Saturday, August 27, 2005

2008 Election Nominees

Dan Patrick, sitting in for Laura Ingraham yesterday, was conducting an unofficial poll, asking his listeners to call in with who they pick to be the Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates in 2008. I choose Condoleeza Rice and Sam Brownback, Senator from Kansas. I chose Brownback because, being from Kansas, I've known about him since he first ran for the senate, and I've always been impressed with him.

So, what do y'all think? Who do you think will be the Republican candidates? And why? Who would you like to see run, and are who you like and who you think will run the same?
Also who do you think Hillary will choose for her running mate?

Put your guess in my comments.


Poison Pero said...

I'd love to see Cheney and Condi........but it won't happen.
I'm going to puke when it's McCain, though..........If he brings on Condi it will be an easier pill to swallow, but it's hard enough voting for the guy here in Arizona for the Senate.

That said, I'll be happy with anyone who can beat Hillary.

Lores Rizkalla said...

i think mccain is going to go for it with perhaps condi or someone more like brownback (i.e. an actual conservative) on the ticket. on the other hand, rudy guiliani's popularity might be worth a swing. he, too, would need a conservative running mate.

hillary...hmmmm. well we all know that she's running for re-election for senate in NY. so, OBVIOUSLY, she doesn't want to go back to the white house. ha! :)

rich bachelor said...

You can sleep a bit easier, since anyone can beat Hilary. I could.
McCain won't make it even sort of close: the GOP machinery is rather solidly against him.
It might be Condi, but I have my doubts. One can't underestimate the tremendous amount of racism and sexism still afoot in this country. Maybe she'd be Veep.
They might try to run Jeb, but come on-the guy's nuts.
Cheney has a weak ticker. I dunno. Maybe the GOP will recruit Zell Miller.
On the Dems side: what do you wanna bet it's Evan Bayh? The machinery of the Democratic party is still solidly Democratic Leadership Council, i.e. so centrist that they don't have a position come election time. So somebody with very little to say at all like Bayh will appeal to them, as they like to fool themselves that they can still capture the undecided vote.
If they have guts, they'll put up Bill Richardson. But as I said, they lack those.
Since they're fools, I wouldn't be surprised if they run Kerry again. Watch too to see if Edwards makes some weird, suicidal run on his own.
Or Bruce Springsteen. I'd like to see the betting line on that one.

Mark said...

OK Bachelor. We now know who you think it WON"T be. Now tell us who do you think it WILL be?

rich bachelor said...

Sorry to say: no idea. It's a little too soon to say.
Mind you, I predicted that Howard Dean would run, about two years before he actually did, so...
Dems: Bill Richardson and Paul Hackett.
GOP: Bill Frist and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
(If you don't like that one, you should see all the things I deleted before publishing it. Clue: a Jon Stewart/Springsteen ticket...)

FrenziedFeline said...

I don't have any ideas, either. However, Condi and Alberto Gonzalez would be interesting. I'd love to see the Los Angeles Times' arguments against a black woman and a Hispanic.

I hope McCain stays out of it--he's a nut. Can Ah-nold even run as Veep, not having been born here?

Condi and Zell Miller would be wonderful, and I wouldn't care which one of them was POTUS and which was Veep.

I'm so relieved that Bachelor, the lefty that he is, doesn't think Hillary has a chance. Whew! ;)

mlwhitt said...

I predict that Hillary will select Cindy Sheehan. (Evil Grin)

Sheila said...

I don't think Clinton has a chance either. I think the Democratic Candidate will be Joe Biden and he may want Clinton for Vice.

I think the Republican Candidate will be Cheney dispite what he has said in the past. A Cheney/Rice ticket would certainly get votes.

Even though we all would like to see a woman as President. To sooth the public's jitters. I just think starting out as Vice President is more prudent.

Mark said...

But...But...But if Cheney ran Helen Thomas would kill herself!

Sheila said...

Helen Thomas has killed herself many times in the past....can't you tell? :)

Erudite Redneck said...

OK. Somebody splain to me what hardcore Repubs have against McCain.

Myself, speakin' as a warhawk, socially conservative but New Dealist-type economically-fiscally liberal Dem, McCain at least doesn't scare the heck out of me like most of the Repub leadership. What gives with him? ???

Erudite Redneck said...

By the way that is a particularly fetching pic of Hill youposted, Mark. Rowr. :-)

Sheila said...


The reason Senator McCain is not represented as an ideal candidate for Prez is because of his pro-chlice stand and his positive standing in the Democratic Party.

Their are a lot of Independants that would vote for him, like me. But he's to social conservative for the base.

Mark said...

ER, I purposely put an attractive picture of Hillary in there out of respect. I am not like some people who look to put the most unflattering pics of people they disagree with in there opinion pieces. I have always thought she is an attractive woman, though not so much in recent years. Time has not been kind to her. This does not in any way mean I agree with her politics. I most assuredly do not.

