Saturday, December 03, 2005

Culture of Corruption

"You can't cheat an honest man." --W.C. Fields

A frequent and usually unwelcome commentator to my blog here who calls himself "Bruiser" has inspired this comment today. Those who frequent this space will recognize the name of the commentator who continually uses my blog as a forum to voice his hatred for President Bush and the Republican Party in general. More often than not, his comments have little or nothing to do with the thread in which he is commenting.

One wonders, since he has so much to say, why he doesn't have a blog of his own, but I digress.

Recently he has been bringing up a name of Jack Abramoff, a wealthy lobbyist and attorney who has been connected with no small amount of scandals in Washington. I suppose, since Abramoff is a Republican, Bruiser is using Abramoff as evidence of the corruption of the Republican party as a whole.

I did a Wikipedia search on Abramoff and according to them, Abranoff is indeed a pretty smarmy little worm, involved in many different scams and scandals involving some members of the Republican party, but he hasn't exactly confined his deeds to the Republicans. He has also been involved with some Democrats, as well. But, as W.C Fields said, "You can't cheat an honest man."

My conclusion is this:

Abramoff is a snake. And so are some Republicans. But he is not representative of the Republican party as a whole. And he certainly has nothing to do with the President, who is Bruiser's real target.

By the way, Bruiser, Has he been convicted of anything yet?

Now. Let's talk about the Democrats.

Democrats are the party that supports murdering babies.

Democrats are the party that supports dehydrating brain damaged people to death.

Democrats are the party that supports letting murderers get away with murder by trying to abolish the death penalty.

Democrats are the surrender party, as evidenced by their continual call to the President to cut and run, leaving the people of Iraq to fight terrorists on their own.

Democrats are the party that supports doing nothing when attacked, which inspired Osama bin Laden to characterize America as a "Paper Tiger" and, ultimately, were probably the indirect cause of the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001.

Democrats are the party that supports the abolishing the right to free exercise of religion, unless the religion is anything other than Christianity or Judaism.

Democrats are the party that supports removing of the word "God" from our currency and from the pledge of allegiance.

Democrats are the party that supports Un-Americanism of every kind, and appeasement of our enemies, and the abdication of our power to the United nations, a corrupt organization that is basically useless.

I am sure I left out many other examples of Democratic lunacy, but I have to take my son to Arlington, VA again today and I don't have time to elaborate anymore, but I think you get the picture. I think, while I'm there, I will visit the National cemetery, where the bodies of our brave men who fought and died for our country are resting, many of whom were not supported by the Democratic Party.

Now, I have to go. Have a good day.


The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Great post Mark. It is only through continual exposure of Democrats from people that know the truth like you and I that these left wing socialist weenies will be shown for who they are and remain in the minority.


BRUISER said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BRUISER said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mark said...

Apparentmy Bruiser doesn't learn. I am tired of his lies and his mean spirited name calling and his personal attacks.

No more.

Bruiser, you are no longer welcome here. If you want to spin lies and accuse good people of doing what the Democrats are doing, go create your own blog. Stay off of mine.

tugboatcapn said...

Mark, I was going to ban Bruiser using the Ban function on Haloscan, but on investigation, I found an interesting thing.

According to the IP addresses that Haloscan gives me, the computer that Bruiser uses is sequentially one number higher than one that ER uses.

Matter of fact, I have had a couple of comments from you and ER from the same IP address, and a couple from Bruiser from
ER's computer...

This can only mean one of four things.

1. Either you, ER, and Bruiser are the same person

2. You all work in the same office

3. The information that I am getting from Haloscan regarding IP adresses is faulty

Or 4. Bruiser has some sort of roving IP address and the matching IP address for you and ER was a fluke.

I am guessing number three.

In any case, I don't want to ban that range of addresses until I get to the bottom of it.

If he makes me mad, I can delete him, or change his comment around and make him a Republican...

Mark said...

That's wierd. I can assure you that I am not ER and certainly not Bruiser!

I have re-ebabled comment moderation on here, and whenever I do that Bruiser won't try to post any comments on here. I guess it scares him off. He really is just a coward you knoow.

Mark said...

My God! It just occured to me that you have not only accidently insulted me but ER as well! (I mean, accusing ER of being me.) Go ahead and insult Bruiser. He deserves it.

tugboatcapn said...

Well, insulting either you or ER was certainly not my intention.

I was simply advising you of information that I attained from Haloscan and the conclusions which could be reached from this information.

I never said that I believed that the three of you, or any combination of you three had anything whatsoever to do with one another.

I sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding.

tugboatcapn said...

Oh, and to call Bruiser Stupid would be an insult to stupid people all over the world.

(How was that?)

Lone Ranger said...

For all their self-righteousness, Democrats are also the people who embrace billionaire George Soros. This is the guy who is single-handedly responsible for triggering the 1997 Asian financial crisis with his greedy currency manipulation. He pushed millions of people further into poverty with his shady dealings. The Malaysian government would really like to get their hands on this guy. Democrats preach their hatred of greedy, crooked capitalists while taking handouts from one of the greediest, most crooked capitalists of all time.

Mark said...

ASctually, I didn't call Bruiser stupid. I don't think he is. He is, however, extremely hateful. and if I weren't so angry with him right now, i might even pity him.

It must be hard going through life so miserable that you project your misiery onto everyone else.

Mark said...

Yes, and another greedy, crooked capitalist is Michael Moore. He was exposed as a holder of stock in Halluburton, the corporation he claims to detest.

And even after photo copies of his tas returns prove it, he still denies owning any stock. What a Hypocrite!

tugboatcapn said...

You told me to insult him!

That was just the first thing that came to mind...

LR, Liberals don't care where money COMES FROM, as long as they get to control where it GOES.

In their minds, It's okay to create poverty and misery, as long as it advances Liberal Socialism, and hurts George W. Bush.

Bruiser said...

Seeking the respect Republicans don't deserve. Your Party is one of hate and intolerance. Your Party is one of misinformation and spin to the worst degree. I have never said anything false so why do you want to ban me? Is it because you love freedom and the first amendment? I think not.

Your party is one that smears soldiers and self righteously acts as if your the only party to support America's troops, again false. Unless you think buying chinese made yellow magnetic ribbons somehow makes you and your ilk more supportive.

Ban me. Keep me to yell louder against your one party system.

One thing I would like to point out is that your page as well as others accuse me of being a Democrat not one even asking what Party I actually belong to. Thanks for being so openminded not that the Republican party has a great history of that but one could always hope.

Mark said...

Bruiser, you claim that you tell the truth and then accuse republicans of smearimg the trrops. I have never, repeat, never seen or heard any Republican smear the troops. Furnish proof or admit you are a liar.

And if the Republicans are the only party that doesn't accuse the troops of being the same as Nazi's, Pol Pot, or tenders of Soviet Gulags, then they ARE the only party that supports the troops.

Toad734 said...

Give me the name of one baby the Democratic Party has slaughtered, or advocated the slaughter of and I’ll donate 1000 dollars to the Republican National Committee tonight.

Jason H. Bowden said...

Can't we all just, *sniff*, get along?