Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Reading Comprehension 101

Good morning, class. Today we're going to have a pop quiz on the material we covered yesterday. It isn't timed, so you can take all the time you want to think about your answers. And, no, it won't count as part of your final grade, but it may be on your finals. Answering all questions except the last one is required, but you may want to answer that one for extra credit.

1. Did you read yesterday's reading material entitled, "What if we Lost"?

What was the main topic?

2. Do you believe and/or understand that there is a difference between extreme fundamentalist Islamic terrorists (such as Usama bin Laden's al-Qaida network) and most other Muslims?


3. What is your understanding of Rush Limbaugh's role in yesterdays material?

4. Using only the information provided in yesterday's reading material, What is the author's opinion of Rush Limbaugh?

5. What do you think is the reason that the author mentioned Rush Limbaugh's name?

Extra Credit:

6. Re-read yesterday's reading material. Did you miss the point the first time you read it? If, yes, SLAP YOURSELF.

Lie Of The Day
Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, after painting the most dire picture of the war in Iraq during a press conference over the weekend, claimed, "I'm not looking at Iraq based on any political analysis."

If Hagel weren't contemplating running for president, he would be meeting with President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld to express his concerns--not airing them in the media.


frogs said...


What do I get if I pass your quiz? Cute post....I got a chuckle out of it.

Anonymous said...

Republicans should be so lucky to even be in the same room with a Chuck Hagel from Nebraska...just because someone doesn't tow the party line you are so quick to dismiss.

ps- is that Rush on Drugs or off Drugs?

tugboatcapn said...

Did Rush inhale or didn't he?

I would absolutley LOVE to have about 5 minutes alone in the same room with Chuck Hagel from Nebraska...

What kind of people name their kid "Anonymous"?
By the way, I have read some of your poetry...Dude, you are a great poet! Not much of a political commentator, though...

tugboatcapn said...

Great post, Mark!
I plan to write another horribly inflamatory and partisan post soon, I have just had such a good time with other things the past two weeks that nothing has made me mad enough lately...

MadMustard said...

Mark, I know that I won’t get a grade for this assignment but it did get me thinking. Your post made me confront my conflicting views about humanity in general, terrorism and my own prejudice.

My opposition to the war in Iraq is really my disgust for the Arabs. There, I admitted it. I really cannot tolerate anything about them, their religion or their treatment of those who do not adhere to their strict dogma. That is why I do not want to see any more Americans dying in any attempt to help these miserable people.

When I hear all the ‘feel-good’ Iraq stories about building schools, water plants, roads and power plants it gets me red-faced with anger. Why should we help these people who will never give us the time-of-day for all our sacrifice? I do not care one whit for those zealots.

If they attack us, retaliate as we did in Afghanistan; otherwise, we should sell them things, buy oil from them and by all means leave them to their own devices. If they kill each other, fine. The next dictator, ayatollah or imam will eventually trade with us anyway. They will never comprehend Democracy but they sure understand the concept of the almighty dollar!

So my take on terrorism is when attacked, hit back and hit back hard. If we get good intel on an upcoming attack, take swift action and take them down. No occupation, no holding hands, and by all means no nation building. Let them have no doubt, as the Soviets understood, that any attack using WMDs will result in an equivalent retaliatory strike. They might just be intelligent enough to understand that concept.

tugboatcapn said...

Mustard, I deal with that myself, a little.

But I am not the President.

I have often said that if I were, My solution to the Palestinian / Israeli conflict would be to remove everything from that area that had an American Flag on it, and then to remember that I was a Capitalist, and sell Arms to both sides until there was no one left alive in the whole region.
But American Foreign Policy doesn't work that way.
We try to liberate oppressed peoples, and that is what we are doing in Iraq.
Free Capitalist Democracies do not usually attack their neighbors, and a Free Democratic outpost in Iraq will go a long way toward stabilizing that whole region.
It is not necessarily the plan I would have gone with, but I understand the concept...

mlwhitt said...

Pop quiz time. I never do good under pressure. ;)

MadMustard said...

Yes you right tugboatcptn; I was already regretting airing my prejudice like that. I need to dial it back a bit. This whole thing has gotten me angry, the loss of our men and women in Iraq and all this division here at home. God I just hope they can salvage something out of this mess. Thanks cptn.

Fitch said...

1. Did I do what now?
2. Yes. Extremist want to destroy all that does not conform to their limited world view.
3. Got you thinking
4. Info not available
5. Started the brain gears rolling
6. No, I did not miss the point

Hagel - If he wants to run for President, he must first win the primary. This is generally not accomplished by alienating the hardcore conservative base. Very poor strategy. Second. I wish ALL senators would give up this stupid notion of running for president. Check the history books. Governors get elected to the presidency. Senators don't. Take note: Hillary, McCain, Hagel, Santorum, and all you other stupid senators. How bout do your jobs as senators, and let the governors run for Prez?

Mary said...

This is too much pressure!

Can the next quiz be multiple choice?

BRUISER said...

Fitch ...uh yeah letting Gov.'s run for president is what got us in this record deficit downfall to begin with so ...we should let everyone run ...except for the Pat Robertson's of the world of course. He enjoys the conservative baseheads and gives them their hate and vitriol which they need when Rush is on vacation in rehab.

Full Of Fear
Full Of Hate

Republicans Not Just Full Of Shit Anymore...

Fitch said...

letting Gov.'s run for president is what got us in this You've got a point yet you don't even know it. How did we wind up with 8 years of clinton. I was ashamed for those 8 years.