Friday, December 23, 2005

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

"The great masses of the people... will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one." --Adolf Hitler

Conservative radio talk show hosts seem to be all of one mind when it comes to what the results will be of the Democrats opposition to Bush administration policies. They seem to think they are losing themselves votes, and in the process it will cost them the next election.

Even according to ER, "The Dems are not doing the things they are doing because they think it's popular (although a very few deluded folks might very well be that deluded.) The Dems are doing what they're doing because they think it's the right thing to do".

But I'm not so sure. I think we are overestimating the rank and file American voter.

The Tonight Show's Jay Leno often has a segment they call "Jay-walk", where he goes out onto the street with a microphone and asks passers-by simple questions.

Sean Hannity features "Man on the street Thursdays" where his producer goes out with a cell phone and he asks people questions about things like "who is the Vice President?" or "What political party does the President belong to?" etc.

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck features "More-On Trivia" on Fridays, a spot where he asks, by phone, convenience store workers in selected NFL cities similar questions.

The reason these spots are so popular are because they are funny. Most of the people interviewed are unbelievably uninformed and clueless.

But I find it disturbing. Sean Hannity's is particularly disturbing because he targets college students. One would presume college students would know a lot more than they do. They don't.

When questioned about politics, most people are sadly uninformed. Usually they don't have an answer at all, and when they do have an answer, it is often word for word the same things they hear in the electronic media. It is obvious they have never thought for themselves. I wouldn't be surprised to hear one of them say "President Bush doesn't care about black people". Because Kanye West said it on a star studded benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

These are the kinds of things the American people remember.

These are some of the people that vote. And they will vote based on what they hear in the electronic media.

Every news program you watch has a Liberal bias, and interview programs that the rank and file tend to watch are overloaded with Liberal Democrat pundits, such as "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central, Or Bill Maher's show. (The show pictured here had one Conservative lawyer, and two Liberal Hollywood actresses, and one very Liberal Hollywood comedy writer.)Usually they will have about 4 guests, 3 of whom are Liberals and one Conservative, who the Liberal guests and the Liberal host almost always shout down and interrupt to the point that their point is not even heard, much less understood.

The deck is stacked in favor of the Democrats. They have a chance of winning the next election.

When uninformed people are misinformed, the electoral process can be manipulated.

Conservatives are wrong to assume that common sense and logic will prevail against Liberal propaganda and misinformation..


The Game said...

Well done.
I 100% agree. Most people do not know ANYTHING about history or issues. It is sad. But that is why we have so many "undecided" voters during election time. Almost no one should be undecided. You should know what you think, which party you agree with more. Every now and then a local race might have you cross party lines, but national elections are ALL about which party they are with. PERIOD. How many elected officials cross party lines for voting...very few and not very often.

jgf said...

So few people take the time to think through the issues for themselves. If the citizens of this country would take the time to research the issues, we would be in a much better place.

whit said...

Those people you hear on Beck or Hannity don't vote. That's a good thing. Somehow, we manage to eek out elections and that's pretty remarkable considering that 20 or 30 years ago, before Reagan, the Republican party couldn't win an uncontested election. I think the pendulum is still swinging away from liberalism and as the Dems keep revealing their bankrupt philosophy and devious manipulation of minority groups, more people will move right. Americans may not be the smartest people in the world but when push comes to shove, they fall back on common sense.

shoprat said...

C S Lewis said it perfectly in The Screwtape Letters when the big demon told the little demon, "Don't argue with them. You will lose! Simply befuddle them."

That is exactly what the MSM is doing.

Fiar said...

Merry Christmas, Mark!

The Game said...

hope you are right...but I see problems in 06 for the Right...if Bush keeps it up things can still turn around...

Erudite Redneck said...

Um, don't look now but under Bush, "the Right" has lost a lot of meaning, hasn't it? Except for the dang war, he is y'alls' worst enemy.

Poison Pero said...

Hey Shoprat, I thought I was the only person who still quoted "The Screwtape Letters"......Good on ya. That's a great book.

As far as 2006 goes, I remember hearing this same talk in 2002 and 2004.....Look at the old polls and Bush was getting crushed going into those election cycles.

Yet he performed a miracle.....Not only did he managed to foil the MSM, but he beat the historical trend of presidents losing seats in their midterm.......He was the third in U.S. history to pick up seats in both as the majority party.

Of course Bush needs to stay on the stump, but he always has when it matters.....I see no reason why 2006 will be any different.

The key is making sure all the 2004 General Election Republicans get out to vote again in 2006....Apathy is the only thing which can sink Conservatives, because the country is sickened by what they see coming out of the Dems.

Mark said...

I read the Screwtape Letters, too! Interesting concept for a book, but a little hard to read. Old C. S. was a little too cerebral for me.

Mary said...

There is no question that conservatives have the deck stacked against them.

All the lib propaganda in the media is overwhelming. That makes the victories of conservatives that much more impressive.

In spite of being bombarded with Leftist lies, Americans continue to reject the libs.

I agree, Mark, that it would be a miscalculation to assume that common sense will prevail in upcoming elections. That's why I think it's important to expose the libs for what they are--dangerous and devoid of direction.

The message has to be explained and repeated. Nothing should be taken for granted.

BRUISER said...

The electoral process can be manipulated hence having Diebold count your votes adds up to a Republican victory...even when there are not that many actual who is saving our democracy?

Mark said...

Bruiser, if anyone is guilty of manipulating elections, it is the Democrats. They are the ones that had hundreds of deceased people registered and voted as Democrats.