Friday, June 10, 2005

Illegal aliens

U.S Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez was on Laura Ingraham's radio program today, and he was asked about what the Bush administration was planning to do about the illegal immigration problem. When he mentioned the worker's permit program, I had to say, "what the....?" Excuse me? How in the world does giving legal immigrants a temporary work permit stop thousands of non U.S. citizens from sneaking over our border? I like President Bush and, overall, I think he's doing an admirable job, but his administration has really dropped the ball on this one. Certainly there are thousands of Mexicans, South Americans, and even Muslims that want to enter our country to make a better life for themselves, and certainly, I think we can do a better job of cutting through the red tape to expedite the process of legally entering our country. I don't begrudge a person who wants to come here and fulfill his dream, as long as his dream isn't the annihilation of the United States. The problem is we don't currently have anything in place to prevent terrorists from entering our country through the sieve that is the Mexico/America border or the Canadaian border. The administration has done a fine job in the homeland security department so far, except for the immigration problem. What's so complicated here? Put more Border patrol along the border. Build a fence, or a wall. And if they are coming in by air, Don't be afraid to profile to protect us. If a visitor to our country looks like a middle eastern national, check him out! Yes, I know that's not politically correct, and some people would be upset to be delayed simply because they "look" suspicious, but we are talking about the safety of our innocent citizens here. And if the legitimate visitors to our country can't understand the reasons for being extra careful, they will just have to deal with it. Just like us American citizens that don't look a thing like a terrorist have to do. I dealt with this subject back on my very first blog post ever, back in April, and then I offered the suggestion (tongue firmly planted in cheek)that once we identify and capture anyone that has entered the country illegally, we should make them slaves. I bet that would discourage any further illegal intrusion onto our soil. And besides, I can use the free help.


kafkaesq said...

Yes, more border patrol agents would help. You wouldn't mind cutting back some of Bush's tax cuts to pay for it would ya?

I mean, we are in a War on Terror, right? Isn't national security the GOP's specialty? Isn't securing the border a top priority in said security? Shouldn't we be making sacrifices?

I mean, if I were in charge and I really thought terrorists were plotting to do a 9/11-type attack again, I'd make border security the #1 priority...but that's just me.

Does anyone else get the feeling that the guys in charge aren't really taking this "war" very seriously?

Etchen said...

I cross the Canadian border once a month and continually get searched and detained on my way back into the states (I'm not sure why as i am under 30, female, and caucasion, but I'm a college student-so that might be the problem as they think I could be bringing back unclaimed goods or smuggling in firewood), but I do nonetheless. I would rather have this happend every time I go and have the American government be overly cautious than to have them be under that everyone is fine, innocent and only wants the best for America. This is a pain in the butt delay, but quite honestly I feel better about my safety every time it happens and frankly I welcome the profiling.

Parker Gerkin said...

One of my best friends from college is a Canadian that was over here on a student visa. When he graduated and that visa ran out his plan was simple; don't go back to Canada! That's right! He was supposed to go back but didn't. His family finally told him to get his ass up there for some reunion. When he tried to cross back into the United States he had a lot of fun with the border patrol who detained him for 8 hours because he has darker skin and an expired student visa. The border patrol's answer to the situation?

"Come back to the border in a week with proof of your job and we'll let you stay."

More fun immigration and border facts:

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Balloon Pirate said...

I think they should detain you as well, look and sound suspiciously like Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh....

Increase border patrol? Building a barrier across the borders?

Where the hell are we going to get the money to do all these things?

Especially when Bush is too busy offering tax cuts to the rich and corporations.


Mark said...

All of you are right, of course. There has to be some workable solution. Etchen, you are being searched because you don't look like a terrorist. the sad truth is, if you looked like a middle eastern male, you wouldn't get searched, (and most likely be given free gifts) because of the fear that they would be accused of profiling. this is another case of what i call government overkill. We are so afraid of being accused of being intolerant that we go overboard in the other direction, and this fear will ultimately lead to more terrorist attacks on our citizenry. this is a problem not just in border security but in all facets of our lives in America, and the reason why criminals are getting away with so much. Pirate, I don't know what I said in this post that would make you want to attack me personally, but i have found, that whenever a liberal has no defense against conservative charges, they usually resort to personal attacks.

Mark said...

Actually, I am surprised that no one had a comment about my suggestion to make illegal aliens slaves. It is a preposturous suggestion, of course, but can you imagine how fast border crossings would decrease?

tugboatcapn said...

I(being from the south)believe that they should make it legal to HUNT illegal aliens.That would solve your whole problem right there.Imagine going over to Billy-Joe-Bob's house and seeing four or five mexican heads on the wall.You can believe that that would slow the illegal border crossings down in a hurry.
Though making them slaves has potential as well.The reason we tolerate the illegals in the first place is because of cheap labor,right?How can you get cheaper than free?
I like it.
The sad truth is that Queen Hillary has attatched herself to this issue now.That's a fast track to the White House if I ever saw one.Lets just hope that enough people wake up before 2008 as to what she really is and who she reaaly stands for...