. The Israelis will have gotten nothing for their troubles but trouble.

Mark said...

Yeah, Er, I agree. Perhaps I overreact, but as I watched the coverage on TV this morning, my heart went out to those people. It was truly heartbreaking to see that they are losing their homes for a fragile peace that will not last.
My personal opinion is we must never abandon Israel. God is on their side, and if we turn on them I fear God will turn on us, if He hasn't already.

Oh, and Sheila, really Mike didn't generalize ALL liberals, just the lying ones.

Mike's America said...

Forgive me again for questioning the motives and credentials of "Sheila."

But as your first commenter here "Mike" demonstrates all too well, faking and lying are an art form for the left.

Oh, and Sheila babes... I'm so happy you CLAIM to have the ear of Baker and Scowcroft and that you CLAIM to have served in the military and that you CLAIM to have served in Bush 41.

But frankly, telling other people about their HATE when you exhibit nothing but seems to me a bit hypocritical.

Perhaps when you folks stop lying about WHO and WHAT you are you MIGHT develop a more persuasive argument.

Until then, just shut up!

Erudite Redneck said...

You know, I haved a pretty mivch free-for-all over at my place. But Mike in America wouklda got deepsixed by now for being such an ass. Attack ideas, dude, not people. Same goes for everybody.

Mark said...

I didn't intend for a fight to start in here, but I don't mind some controversy. Lets try to stay on subject if you don't mind.

Mike and Sheila, all are welcome to comment on my blog, but as I have stated in my disclaimer, The reader is encouraged to leave any comment in regard to the subject or anything else for that matter, as long as it is not mean spirited, hateful, or otherwise offensive in which case it will be cheerfully ignored or quite possibly be made fun of. I believe in freedom of speech. Everyone has the right to their opinion. They also have the right to be wrong.

Mary said...

Lets try to stay on subject if you don't mind.

Mark, does this mean I can't promote ceiling fans and security software here? HAHAHA

"Is the Apocalypse Near?"

I don't know, but it's closer than it was yesterday.

Pero brought up the graves. People weeping over the graves of their loved ones was too much for me.

The thing is none of this will bring peace to the region. All of this upheaval will amount to nothing. Terrorism will not be abated.

I hope the world, especially all of Israel's enemies, is taking note of the nation's efforts to compromise and the pain its people are enduring.

mlwhitt said...

Well I wonder exactly what Israel is up to. I think they are moving the people out of Gaza because they are planning to attack Iran's nuclear program and they are trying to get their people out of an area that may be uncontrollable if they do such. Just a thought.

Mike's America said...

Dear "Dude" at the press:

When people represent themselves as something they are not, somehow I find that invalidates ANY argument they may care to make. And since most of the arguments your perps made were so whacked to begin with, I don't even feel the need to respond.

When "Sheila" starts a blog of her own, documenting her experience along with her illustrious contacts of which she is so quick to mention, perhaps I'll be more charitable.

Until then, I'm in conference under the cone of silence with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. And guess who's getting sticks and coal next Christmas?

rich bachelor said...

American Mike, you truly do sound insane, and you inappropriate use of quotation marks makes you look silly.
As to the question of the apocalypse: my problem here is that I feel there are too many people in America who seem to want it. Armageddon, where all the good are rewarded and the rest of us finally get to see what being a big bunch of smarty-pants brings one.
I'll say it again: maybe if these "Palestinians" get the "land that they owned for a couple thousand years" back, at least in part, maybe things will be a little "better".
"Thank you" folks, for letting me "comment".

Walker said...

I think the whole problem with the Middle East is religion. The cause of all of the things that happen in the world is either directly or indirectly linked to the Middle East. Jews, Muslims, Christians claim they are passionate loving people but the only thing I see from here is a pack of athiest murders.
The solution, NUKE EM all and be done with the whole lot of them.
Make the Holy Land a big hole in the ground.
Poison the land so that it won't be useful to any one.
Let the Muslin and the Jew hug each other in their death throws as their skin melts together for one last time.
Peace will be with them in death because sure as hell they deserve nothing in life.
This is my opinion.

rich bachelor said...

Everybody? Who feels like owning Walker? Is he a man of well thought out political convictions concerning a sector of the planet that pretty much has always been a battleground, or just some ass who feels like mouthing off, since he lacks imagination?
He can't possibly be any more ridiculous than those who are crying in their beers because the Old Testament is being ignored.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike's America said...

From "Rich Bachelor's" blog:

"I enjoy making up fake commercials."

Apparently, the left wing "truth squads" out "there" seem to be suffering from a veracity deficit "epidemic."

Walker said...

