Saturday, December 31, 2005

Loose Lips Sink Ships

"Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged." --President Abraham Lincoln-

How many of you are old enough to remember the phrase, "Loose lips sink ships"? For those of you who have never heard it, it was a phrase oft repeated in World War II. It meant that if you say the wrong thing to the wrong people, it could cost American lives, and seriously hinder the war effort against Japan and Germany.

According to this story on the FOX news website, "The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the leak of information to the media about a domestic eavesdropping program run by the National Security Agency.

Details of the program were first revealed Dec. 16 by The New York Times, which reported that the NSA has monitored phone calls and e-mails inside the United States without court warrants since shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The program circumvented a secretive court process that allows warrants to be issued without the knowledge of the warrant's subject".

Apparently, there are some loose lips in the halls of Congress these days. Somebody leaked highly classified information to the New York Times, who, in turn, splashed the story all over their front page. You know the story. President Bush, according to the Times, "secretly" conducted warrantless wiretaps on suspected Terrorist operatives within the United States.

The Times and the Democrats would have you believe that he wiretapped innocent American citizens, invading their privacy and violating their civil rights. This is, of course, balderdash.


The only people whose "civil rights" were trampled upon are those who are suspected of planning terrorist attacks on America in league with al-Qaida operatives in Afghanistan, and elsewhere. And those people surrendered their rights as soon as they decided to plan attacks against the United States. The Constitution is clear:

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort".

Yes, that's what I said. Any American that supports or enables these enemies to perpetrate attacks on our soil, and our citizens, are traitors.

Now, American lives are at risk. But not American soldiers lives. American civilian lives. Innocent men, women, and children are in jeopardy of losing their lives because of the New York Times' eagerness to undermine the Presidency in a time of war.

Is it possible that whoever leaked this information to the Times didn't realize the implication of what their loose lips would mean to the country? Or maybe they didn't care. Or maybe they want to damage the Bush presidency as badly as the Times does.

The sad part of all this is that it doesn't do nearly as much damage to President Bush as it does, potentially, to the innocent citizens of The United States. Why? Because President Bush was perfectly within his rights to do exactly what he was doing. He did nothing illegal.

Does the Times and their willing accomplices in the Legislature think destroying President Bush is worth the sacrifice?

The Times article was sat on deliberately for a year, presumably waiting for just the right moment to be released. What was the right moment? One day before the vote to extend the Patriot act.

Is anybody so naive that they believe that was a coincidence, or just bad timing?

And possibly, somewhere within the geographical borders of this country, there are terrorists waiting for the Patriot act to expire, and for all the warrantless surveillances to stop so they can continue to plan for the next great attack on innocent Americans. Perhaps the next attack will be a nuclear bomb. Perhaps in your city, or even your own backyard.

If American Senators and Congressmen are involved in this treasonous act, whether they are Republican or Democrat, they need to be held accountable, recalled, impeached, tried, and punished.


Francis Lynn said...

More than likely a Democrat or Bush hater who leaked the info. Party above country for them, agenda above country for them. They are as reprehensible as they ever have been. And the liberal media is in step with them. Disgusting. Hang 'em high.

jgf said...

Times change and names change, but people still remain the same.

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Gayle said...

JGF: Right! And also, those who do not learn from history are just plain stupid!

FrenziedFeline said...

Happy New Year, Mark! :)

yankeemom said...

Too right!! Now if they would just start teaching History in the Public schools again, maybe nore people would know just what the Constitution says and what this country has gone through.
Happy New Year, Mark!

Old Soldier said...

Great post Mark; spot on! :)

This whistleblower to the left, traitor to you and me, in working with classified information or programs had to know the protocol involved. Revealing classified information to someone not cleared, and with a need to know, is a violation of law (not to mention, probably an oath as well) and is a prosecutable/punishable act.

Republicans and especially this administration generally do not want to be perceived as reactionary (to the antics of the left). However, this time (as you have so eloquently pointed out) the safety on our citizens has been jeopardized. These are not whistleblowers - these are traitors unwittingly or knowingly. Either way, it doesn't matter; there must be an investigation and the perpetrators must be brought to justice (party immaterial).

If this was indeed a case of abused governmental power whereby innocent citizens were routinely spied upon, there would have been examples and names divulged. That not being the case, I’m inclined to believe this is a deliberate act intended to discredit our president, diminish his ability to effect national security (his constitutional charge) or directly affect pending legislation. Take your pick, they are all despicable and warrant a thorough investigation.

chancuff said...

"Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale & undermine the military are saboteurs & should be arrested, exiled, or hanged." - President Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln never said this. Ever. This quote is a fabrication of Dr. J. Michael Waller who first wrote it in 2003 in a "Moonie" publication, Insight Magazine ... just in time for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth gave it life in 2004. How pathetic has the Republican Party become that it insults the reputation of America's finest Republican president for their political gain?

Cliff Hancuff
The World of Journalism Is Flat, Too

chancuff said...

I can't say enough good things about what Brooks Jackson did with my original TRUTH FROM AN HONEST MAN pamphlet I loaned him.

My great, great, grandfather, who I am named in honor of, made the supreme sacrific for our country in Lincoln's Union Army serving Stonewall Jackson his only defeat in the Civil War.

Diana Irey has "cut&run" from her use of this Lincoln quote. Write her "handler" at and ask him.

Cliff Hancuff
The World of Journalism Is Flat, Too

chancuff said...

Here's some background.

Cliff Hancuff
The World of Journalism Is Flat, Too

Carolyn said...

No, Milwaukee is in Wisconsin. I'm talking about the city Bob's Red Mill is located in, which is Milwaukie, Oregon.