Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dick Durbin gets stupid

I found this on Laura Ingraham's web site today. When I heard on her radio program that Durbin compared Gitmo to Pol Pot's regime I was not sure I heard it right. What kind of un-American jerk is this guy? In my opinion, it is treasonous for elected representatives of our government to spread anti-Americanism hate speech throughout the world. He needs to apologize to America for this one.

DURBIN COMPARES U.S. INTERROGATIONS TO POL POT AND NAZIS! Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), speaking on the Senate floor, described our interrogation practices at Gitmo (keeping the 20th hijacker cold or hot, or playing of loud rap music) as akin to something that "happened by [sic] the Nazis, Soviets in their Gulags, or some madman regime like Pol Pot." Not only is this absurd and hideously inaccurate, but Durbin's comments makes our military's job more difficult, and encourages anti-Americanism around the world. Thanks, Dick.

In other news, President Bush blasted the Democrat party at a kick off dinner for the 2006 republican campaign yesterday, saying that they are a party of obstructionist and adding that "that is not leadership". This is a departure from the President's usual attitude of respectfulness that has characterized him in the past. And I say it's about time he took the gloves off. Democrats need to learn that they are not serving the best interests of the American people by constantly belittling and tearing down the progress that President Bush has accomplished in his tenure as president. The things that Democrats and Liberals say about Bush is just evidence of the misplaced hate that they have for him and the Republicans. I still don't understand why they hate him so much, but in my opinion, if they spent 1/10 the energy hating the actual enemies of our country that they expend hating the President, we might be able to bring this war to an end, and consequently, our men home to their families.


Garza said...

They hate Bush for several reasons.

1. He is open and honest, something they know nothing of
2. He says what he thinks, doesn't spew sound bites or pre-rehearsed slogans
3. They are jealous because they do not have his character and ethics

tugboatcapn said...

I think it's about time that President Bush abandoned the ridiculous "new tone" business. We are never going to get the democrats to like us, they are never going to cooperate with republicans,so we may as well give up and tell them to SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN.
In case everyone missed it, republicans WON the last round of elections. We have the majority, and the mandate to now impose our policies, the same way that democrats did when they had the majority.Welcome to America.
The left has called President Bush everything from a dolt and a dunce, to a war-mongering eee-vill genius. I think it's high time he began to call them a bunch of whiney obstructionist losers.

Erudite Redneck said...

Bush reminds me of U.S. Grant. Good man. Surrounded by self-serving imbeciles and garden-variety badness. They're not really evil. Just bad.

tugboatcapn said...

By the way, Mark, I have linked to you from my blog as well. You are a real fart smeller...uh, smart feller. You stole my topic for tonite,so I had to write about something else. You said it all.
Good job,dude!!

Daffy76 said...

Democrats need to learn that every American should have a certain amount of respect for the president no matter WHO he is or what party he belongs to. He is the elected leader of our country and therefore our representative to the world. Even if you don't like him, you shouldn't run him down, because in effect you run down our nation.

It was hard for me to have respect for President Clinton. But Bush is easy to look up to, he has integrity. He's one of the only poiticians left who does.

He just needs to get the courage to use it.

Poison Pero said...

Sen. Dick Durbin is doing what he does best --. Being a Dick!

For those of you who missed it go to the link below to listen to the senator refer to our troops as Nazi, Gulag running, Pol Pot resembling thugs.

And then take yourself to my blog and see what other craziness the Donkeys have going on.

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