Just like any cancer in the body that has to be cut out so does the middle East as far as I'm concerned.
They don't seem to want peace, and as far as I'm concerned Rich, I don't give a rats ass about God so you can take the Old Testamont, New Testamont and any other religious book you like and roll them up and put it where the sun don't shine so I can sit back and see how many alphabets you can spit out.
Hows that for imagination?

Mark said...

I am 53 years old. Most likely I will find out within the next 30 years or so if what i believe is true.

Some of the people commenting here will have to wait several years longer.

Some may find out tommorrow. Who knows?

Those who say they don't believe in God or that there isn't a God, say they will just no longer exist.

I say I'll go to heaven and live forever in paradise.

Who is foolish enough to gamble on which belief is true?

Before you answer, think a moment. Is your eternity worth the possibility of being wrong?

Erudite Redneck said...

Wow! Mark, I think you have broken my record for attracting freaks and losers! Congrats.

Maybe Israel is thinking now of the Gaza strip th way this country thinks of ita Indian reservations. Or maybe they're thinking: Let the Palestinians have it, get the Jews out, and it'll be easier to attack when the P's STILL aren't satisfied. Might be some kind of reverse Trojan horse thing going on.

Lone Ranger said...

Since I'm too lazy to repeat myself, check my blog to see what I think of this Gaza disaster.

Erudite Redneck said...

Ranger, I don't read blogs that don't allow comnents. There ARE a few things you and I agree on, I'll bet. But, no. If yer too lazy to monitor comments, and delete especially mean ones, well, yer just too dang lazy. Oh, wait! Yer in broadcasting. Never mind.

(And if you can't take THAT, the age-old ribbing between broadcasters and the ink-stained working press, then, well, forget it.) :-)

Toad734 said...

Aww I feel so bad for them. I assume it's ok to bulldoze Palestinian houses to make way for Jewish settlers though huh? Why do you think this whole terrorism parasite exists?

And maybe Sharon is tired of trying to defend these people on the fringe of Israeli territory; maybe too many Israeli soldiers have died at these checkpoints defending these small colonies of antagonists.

Or maybe the US should just send Israel even more money so they can wipe out an even larger section of Palestinians.

Have you ever met a Palestinian? Listen to their story some time. I am not saying they are all entirely innocent but one day they did wake up they were being forced out by the Jews.

Toad734 said...

Oh and if anyone wants an insight on Mike:

Yes he enjoys attacking people and used to call anyone who doesn't agree with him a Socialist but has now apparently resorted to calling them the exterminators of 6 million people; because when I think of someone anti-war, I immediately associate them with genocide.

He is also very good at presenting "facts" from unknown sources and making up his own truths about every issue and then saying that there is some elusive proof concluding that anyone who disagrees with him is wrong. Then when he is defeated he goes back to a past point that had discussed weeks ago trying to divert attention away from questions he cannot answer.

I have been trying to help him see the way but the sheep have already chosen their shepherd.

Mark said...

It would appear that Toad doesn't know what the word "Nazi" means. It is a contraction of the words National Socialists.


Does Toad deny that the Nazi's killed 6 million jews? Either he does or he doesn't know what the word Nazi means.

Mike's America said...

Well I'm glad Toadie finally came out from behind the curtain..

You want to admit now pal that YOU are the fraudulent "Mike" using my name and blog to pass your disinformation?

Oh, and as for presenting"facts" from unknown sources" Toadie is referring to the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Pre-war Intelligence and the 911 Commission Report.

He may not be the only socialist (oh, I'm sorry, no doubt he prefers "progressive" ) who is utterly unaware of these reports which were the products of UNANIMOUS bipartisan committees and commissions.

Both reports contradict claims that Toadie repeatedly has made that "Bush Lied" and yet every attempt to direct him to the information contained in those reports has been met with silence or another repitition of the falsehood.

Oh, and "Press" I found it interesting that you hector me on " Attack ideas, dude, not people" and not only do you not mention any concern for obvious fraud, but you then go on to attack another commenter:

Mark: " I think you have broken my record for attracting freaks and losers!"

But then of course that contradiction should surprise no one as you people have recently taken on the mantle of "absolute moral authority"

Shall we call you Pope Press now?

P.S. Todaie: Update your records. Socialists and the "peace at any price" crowd are not only responsible for the holocaust, but for the deaths of nearly SIXTY NINE MILLION PEOPLE IN WORLD WAR II in a war that could have been easily prevented if the peace crowd had not stood in the way.

skye said...

Only those who served are allowed to have an opinion on this matter?

Your very free with it considering you've never served.

Erudite Redneck said...

Mike in Murka actually isn't very bright, apparently. Can't tell a sideways blanket smart-ass remark, "I think you have broken my record for attracting freaks and losers," from a direct personal attack.

