Thursday, December 22, 2005

"Kilting" Time

"O we'll fight for what is right and the dawning of the day
When we'll rise again to win our claim for Scottish destiny

Oh Caledonia, we are your sons
And will again be free."
--Scottish folk song

After several postings in which I have complained about the Democrats and the Liberals, I have decided, in the spirit of the season, and in keeping with the altruistic nature thereof, to suspend my usual diatribe of pointing out questionable acts of the Democrats. At least, for today.

Today, I was hopping news channels on TV and I thought I heard one of them say the House passed the appropriations bill complete with the drilling in ANWR attachment. So I went to the Fox News website for more details. I didn't find any information about that, and later, while typing this, I found that they didn't pass that part of the bill, which is disappointing, to say the least.

But while I was looking for it, i found this story that is probably only interesting to me:

In Missouri, a high school student has been told he cannot wear a kilt to a formal school dance. For those unfamiliar with kilts, they are the traditional garb worn by Scottish men, once the standard mode of dress for Scots, but now usually only worn on special occasions. It looks like a skirt. You may read the rest of the story here.

This story is interesting to me on several levels, one being that I am of Scottish heritage myself. Another point that interests me is the spokesman for the Scots point of view is from my own clan, the Gunn clan. Follow this link I provided and you can see my last name among the list of Gunn clan septs. This is the crest of the Gunn clan.

I read this article with amusement until I read the quote from the school's principal, who said, "Well, this is my dance, and I'm not going to have students coming into it looking like clowns."

And that offended me. I have considered, if circumstances allow it, and if I ever remarry, dressing in the traditional Gunn tartan plaid, including a kilt, for my next wedding. It probably won't happen, but it's a nice dream.

What is the school principal afraid of?

From the article: Several Scottish heritage organizations are angry, saying the kilt is a symbol of Scottish pride and considered formal dress.

"To say the traditional Scottish dress makes you look like a clown is a direct insult to people of Scottish heritage and those who live in Scotland," said Tom Wilson, a Texas commissioner for the Clan Gunn Society of North America, a Scottish heritage organization.

Another Clan Gunn member, Beth Gardner, started an online petition seeking an apology for Warmack. It questions in part the notion that the kilt was a distraction.

"From what? From the intense concentration it takes to dance?"

One last observation: According to the story, "Warmack said he showed it to a vice principal before the dance, who joked he'd better wear something underneath it, and Warmack assured him he would".

This disturbs me somewhat, too. No self respecting Scotsman wears anything under his kilt. To suggest anything else is blasphemy.

Real men wear kilts!


Pastor Timothy said...

Hi Mark,
Loved your piece. The pastor I worked for in Jackson, TN is a Gunn. Grover Gunn... do a search and you can find him... he writes a lot of good articles from the Presbyterian point of view, as any fine Scotsman would, being Presbyterian and all.

I'm going to send him your site... he needs to read this.

Lone Ranger said...

He probably would have been let in had he been wearing an evening gown.

Son of Lilith said...

Mark, I'd have to buy you a beer over this one. I say let him wear the kilt if he wants to.

It's not the principal's dance anyway; it's the students' dance.

whit said...

Funny! I was sympathetic till you got to the undergarments, then you lost me.:) The last thing I would want to see is the privates of some wild Scotsman in full commando.

Mark said...

LOL! Funny Whit!

FrenziedFeline said...

I went to a wedding where the groomsmen (the bride's brothers) all wore kilts and the bride wore a scarf (?) of tartan over one shoulder and down the train of her dress. (The groom was Scandanavian, so I guess he wasn't game for wearing a kilt himself--lol.) I loved it!

Anyway, Mark, I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas filled with peace. :)

Mark said...

Thank you Frenzied, Merry Christmas to you and to all of my readers.

Scandinavian Groom? Shame on that Scottish Bride for marrying beneath her station! Shame Shame.

Just kidding. LOL

MadMustard said...

I guess the Irish side of my Scots-Irish heritage has always made me snicker at the thought of wearing kilts.

The size of this kid and the football helmet resting on the sofa would lead my Irish 'good sense' to not snicker at this big bruiser.

Hey kid... nice kilts, join the dance!

Son of Lilith said...

The Irish wore kilts as well, at least a type of kilt.

Poison Pero said...

If he called it a Dress, threw on some heels, painted his nails, and lobbed on some makeup he'd pass for a "Mainstream Liberal".
As a Scots-Irish, I truly dread the kilt. I can never find one long enough to cover.........:)

Have a great Christmas everyone.

Pamela Reece said...

Hey, how come nobody calls me a clown when I "go commando" under my dresses or skirts? That is just sexist! Like Kramer said, "I gotta let the boys breathe. I'm out there and I'm lovin' it!"

I say let him wear the kilt!

Liam said...

The Principal is definitely out of order here. As you point out, it’s the student’s dance so his view on what they’re wearing shouldn’t come into it unless it’s breaking some law. The Highland regalia is globally recognised as formal Scottish attire. Also I believe the kilt is the Scottish National Dress as well as formal dress, so the school should allow it on that basis (unless you guys have different rules on the wearing of ‘national dress’ type stuff than we do…)

I’m in Texas for Christmas and New Year and will be attending a formal New Year’s Eve party wearing my full Highland rig (in the traditional style.)

Land of my heart forever, Scotland the Brave!

P.S. Whit, to see his privates you’d have to take deliberate action; there’s more than enough heavy fabric in a kilt to prevent any accidental exposure, no matter how energetic his Highland Fling!

Mark said...

Liam, "Highland fling". I like that!

I have a internet friend who lives in Edinburgh. She sent me some photos of some "accidental exposures" that are hilarious. One of them shows a man in a kilt sitting right next to Queeen Elizabeth with his orivates exposed!

I hope to someday have enough money to send for an authenic kilt from the clan Gunn and this story has increased my desire to get one all the more. They aren't cheap, you know.

Liam said...

Hey Mark, you’re right – I’d forgotten about the sitting issue; I will never forget the comment made by an elderly lady sitting across from a young Scottish officer in his regimental tartan; “Young man, if you are going to dress like a man you will have to learn to sit like a lady!”

They’re not cheap, but if you get a properly made one it will last you for a lifetime; I’m still wearing the same kilt, sporran and jacket I bought as a student many years ago. (The kilt is a slightly tighter fit now than it was back then, but I use it as the yardstick for how much weight I need to lose!)

Francis Lynn said...

We got neat fish & chip restaurant in town - Argyle's. pure Scotland - they also have store with Scottish jewelry,clothing, etc. They also do mail order & also teach bagpipes & are a supplier for pipe equipment & uniforms.