Thursday, June 09, 2005

Some Fluff

I have perused the news today and there is nothing that I care to rant about just yet, although the jury (literally) is still out on some things. So today I am just going to have some fun.

Following yesterday's post I received 2 comments, both more or less voting on whether Howard Dean is a secret Republican operative or just an idiot. So I had an idea! Let's have a vote! vote here on Dean. Is he an idiot? Or is he a Secret Republican? Post your vote in the comments section.

Have you noticed that since major league baseball started scrutinizing the use of steroids that the number of homeruns hit has decreased dramatically? Is that just a coincidence or what?

Has anyone noticed that there are now more Iraqi citizens and police officers and armed forces being killed in terrorist attacks than Americans? Maybe terrorists really just want to kill and maim and it doesn't have anything to do with America's presence over there. Just a thought.

I am going to revise my "Babes I want to date" list here:

1. Michelle Malkin....Attractive, intelligent, and Asian! I've always had a thing for Asian women.
2. Condoleeza Rice......Again, attractive and intelligent I love intelligent women!
3. Ann Coulter....Attractive and intelligent, and a bonus: she is FUNNY! I love sarcasm as long as it is funny sarcasm and she is a master (mistress?) at it.
4. Laura Ingraham....Attractive and intelligent. Only this far down the list because I have trouble dealing with possibly incurable diseases..Well, not really the diseases themselves as much as the treatment for them. (translated... She may soon be bald.)
5. Kim Komando...Attractive and intelligent..How does she know so much about computers? I appreciate her knowledge since I am a techno-moron myself.
6. Geena Davis...Yes I know she isn't conservative but I never said that is a major criteria...Her presence on my list is because she is a mensa member and like I say, I find intelligent women sexy.
7. Paris Hilton....Paris Hilton? OK...Listen, she has looks and she has money but she's dumber than a box of rocks....Well, 2 out of 3 isn't bad. Besides, every list of this type has to have a token babe.
8. Suze Ormond.... Did I spell her last name right? Anyway, she is attractive and she could balance my checkbook for me.

Geeeez, I hope I have something important to talk about tomorrow. Bye.


Mark said...

Just read over my list of babes...I know it is shallow to bump Ms. Ingraham down on the list just because she will be undergoing chemotherapy soon, but like I say, I would have a problem dealing with a woman that's balder than me. and that is a flaw, I admit, but at least I am honest. But I do wish her the very best and I mean that from the heart.

Garza said...

As far as the vote, IDIOT.

As far as the girls list goes, it is a draw between Michelle and Ann. I know 2 out of 3 isn't bad, but after the sex it is nice to have someone that can carry on a conversation while smoking the ciggarette.

Erudite Redneck said...

I'll take Nancy Grace. I am a sucker for good-lookin' Southern wimmin. Geena Davis is fine, too.

My vote on Dean: He has been saying what most Dems, myself included, tend to believe, in general. The pathetic thing isn't that he's saying them, but that fellow Dems are leavin' him hangin' out there by his lonesome.

Mark said...

Nancy Grace? I don't know her. enlighten me, I might add her to my list.

Mark said...

The things that Howard Dean says about Republicans simply aren't true. My friend, Pero, sent me this in e-mail I copied and now I will paste it here
June 10, 1964 - The Senate voted to limit further debate on a proposed civil rights bill, shutting off a filibuster by Southern states.

**THE REPUBLICANS BROKE THE FILIBUSTER AND PASSED THE BILL!!! --> Why don't Blacks know this? Why don't most Americans know this??

The Dems controlled the Senate (67-33) --> They didn't have the votes to override the Filibuster, because they had too many racists in their ranks --> Sen. Bobby Byrd and Sen. Richard Russell were the two major Democrat proponents to the bill, and the Dems could never have gotten enough votes to overwhelm them.


"The time has come for equality of opportunity in sharing in government, in education, and in employment. It will not be stayed or denied. It is here!" - Sen. Everet Dirksen (R)

Final Senate vote --> Democrats = 45-22 (67%) Republicans = 27-6 (82%)

Things haven't changed, but the Dems have miraculously managed to portray themselves as the "Black Party" --> They talk good, but have never done anything for blacks. If anything they have kept them in perpetual political slavery through the creation and propagation of Affirmative Action --> Which should otherwise be known as the "Democrat Plantation"

Just for fun: Which party puts Blacks in positions of power? Condi and Colin Powell = Sec of State (first and second ever), Janice Rogers Brown = Apellate Court, Clarence Thomas = Supreme Court, etc., etc., etc.

for your info.

Erudite Redneck said...

Nancy Grace is a lawyer gal who is on lots of talk shows. Has her own, I think.

As for the 40-year-old news clip. That was then. This is now. Besides that, I don't see how Republicans can brag about being conservative when the biggest things they point to as historical accomplishments were considered way liberal, if not radical, at the time. Like abolition. Like the Civil Rights Acts. Further, putting important blacks into important places doesn't count as much as using the full resources of the general gubment to put everyday blacks, and every other stripe of American, on an equal footing opportunity-wise. And while Repubs have come around some on that, the Dems still do have the recent historical market cornered on it.

Mr. T said...

my favorite...ann coulter. she is so awesome. i too love her sarcasm and wit. plus she isn't hard on the eyes thats for sure. this is a cool blog. laters.

Francis Lynn said...

Geesh - here I am trashing Paris on my blog & she's on your list. I guess we all need trash at times to appreciate class. For me, Geena or Coulter have an open invitation to call me.

tugboatcapn said...

Redneck, the flaw in your logic is that the Dems have no faith in anyone's ability to do anything for themselves. The provide a meager subsistance and then beat their chests and yell "Look how much we have done for the poor!!" While at the same time punishing the people who would expand business and provide a means whereby poor people (black or white) could provide for themselves. The DEms have created a situation in which black women don't think they need the fathers of their children around,because the government will provide for them. It has destroyed the black family and thereby the black community. If blacks are to succeed as a race, we have to stop trying to hand them crutches.