Monday, June 13, 2011

Palin Is Vindicated

"Though the vicious can sometimes pour affliction upon the good, their power is transient and their punishment certain; and that innocence, though oppressed by injustice, shall, supported by patience, finally triumph over misfortune!" ~ Ann Radcliffe

So, the Liberal Media hounds have pored through countless pages of Sarah Palin's e-mail documents ravenously looking for anything they could use to damage her reputation. Over 24,000 of them.

And what did they find?

The e-mails show that Sarah Palin is of stalwart character, a conscientious and effective Governor who actually did place the interests of her constituency and her state over her self interests. They showed a working mom who successfully balanced her time between her high pressure and highly scrutinized job with her personal time with her family.

A quote from this story: "Whether you like her or not is up to you, but the one big surprise coming out of an examination of 24,000 email messages is that there really is no surprise, no shocking inside story.

What you see with Palin is generally what you get."

What didn't they find?

No corruption. No dirt. No malfeasance. Not a smirch. Not one blot on her record out of 24,000 pages.

And, keep in mind this is only what the left wing Liberal media reported they found. What they said they found are simply snippets of the volumes of records they studiously and voraciously examined with a fine tooth comb. How many more records do you suppose they found that showed her to be even more intelligent and capable than anyone once thought?

Believe me, if there were any evidence at all of anything negative, you can be sure they would have gleefully announced it to the world, and by now, every single man woman and child in the world would know every detail.

In seeking to embarrass Palin, they have only managed to embarrass themselves. If it weren't so pathetic (and predictable)The Left wing Liberal State-run Media has egg on their faces, but I'll bet they won't apologize or even admit they are wrong about her. A perfect example of Liberal truth number 8:

Liberals cannot be embarrassed. They lack the gene to blush.

It surely must be a dark day in Liberal land today.


Lone Ranger said...

They have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a fool's errand. Lacking a scintilla of integrity, they believe that everyone else has their dark side too. Here is something they found that no doubt has the baby-killing, anti-Christian bigots spitting blood.

Jim said...

All the liberal blogs I read found that letter quite interesting, showing another side of Palin. I didn't read one negative word about it.

Sorry to disappoint you.

"Not a smirch." Well, she did tell her staff to go to online and telephone polls and boost them in her favor. And she did write/edit an op-ed supposedly written by someone else praising Palin.

Not earth shattering but not totally sweetness and light.

Trader Rick said...


Lone Ranger said...

Compared to the corrupt press and the shameless left, who have been trying to destroy her, she is not only sweetness and light, she is an angel from Heaven.

There cannot be a clearer distinction between conservatives and liberals.

Trader Rick said...


ELAshley said...

There are a very few negative comments at the LA Times...

Here's one... "A touching email? It crosses the line of sanity. And to speak in the voice of God is profane."

Another... "Why is she writing in the voice of god? Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Just like everything Palin says, this is a lie. There were at least two maybe three babies used as interchangeable props. See Immoral Minority blog for full details. Also, great info at Palins Deceptions Blog. It's all there for you to scoop this story."

And another... "OK....I've had enough. Whilst you are all crying and donating and praying, Palin's daughter recently had plastic surgery on her chin! Palin has just bought a house in AZ for nearly two million and she can't even remember American history. For the love of God...wake up."

Perhaps that last commentor should "wake up" or at least read some history herself, because Sarah Palin was right about Paul Revere Source, source, source.

We have become, for the most part, a nation of ignorants. We have come to accept revisions over fact; believing Hollywood's and the uninformed's version of history. People who read and study for themselves the truth of history will always be branded idiots by those who rarely crack open a book, let alone a history book.

Joe said...

Jim: You just continue and continue to make our case for us.

Thank you SO much!

You Soup sex for you!

Always On Watch said...

The liberal press came out looking like vindictive idiots on this one.

I wasn't a fan of Sarah Palin, but I am now. I bet that a lot of people feel the way that I do.

Trader Rick said...

Sarah is, to quote the anonymous troll 'jim' "totally sweetness and light."

daniel noe said...

What kind of person actually goes through someone else's emails - and admits it?

Anonymous said...

Too bad the press didn't go through the healthcare law as meticulously as they did Palin's emails.

Anonymous said...

Just curious ... do you really not know what Walt Kelly was talking about when Pogo said "We have seen the enemy and he is us"? Talk about how stupid can a right-winger get, ye gods.

Mark said...

Yes, Mr. or Ms. Too-cowardly-to leave-a-name. I have read the comic strip in it's entirety. He was talking about pollution.

So what? It's still a great line, and particularly appropriate when discussing what so-called "patriotic" Liberals are doing to my country.

Perhaps you're new to this forum, so I'll give you a little insight. I often use Liberal's quotes in my posts if I can't find others that fit. If the sentiment applies, what difference does it make who said it?