Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Mouth that roared

Listening to an interview with 2 of the soldiers that were assigned to guard Saddam Hussein, something that he reportedly said struck a chord. (I waited too long to post this. Now I can't find the interview.) But the gist of it is: He told his guards that he is still president of Iraq and even invited them to come visit him when he is back in power. Now, some may see this is arrogance, some may see it as delusional. I think he has an even more insane plan in mind.

Stay with me here. Do you remember a little known book by an author named Leonard Wibberly called, "The Mouse That Roared"? If you haven't, or, even if you have, let me offer a brief synopsis of the concept.

The Grand Duchy of Fenwick, a very small country in the western part of Europe, possibly nestled in between bigger countries such as Luxembourg and Litchenstein, was facing dire financial difficulties, indeed, they were facing bankruptcy. So they hatched an ingenious plan. Noting that the whenever the United States won a war, they would then start donating foreign aid to the defeated countries. The Fenwickians reasoned that if they declared war with the US and lost, then the U S would bail them out of their financial difficulty. But something went wrong with the plan. They won!

I won't get into the particulars of how that happened. I will just say that maybe Saddam had something similar in mind when he knowingly refused to allow the U N inspectors into his country to search for WMD's that he claimed he didn't have. After all, he had been warned that failure to comply with the U N resolutions was tantamount to an overt act of war. Knowing this, he thumbed his nose at America and the U. N. Anyway.

Possibly, Saddam and his son's extravagant lifestyle was depleting the countries coffers to the point that they were beginning to be alarmed. Yes, I know that millions were discovered all over the country after we went in. But to someone as wealthy as Saddam, ONLY millions may appear close to the bottom of the barrel. Maybe, just maybe, he was hoping for a typical American bail out.

OK, it was just a thought. Someone offered a comment that all the conservatives seemed to find one or two news reports, link to them, and then say basically the same things that everyone else is saying about them. I was just offering a different take. I hope this satisfies you.


Poison Pero said...

On a side note: How did Sodom have all that cash and never have eaten Cheetos and Doritos?

The troops talking about how he devoured them and wouldn't eat anything else cracks me up.

Another reason for me to continue the PepsiCo boycott (Frito-Lay is a subsidiary).........For those who've forgotten

Screw Pepsi!!

Mark said...

ha ha ha, Pero, gotta admire your passion!

Erudite Redneck said...

Hey, PP.

Are you saying that she was saying that the US is giving the world the finger? Cause that ain't what I'm saying she was saying. I'm saying she was saying that that's how most of the world feels.

And, I think most of the world probably DOES see us that way.

So, boycott Pepsi for having a president that speaks the truth as she sees it?

The truth that, 1., the US is misunderstood by most of the rest of the world and so most of the rest of the world resents us, and, 2., US arrogance, on occasion, warrants such opprobrium?

Kill the messenger? No.

But thanks for giving me more reasons to eat Fritos and drink Pepsi. Pretty ballsy speech and a rare example of power speaking truth.

You so missed the point it ain't even funny.

Poison Pero said...

Seems to we BOTH understood her perfectly well, Press.

I bet you have chosen to understand Sen. DICK Durbin as a truth-teller as well.

Keep on eating, Press........Keep on eating.

Mark said...

ER? what about my post? what do you think?

Daffy76 said...

Back to the original post-
I have also wondered if Saddam is pulling some kind of trick. It seems so odd that he would not allow the weapons inspectors in, but then we find no weapons. Why not allow them in if they were hidden so well? (And I do believe them to be hidden, not nonexistent).

Also, the war has been to our favor so securely, it's almost like there's more fighting going on at home about whether or not we should actually be engaged. Seems a little fishy. I sincerely thought we would get more of a fight.

Great post. God bless the troops!

Erudite Redneck said...

I think you might be onto something, Mark. I don't think Saddam thought the US would actually kick his ass this time.

Hey, tell PP I ain't all that bad. I just do not suffer fools gladly. And, well, anybody who thinks this country is totally without sin is a fool. And, bein' a messenger, I tend to react negatively when someone wants to flame someone for pointing out a harsh truth.

Oh, and PP obviously blogs before he thinks, or reads. See my take on Durbin.

Sorry, but passion, if misplaced, is just gas, and not something I gotta admire.

Truth is, I prefer RC Cola, and I ain't kidding.

Mark said...

Some anchorman, I don't remember who, interviewed Saddam a few years after the gulf war and he said Saddam was convinced that, because he wasn't killed, he actually won the Gulf war. Obviously there is much about the muslim culture and beliefs we as laymen don't understand.