Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bad News for Protestors

"Persecution and intolerance are not only unjust and criminal in the sight of God, but they also cramp, enfeeble, and diminish the state." --Jonathan Mayhew

For the anti-war protestors who insist, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, that the reason al-Qaida is in Iraq is because American troops are there. Here is one more piece of evidence to ponder:

From Fox news:

POSO, Indonesia -- Masked, black-clad and brandishing machetes, the attackers sprang from behind a screen of tall grass and pounced on the four Christian girls as they walked to school. Within seconds, three of the teenagers were beheaded -- fresh victims of violence that has turned this Indonesian island into yet another front in the terrorist wars.

"All I could do was pray to Jesus for his help," said 16-year-old Noviana Malewa, who fled with a gaping head wound. "I was streaming with blood." A thick scar runs from the back of her neck to just under her right eye.

Muslim militants are blamed for the October killings, the most gruesome yet in a campaign of terror against Christians on the island of Sulawesi.

Muslim-Christian violence from 2000 to 2002 killed some 1,000 people in Sulawesi and attracted Muslim militants from across Indonesia, including from Jemaah Islamiyah, a homegrown network linked to Al Qaeda, and even from the distant Middle East.

The simple fact is These animals want to kill anyone who isn't them. Period. Not just Christians, although in this case it is the Christians who were targeted. Almost every day we hear the news of Muslim extremists blowing themselves up to kill people. They even blow up mosques. Their own people!

The four anti-war peace workers are still being held prisoner in Iraq as far as we know. They may already be dead. Even anti-war protestors are not safe as long as Muslim extremism is allowed to continue to terrorize the world.

I am anti-war myself. I wish there was never a reason for war. But unlike these one track mind anti-war protestors, I realize there is a need to fight wars. The reason in this case is to stop war. And end the killing. Sometimes that's just the way it works. Get used to it.

What will it take for the anti-war protestors to wake up and smell the coffee? They are not your friends, Mr and Ms. Anti-war protestor. They want you dead, too.

I submit it will take being beheaded themselves by those they seek to defend. But, of course, by then it will be too late.



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Old Soldier said...

If I'm not mistaken, more Muslims have been killed by Muslims than any other source and that includes the war efforts in Iraq. I believe, too, that Muslims are responsible for the majority of Christian deaths resultant from being targeted by another people group.

THAT's a religion of peace? They'll kill anyone that does not agree with their radical theology. Any wonder why we are at war with them?

Pastor Timothy said...

The Bible says that even our flesh, those of us who are Christians, is at war with God. So it should not surprise us that those who do not have the indwelling Spirit of God in them, would act in this manner, especially against those of the true faith. They crucified Jesus, they will do the same to us if they get the chance.

Yes, war is ugly, but necessary as long as we live in this fallen world, and until the Lord returns, which I hope is soon. War is necessary to restrain all the ungodliness of godless men. Our prayers should be for our leaders, who know and understand this, and will continue to fight those who are wicked on behalf of those who want to live quiet and peaceable lives.


jgf said...

How sad that children must be martyrs while we enjoy our freedoms.

Pamela Reece said...

When I heard this story, I almost got sick to my stomach. I think old soldier said it best:

"THAT's a religion of peace? They'll kill anyone that does not agree with their radical theology. Any wonder why we are at war with them?"

Erudite Redneck said...

"The Ku Klux Klan? A religion of peace?"

The Klan claimed(s) to be Christian, and they suck, but I don't condemn all Christians out of hand.

We should keep in kind that it's extremists, not all Muslims, that are our enemy.

Mark said...

"We should keep in kind that it's extremists, not all Muslims, that are our enemy."

Yes, ER, I made that point. I thought.

Toad734 said...

Yes there are times when war is needed, like Afghanistan. There are other times where war is waged for the wrong reasons and then any one who questions it is "unpatriotic" and these wars are the ones that create the people who resort to blowing themselves up.

Toad734 said...

Good point ER, lets not forget the Christians who created this Muslim hatred of the west.

Erudite Redneck said...

Yes, you were clear, Mark. Old soldier seemed to lump all Muslims into one category: "enemy." Perhaps I misread him/her.

Old Soldier said...

Since I haven't been a regular here, let me clarify my position.

First off, I do not place all Muslims in the same category as radical Islamic terrorists. However, I am quite willing to identify the terrorists as being radical Islamics.

I am rather puzzled by the relative silence in the peaceful Muslim sector concerning the inhuman behavior of the radicals. But then, it is an Islamic tenant that non-Muslims are Infidels or non-persons. There are a great many Fatwas proclaimed by Imams condemning the Great Satan (USA) and declaring a Jihad against us.

…”lets not forget the Christians who created this Muslim hatred of the west.”

Toad, the “radical Islamic hatred of the west” includes Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hinduists, Shintoists, Atheists, Agnostics, Socialists, Satanists, even other Muslims, and anyone in between. The “Christians” solely as a group are not to blame for this radical Islamic hatred. It is derived from the teachings of the Islamic prophet Mohammad, fueled by the radical Imam’s Fatwas. To lie this solely at the feet of “Christians” is really being quite simplistic.

Lone Ranger said...

This sort of thing happens daily somewhere in the world. Wherever in the world you have large groups of Muslims interacting with ANY other culture, you have bloodshed. I do not use the word "radical" when I'm writing stories like this because the word "fundamentalist" is more applicable. Unfortunately, I can't slip that word past my politically correct editors. A religion should be judged by its teachings, not by people who do not follow those teachings. I don't see that the terrorists are violating their religion's teachings, except for their killing of fellow Muslims. And I'm not even sure of that because I'm not all that familiar with the Hadith. That's the SECOND Muslim holy scriptures that nobody ever talks about.