But where are your choices for presidential candidates?

Erudite Redneck said...

Repub ticket: No idea; haven't thought much about it.

Dem ticket, what I want:

Bill Richardson-Blanche Lincoln

Or, Biden-Richardson

Dem ticket, what'll happen:



Francis Lynn said...

There is nothing more predictable than the unpredictability of who will eventually win the nominations (ya listening Howard?).

I don't see Biden, Clinton, Bayh or 'Nam war hero whatshisname from Mass as finishing. I think Richardson could pull it off. I also have a feeling a suprise entrant will get it. Clinton may accept vp if offered it.

Cheney is too Bob Dole-ish. No spark for the masses. I see a "draft Condi" movement possible & if big enough, she may enter. McCain has as much chance as an ice cube in hell. Arnold is prohibited - can't succeed the prez if vp. As with the Dems, I see a 2nd-3rd tier surprise entrant getting it. Who heard of Carter or Clinton before they ran for prez?

By the way Mark, since I have less than zero respect for Hillary, I would post the haggiest photo possible. Even in her best days she was a geeky, snarling imp.

Mike said...

I'm not so sure Condi can win the nomination. Not impossible, but a big question mark. All her experience is in foreign affairs. What are her stances on social security, tax policy, abortion, stem cell research, judicial nominations, medicare? There is too much we don't know about her. I'm not sure she can win the nomination without a track record on these issues.

But having said that, she would make a fantastic VP candidate.

MadMustard said...

I love this stuff

2006 midterms will be the precursor; although, I can’t see the democrats overturning the republican House majority, there showing will cause a major scare for Republican Party leaders looking toward 2008. The Senate races will even be closer with an outside chance of control switching to the democrats. The major reasons for the change will be the erosion of independent voter support for republicans and the increased activism by liberal democrats.

2008 republicans will have internal strife between the neocon/religious wing and the old fiscal conservatives. The neocon favorites: Cheney and Rice will fall out of favor due to the aftermath of Iraq policy decisions. McCain will attract moderate democrats and independents and will be very formidable in the primaries. McCain will also become the fiscal conservatives’ favorite due to their fear of a Democrat Party victory. The republicans may fear that McCain will make a run as an independent and will nominate him with the ticket balance going to Allen or perhaps Brownback.

2008 democrats’ internal blood-letting will be even worse. The activist liberal wing fresh with successes from the midterms will be pushing for a very liberal candidate; Clinton will not be liberal enough for them. The moderate democrats will push for Biden fearing a ‘swift-boating’ of Clinton and leery of nominating anyone more liberal. Biden will retool his message enough to gain the necessary votes to get the nomination. He will choose Richardson or perhaps Clinton.

2008 election would be extremely close but I see a McCain victory.

Sheila said...

And Frankly I see wisdom on your part Mad. I don't think RNC can sacrifise for the base this time if they want to keep the Presidency.

Erudite Redneck said...

This is right on: "Clinton will not be liberal enough for them."

Righties have made Hillary such a boogyman (boogeywoman!) they can't see that she is NOT the leftiest possible candidate. I think she's a poison pill in any case, sadly.

Poison Pero said...

A lot of good opinions above.

I have to say Richardson has no chance though..........Too much baggage at the Atomic Energy Commish. --> It is a Sword of Damocles over his head nationally.

That said, he's one of the few (D)'s I wouldn't lose much sleep over if he won...........Which is saying a lot coming from me.

McCain and Condi vs Hillary and Obama..........Mark it down.

rich bachelor said...

Of course, Arnold can't run now, but things change.
School me here a bit Press: who is Blanche Lincoln?
I'm saying no to Biden because I can't remember the last time we elected a bald (well, severely bald-ing) man. Sounds shallow? Well, so are most people.

Mark said...

I'll field this one, ER.

Blanche Lincoln is a Democrat Senator from Arkansas.

Dang! that's a long dang series of distorted letters to try to retupe!

rich bachelor said...

Yeah, I actually just checked her home page. I didn't learn a lot.
And yes- I like the drunk test at the bottom: it's nearly taken me, coupla times.
"oqwnfkq", indeed.

tugboatcapn said...
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tugboatcapn said...

Wow, what happened there?

Anyway, Mark, I predict that the 2008 Republican ticket will be Pat Robertson, with Katherine Harris as VP.
The Democrats will run Satan, with Jerry Springer as his Veep.
The Democrats will win by landslide... ;)

tugboatcapn said...

Seriously, I agree with Pero on this one.
It isn't the ticket that I would want, but I'm afraid that's what we're gonna get...

Toad734 said...

Good in Condi runs the democrats will win, possibly even a lot of southern states.

Hilliary needs to sit this one out. I shooting for some sort of Bayh/Edwards mix.