This is an example of the latter:
"Mike in Murka, you are a complete jackass. Any honest points you might make are colored by your name-calling and your bluster. Stop it. You're getting spit on my computer screen."

There, see the diff?

And Mark, you wanna delete this clear, direct personal attack, I understand. Sheesh.

(Don't you ever spray around here?)

rich bachelor said...

Well, I think we've all learned something here.
Wait. No we haven't.

rich bachelor said...

But actually, don't you think it's kinda interesting that we seem to have been joined by two people who used to work at the State Department (or at least think they did)? Mike seems to have worked for Scowcroft, and Sheila claims Brezhinski.
Read, if you can find it, Zbignew Brezhinski's "The Grand Chessboard". It was written in 1999, and addressed the issues confronting the first global empire (Us). It lays out a plan that, ever since 2000, someone seems to have been following. Weird. Fascinating.

BRUISER said...



Did Mike Miller also teach the Carolinians about the treacherous and disgusting acts of Ohio's Republican Party?

Through Coin Gate Ohio has lost taxpayer dollars into the millions...

Through Smearing soldiers like Paul Hackett ...there is virtually nothing of moral value to the Ohio Republican Party...

Good thing his precious Gov. was just brought up on Charges for defrauding the People of Ohio or did Mike fail to mention these sordid affairs?

Mike you are the reason the Apocalypse is nigh...

I hope next "club" meeting you attend you bring up the idea of rapturing yourselves already and leave the rest of Us Freedom loving Americans alone to enjoy our FREEDOM.

Support Our Troops, Vote Democrat
We approve of Body Armor and not forced abortions in Sai Pan sanctioned by Republicans like Tom DeLay.

Mike's America said...


This is embarrasing... I find I may just have to agree with "Press" regarding "freaks and losers"

I mean really... did anyone read what "Bruiser" wrote?

Somehow, the Bluffton Republican club was magically transported to Ohio? That will be news down here.

Oh, and "rich bachelor" seems to get it all twisted around.. not to mention the spelling of Brzenzski.

You know though Press... I might find more common ground with you if instead of your lecture regarding blogging etiquette, you demonstrated some consistency with your own behavior... oh, that and condemn the obvious fraud that undermines any credible argument you folks might care to make....

P.S. Brusier.... get your prescription refilled... it's a full moon tonight...

rich bachelor said...

Yep. Realized that I had misstated that one, shortly after I wrote it. However, I'm genuinely curious about this one: who are you, and who is Sheila?
I mean, the rest of us in these discussions (as far as I know) are not people who were anywhere near the shaping of policy...And it sort of sounds like the two of you were...Unless I entirely misread that one too.
So tell us.

Mike's America said...

Well gee Rich... did I CLAIM to be at the right hand of GOD?

If you want to know a bit more about me, it's an easy read...

As for "Sheila" well he/she/it makes a boatload of CLAIMS, but apparently doesn't feel the need to offer her/his/it's views with a blog where one could take a fuller measure of their insight. Easier to be anonymouse (intentional mis-spell).

And of course I have more bio info on me than you do with your profile... so perhaps you can expound on your own credentials before you leave another example of hate speech at my blog.

rich bachelor said...

I really only asked you a simple question, worded politely, perhaps based on my misreading of certain things. The fact that I get back a bunch of jiz-headed invective isn't surprising, but it's sad.
I'd read the rest of your blog, but it's nauseating. I'd say more, but being you is clearly its own punishment.

Toad734 said...

No mike those were Nazis who did that; it was the Socialists who liberated the Jews. Are you aware of what USSR stands for? It’s not Union of Democratic Soviet Republics.

And by the way, I am at least the 2nd person you have accused of pretending to be you. I have better things to do than pretend that I am you; you are the last person I would pretend to be.

Again, you make accusations that are not true and that you cannot back up, my point has been proven once again.Oh, I almost forgot, once you publish them they become true, just like the swift boats.

BRUISER said...

woooow- Mike was just called a Jizz-head...

coupled with an uppercut of being youself is its own true punishment....

wow ...and I thought: Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Delay, Robert Taft, GW Bush....were all having bad week until I read this.

Good thing you are on the "moral" side...

ps- Do you not spout about your Ohio experience on your webloaf?

Erudite Redneck said...

I don't understand the "consistency" dig. ??

Like anyone, I get angry and violate my own sense of decorum once in awhile. If that's what you mean, OK, sorry.


Anonymous said...

Jesus loves you, Bruiser!

J.R. said...

Mikes point was that he did not make the comment that was attributed to him, about "Is The Apocalypse Near?". He ceratinly has the right to defend himself against comments he NEVER MADE. I know Mike, he would not make such a comment.