Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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AOL reports:
"Minorities Empathize After Boutique Rebuffs Oprah

Oprah says she will no longer be shopping in Hermes stores, even though she has often plugged their products in the past.

(June 28) - Whether Oprah Winfrey was turned away from a bit of after-hours shopping in Paris because of a racist employee or a special event, news of the confrontation outside a luxury store has evoked empathy and anger from many American minorities.

In living rooms and Internet chat rooms, the Winfrey case has sparked discussion of what many see as a chronic problem for minorities: poor treatment and sometimes outright suspicion of minority shoppers no matter how well-educated or rich they are - particularly in high-end stores."

Oh, Please! This isn't about discrimination at all! This is about elitism in a most blatant form. The facts are: Oprah arrived at the store 15 minutes AFTER the store was closed, and expected them to re-open just because she wanted them to, apparently believing because she is wealthy, that she deserves "special" treatment.

Does anyone really think that if she had arrived when the store was open, that they would have refused her entrance? This is simply a matter of store employees who are finished with their day, wanting to go home and enjoy their time off, and not wanting the hassle of having to re-open the cash registers and possibly tolerate a difficult customer. I know I'm jumping to conclusions about whether Oprah is difficult, but come on, if she is raising a discrimination beef over not being let in after the store is closed, she is being difficult.

If she had arrived on time, this wouldn't even be a topic for conversation. Oprah needs to apologize, not the store.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I don't know anything about this. But it wouldn't surprise me, if your take on it is how it all went down. I hate it when people automatically pull the race card.

I used to work for a clothing store in Santa Monica and we got all sorts of celebrities (I live in the Los Angeles area). You name it.

I really think many of them lose touch with reality. I suppose it can happen to the best of us. When people fawn over you 24-7...and millions all over the world send you fan mail telling you how great you are, you begin to believe your own hype. You get used to special treatment to the point of expecting, then demanding it. Isn't it funny how celebrities who can afford just about anything, often get free gifts worth thousands of dollars?

frogs said...

I agree Mark........if Opera wanted to arrive after closing ours so she could shop in peace then she should have made arrangements with the store manager.....this is typical of the rich and famous mentality.

frogs said...

U are a special man..........I do love u Mark

JohnBallgame said...

Check out my take on "The Store Was Closed" on my blog site. I found it to be a biting take on the Oprah drama.