Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Taking Off The Gloves

"Women should be obscene and not heard." ~ Groucho Marx

Since my last post, I am still fuming over the treatment of Sarah Palin by so-called journalists and their mindless Liberal drones.

And, it's not just Sarah Palin. It's anyone who espouses Conservative values.

These reporters follow Palin around like vultures, hoping their victim will accidentally drop a tiny tibit of meat they can jump on and devour.

The recent video taken of Sarah Palin on her bus tour is only the latest example of the feeding frenzy that dogs her every move. And frankly, every highly visible Conservative has the same problem. She stumbled over her words (something all of us have done from time to time, by the way) while talking about the role Paul Revere served in the days before the outbreak of the War of Independence. Within minutes after her unfortunate choice of words were uttered, the video went viral and every Liberal in America was labeling her stupid, incompetent, and uneducated.

But, she was not wrong. What she said was historically accurate. It just didn't come out the way she intended (this happens sometimes, particularly when she isn't reading the words verbatim off a teleprompter). But the reporters didn't care. It sounded wrong to them, and that was enough.

The hounds were loosed.

This is the same playbook that is always used by Liberals:

Attack the messenger and don't address the message.

I don't know when it started, but this is the treatment all high profile Conservatives have received for as long as I can remember. I can remember how Richard Nixon was attacked. During the famous debates between he and JFK, the press never talked about the merits of his argument. They were too focused on his physical appearance. As if physical appearance has anything to do with ability.

If physical appearance is synonymous with stupidity, then Helen Thomas must be the stupidest person on earth.

Since then, every Republican President and Presidential candidate has been ridiculed by the left. All of them have been described as stupid, ignorant, moronic, etc. They called Gerald Ford, an all star college athlete, stupid and clumsy. Ronald Reagan was forgetful, senile, too old, and yes, stupid. George H. W. Bush was stupid and a liar. We are all too familiar with the insults leveled at George W Bush; Stupid, a war criminal, a chimpanzee.

Through it all, Republicans and Conservatives have borne it all with grace and aplomb. We haven't sunk to their level. We have been far too noble. For the most part, we have steadfastly defended our leaders without resorting to ad hominen, vitriolic, hateful, personal attacks.

Basically, the same tactics the left have always used against us.

Well, I've had it with them.

From now on, I'm going on the offensive. I can play this game, too. I'm fighting fire with fire. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

And, I'm starting with this following clip:

My God, Barbara Walters is an idiot! Listen to her stumble over her words (kind of like Sarah Plain did)and accidentally say, "If Sarah Palin can still ride around in her bus and be considered to the possible president, this man can override this, stay in Congress, and just hope there's another scandal..."

What? Hope there's another scandal? You think that will solve ol' Weiner boy's problems, you dumb broad? Boy, what a moron this BaBa WaWa is! What a waste of oxygen! She needs to just shut up, and let people think she's stupid instead of opening her mouth and removing all doubt!

Oh, and By the way, Anthony Wiener is a pervert.

But that's not a personal attack. It's a fact.


Jim said...

It's the media's fault, of course. They follow her trying to trip he up with such "gotcha" questions as, "What did you see today?"

"What she said was historically accurate."

No, she wasn't. The only historically accurate part of her statement was when she referred to Revere as "he".

You can change wikipedia but you can't change history. Revere's mission, intent, and effect was not to warn the British but to alert the patriots of the approach of the British by boat."

"These reporters follow Palin around like vultures". You mean they are bugging Palin by following the "vacation" bus with the Constitution and her signature on the side. This is supposed to be some disguised vehicle so she can have a private vacation?

And I remember how nice the conservatives were toward Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama. NOT.

Mark said...

"And I remember how nice the conservatives were toward Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama. NOT."

Oh, we've been unbelievably nice past all understanding up to now.

We haven't personally attacked any of the left's heroes. YET. We've questioned their intent and their logic. We've suggested they are not using their heads. We've considered the possibility that they are mentally unstable. All this because we don't understand how anyone in their right minds could do or say the kinds of things they do and say.

But no more.

I am sick and tired of allowing leftists like you launch these over the top, uncalled for, ad hominen, hateful, vitriolic, personal attacks on anybody that simply questions your ideological stance.

For every personal attack I witness, be it on video, audio, or personally, I will launch a few bombs of my own. Be prepared to have your ass handed to you.

And, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Craig said...


Trader Rick said...

Mark, the mindless and mean-spirited anonymous troll 'jim' just says NO to everything you say; you don't have to answer his silly rants.

As for Palins gaffs, I'd rather have a person whose heart is in the right place (Loves America and Free Enterprise) but mangles a few words once in awhile, as President than a lying bastard who hates America and is trying to transform us into a godless communist welfare state.

Yes, I'm talking about Hussein O"Bama, 'jim', you ignorant slut.

We're old and eight years of O'Bama will just make our retirment dismal, but our sons may recover and have decent lives, I hope.

Always On Watch said...

Barbara Walter's has gone over the edge! Her sarcastic comment comparing Sarah Palin and Anthony Weiner (Sarah's patriotism vs. Weiner's perversion!) just goes to show that WaWa is deluded.