Monday, June 13, 2005

Inhuman torture

Oh my God! We must close Guantanamo Bay down right now! It has been reported there has been inhumane treatment of detainees, even to the point of playing Christina Aquilera music to the prisoners! I don't know about you, but that would certainly be torture to me!
I don't care who you are, that's funny.
Seriously,I am just sick to my stomach at the way the media and some politicians are sucking up to the terrorists and terrorist sympathizers. Does anyone care about what they are doing to our people? And who says the way we are treating the detainees is inhumane or torture? Oh, that's right. TIME MAGAZINE DOES! And so does Newsweek, and The New York Times, and the Washington Post..etc.. My God, don't these organizations understand what kind of enemy we are fighting? Do they think our prisoners would be treated better by them? Some examples of what horrible things we are doing to the detainees in Gitmo: Dripping water on their heads to wake them up. They wake him every morning at 4 and sometimes question him until midnight.They promise better treatment; they show him pictures of 9/11 victims, particularly children and the elderly. They talk about God's will and his guilt. They tell him that he failed on his mission and hint that other comrades have been captured and are talking about his role in the plot. They play on his emotions, saying he should talk if he ever wants to see his family or friends or homeland again. They make him sit in a metal chair immobile. And oh, yes, they play Christina Aquilera music to keep him awake.
All these things we do to detainees in Gitmo.I have to admit, I don't feel sorry for him, for what the media does NOT report is that we also feed them muslim approved meals, give him his own copy of his holy book, the Q'uran, allow him to pray to Allah whenever he wants. Even point him in the direction of Mecca. We don't beat them, or starve them, or attach electric wires to his testicles, or shove bamboo shoots under his fingernails, or insert a glass tube up his penis and then break it. In other words, we don't do any of those things that they do to us. And WE DON"T CUT THEIR HEADS OFF! One more thing...Those detainees are hostile combatants, not journalists or contractors sent here to help us, or teachers, or diplomats,or tourists. I have a suggestion for what my father used to call "those bleeding heart sob sisters" in the media and the congress and elsewhere...Why don't you go ask some of the terrorists victims if we are being too hard on the detainees? Daniel Pearl, for instance. (one of your own, I might add) Oh, that's right. You can ask him but he won't answer. He was beheaded by those same people you feel so sorry for. I'm closing out now. I feel sick.


Erudite Redneck said...

I get tired of pointing out that attacking "the media" is about like attacking "business" or "labor" or "the church." In other words, it's meaningless. Say whatcha mean, dude. Which is probably "cable 'news' shows, the NYT, the Washington Post, the LA Times and Time and Newsweek." I guaran-damn-tee ya, most of the daily newspapers in this country outside the coasts, in small and mid-sized towns, ain't lefties.

All that said, I agree with you on Gitmo and am confounded as to why the administration is going wimpish. Oh wait. I think I know! For all the caterwauling "the media" and the right wing did about Clinton's supposed worrying over his "legacy," THIS preident, now that he's a lame duck, is starting to worry about HIS, and apparently is softening previous hard-edged policy to make him look more "compassionate" in the history books. What a crock.

Grrrr. If they are our enemies, SCREW THEM. And if the touchy-feelies keep on 'em about how to treat prisoners, well, there are ways to avoid taking prisoners in the first place, and they should be used.

I am not a heartless bastard. War, however, fought properly, must be fought audaciously and without apology.

corndog said...

My concerns about how we treat these detainees are:

1) without judicial review, how do we know all of these detainees are terrorists? Due process is what prevents us from making terrible mistakes. I believe that no one, not even an American soldier, should be accuser, judge and jury at the same time.

2) How can we ask for, or demand, humane treatment of our own military personnel when they are captured if we do not ourselves treat our prisoners humanely? We can only be the good guys if we act the part, even to our enemies. We have to be better than them.

Erudite Redneck said...

Well, except for some notable exceptions, they appear to be treated as well as can be expected.

"Judicial review" in war time? For men taken on a field of battle? These guys were captured in the early-early days, weren't they? Before any semblance ce of civilian order was in place?

Either these guys were taken as prisoners of war on a field of battle, or taken into custody accused of crimes. Mixing up the two concepts is the problem.

Granted, we should be "better" than our enemies. I decalre that we ARE. It bears repeating: Put a bunch of our guys in a prison run by the Taliban, or the enemy in Iraq, and see if they're aren't treated much worse. Pbth. People are STILL winding up in common graves over there.

Mark said...

Some other things that I didn't bring up that I will bring up now.... Most of these detainees are not soldiers (in the Geneva convention's definition). They do not wear the uniform of any one country nor are they fighting a declared war for any particular country. For this reason, they are not legally entitled to be treated according to the Geneva convention's resolutions. But we do, and because we are a nation that believes in human rights and in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we try to act according to the golden rule. I don't know if the Q'uran advocates the golden rule, but if it does, obviously there are some muslims who don't believe in it.These animals don't have the same respect for life that we do. I believe it's time the United States start treating the prisoners in the manner in which they would expect to be treated if they were detained by their own countries, at least until the terrorists get the message that we aren't going to be the world's doormat anymore.

Mark said...

And yes, that is tough talk, but as i said, I am sick of coddling these animals, and i'm sick of the bleeding hearts that believe these ridiculous allegations of abuse.

Mark said...

Dammit. Now I can't get off my soapbox. Why don't people understand that the United States are not the ones in the wrong in this situation?

Mark said...

I forgot to add something else. An Al-quaida training manual was found recently that outlined how they should behave in the event they are captured and interrogated. Among other things the manual teaches is to accuse the captors of abuses, even if it is not true.

pecheur said...

First before I post, I would like to make an observation of ER's use of the word "guaran-damn-tee". It is a perfect of example of an infix, a type of affix occuring within the base. Yes, I am linguistic nerd.

On to Gitmo. What a horrible place!! Situated on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Cuba. Three meals a day. An unflushed and unsoiled Koran. Man life was sure better back home for these guys.

Close 'er down, boyz, and let them regroup, they'll enjoy it better than being tortured at Gitmo.Better yet send them to Mexico so they can come here illegally, uhh legally, uhh able to cross border better, uhh something.

FrenziedFeline said...

Yeppers, Mark. I agree with ya'. I, too, am sick of the double standard.

Francis Lynn said...

Thanks for visiting my site. Good post by you. Don't it just wanna make ya scream? The news media is micro-criticizing the US for not being the epitome of perfection. They long ago lost sight of what is right & wrong & now play the moral-equivalency game. We hate them Precious.

tugboatcapn said...

The other big mistake that people are making when it comes to the detainees at git'mo is assuming that they are entitled to a fair trial. They are not U.S. citizens. They don't pay taxes, and they do not hold any allegience to our constitution, nor are they on American soil.To reinforce your point, Mark, they were taken in battle, out of uniform, in hostile action on behalf of factions who do not subscribe to the Geneva Convention.
We have every right to do what ever we want to them. Our own moral compass is the only thing that prevents us from sawing them up into chunks.
They should be grateful for the treatment they have had.