Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moron Liberal Stupididty

"Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid." ~ Heinrich Heine

(ol' Heinrich must know Chris Matthews personally)

Apparently, according to Chris "Obama sends a chill up my leg" Matthews, if you are outraged by Democrat Representative Anthony Wiener sending pictures of his namesake to young women through Twitter, you are "culturally backwards":

Obviously, Matthews is another one of the elite Liberal intelligentsia, who know better than us poor dumb Americans what's proper behavior.

This guy is shameless. So is Wiener. So is just about every Liberal.

Now, let's all sit back and enjoy as Jim and other psychotic Liberals try to defend this idiot.


Jim said...

"according to...Matthews, if you are outraged by...Anthony Wiener sending pictures of his namesake to young women through Twitter, you are 'culturally backwards'"

I think you posted the wrong video because Tweety doesn't say that. And he absolutely has not defended Weiner or his behavior. The point he is making in this clip is WHY Weiner should resign.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

So we are "culturally backward" if we think what Weiner did was immoral? Go figure. If you think homosexuality is wrong, you're culturally backward. If you think porn is wrong, you're culturally backward. In fact, if you think any sexual activity outside of the marriage of one woman and one man is immoral, then you are culturally backward.

I'll tell you what, I'd rather be culturally backward than morally bankrupt as they are.

Jim said...

HEY GLENN! Sorry, had to shout because you are apparently not following along. That is NOT what Matthews was saying. He DID NOT say that those who think Weiner's actions were immoral are culturally backwards.

Although "culturally backwards" was a poor choice of words, he's saying that Weiner is hurting the chances of Democrats getting back the majority in the House because the Christian Conservatives "don't like that sort of stuff" and they are not like the 56% of people in Brooklyn who "can live with this guy". Just because they can "live with this guy" does not mean the don't find his actions immoral.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

HEY JIM - the reason conservatives don't approve is because it was immoral - what other reason would there be?

Jim said...

None. None at all. I'm sure conservatives don't approve because they consider it immoral. I don't know ANYBODY who would argue with you about that. Nobody has.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

So? He calls disapproval "culturally backward."

Jim said...

No. He did not. And the reason I know he did not is that I watch him every day and HE disapproves, and he doesn't understand why anybody WOULDN'T disapproved. He's surprised that Weiner's constituents don't want him to resign.

Matthews said, "call it culturally backward if you will". Bad choice of words in describing some religious conservatives. But he did NOT say that only those who are culturally backwards disapprove of Weiner. It wouldn't make sense since he and pretty much everyone on his show have expressed disapproval of Weiner.

Here's a logic exercise for you: He said that if you are culturally backward, you probably disapprove. That is different from saying if you disapprove, you are culturally backward.

Hope you are not totally lost now.

Lone Ranger said...

Matthews said "culturally -- you can say -- backward, if you want. Let's recast that sentence. "You can say they are culturally backward if you want. Means the same thing. Democrats have always had a problem discerning right from wrong. They saw nothing wrong with slavery. They saw nothing wrong with segregation. They see nothing wrong with abortion. There is a bit of antisocial personality disorder that runs through every liberal.

This proves Immutable Truths About Liberals #20.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

The fact that he called people "culturally backward" had one implication. You just don't want to admit it.

Trader Rick said...

He's lumping Christians, conservatives and culturally backwards people all together as like-minded groups who disapprove of Weiner's actions.
I lump HIM with Liberals, atheists and idiots.

Jim said...

Well, since none of you saw the entire segment when broadcast and I did, I dare say I know what he said and what the context was.

You think you heard one thing only. Christian Conservatives are culturally backwards.

What you don't get because you didn't watch it is that he was making the case that Democrats should insist that Weiner resign because regaining the House majority would be in jeopardy. This is because even if New York City cultural "sophisticates" could accept Weiner, much of the rest of the country couldn't and may react negatively to Democrats in general because of Weiner.

In other words he was talking about "culturally backwards" vs. "culturally" can call them "elites". You love to throw that word around.

Joe said...

Jim: One thing IS clear: You and Matthews were poured from the same mold.

You must be proud.

Jim said...

"One thing IS clear"

Really? How would you have any knowledge to make such a statement?