Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Willie and Joe in Iraq

"The pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and to humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer". --Theodore Roosevelt

Willie: Watcha readin' there, Joe?

Joe: The New York Times

Willie: Why you look so glum?

Joe: The New York Times says we're fightin' this war because of a lie. It says Bush lied to get us sent over here, because he wants Iraq's oil.

Willie: Awwww, don't believe that, Joe, they aint over here. They don't know what good things we done here.

Joe: I don't know, Willie, they make some good points. Listen to this:

Harry Reid says, "...the Bush White House manufactured and manipulated intelligence in order to bolster its case for the war in Iraq and to discredit anyone who dared to challenge the president".

Willie: Naw, Bush wouldn't do that. He's the President!

Joe: (reading) "All of these things simply were not true," Mr. Reid said. "The administration knew that, but they did not share that with me or anyone else in Congress that I know of."

Willie: What are they sayin'? There aint no reason to fight? Saddam wasn't a threat? That's crazy! Look at all the mass graves we found!

Joe: Yeah, Willie, but the New York Times says there wouldn't be any terrorists in Iraq if we hadn't invaded.

Willie: There were terrorists here before we got here. We seen what they did. The people here told us all about the prisons and the executions and the torture. We seen proof!

Joe: But the Times says they came here to make us leave, that there wouldn't be attacks if we weren't here.

Willie: Well, Joe, If that's true we're fighting' for nothin'...Do you really think the President would do that to us? Send us here to die for lies? C'mon Joe, that don't make no sense!

Joe: That's what the newspaper says, Willie, and they're the most important newspaper in the world. It says that right here. See?

Willie: Well, I guess if the New York Times says so, it must be true. They wouldn't say it if it wasn't, would they?

Joe: Well, I say the hell with helping these people build a democracy. They don't want us here, anyway. The New York Times says so.

Willie: But they don't act like they don't want us here. Why do they cheer us and help us and smile at us everywhere we go if they don't want us here? Look at em! Don't it look like they want us here?

Joe: Who you gonna believe, Willie? The New York Times? Or your lyin' eyes?

Willie: I guess you're right, Joe. The New York Times wouldn't say those things if they weren't true.

Joe: Where ya goin', Willie?

Willie, (picking up rifle and walking away with it): I aint fightin' this war for no damn lie. I'm goin' home. America aint worth dyin' for.

Joe: Wait up, Willie! I'm goin', too!


tugboatcapn said...

Now, Mark...

You know that they support the TROOPS...

They just don't support the MISSION.

Or the President.

Or the Country.

And they accuse Scooter Libby of treason...

Toad734 said...

If you want to call the Bath party terrorists for killing all the civilians I guess you could get away with it but then Pinochet and Stalin are now terrorists too. The terrorists being referred to are the ones who focus their militant actions on a political entity such as the United States and carry out gorilla operations in support of a cause. The Bath party wasn't even labeled a terrorist organization.

Toad734 said...


Why should I support the President when his administration hires people who commit treason?

They hate us for our freedom!

Your'e either with us or with the terrorists!

Good catch phrases but they really don't hold a lot of water.

jgaoehals14962 said...

Excellent piece. I love it. Very creative and it makes an excellent point.

What amazes me is that the liberals continue to say how Bush lied, and then go right into lying, even though Bush didn't. It reminds of the truth that RL once pointed out: whatever the Libs accuse you of, is the very sin that they are in the process of committing themselves (that's a paraphrase.)

BRUISER said...

Crackhead Tim: What amazes me is that the liberals continue to say how Bush lied, and then go right into lying, even though Bush didn't.-----

"The terrorists are finding new ways to harm America and its citizens ... and so are we."- GW Bush....

So yeah I guess he didn't lie on that day...

Nice work as a Bush Pundit "pastor" such a crock to call yourself a christian and support the policies of greed and in/humanity.

Pamela Reece said...

Great post, Mark! Bruiser has clearly missed the point, then again...that's par for the course of a liberal, as they make so clear every time they open their mouths regarding the Global War on Terrorism.

TECH said...

I don't particularly care for the point this post makes -- being one of those lying, vicious liberals -- but it was very creative and smart. Good job. I'm looking forward to reading your NaNoWriMo novel. Have you thought about posting an excerpt here? That would be cool.

Mark said...

Bruiser says, "carry out gorilla operations"



The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Very creative, Mark.

Rosie said...

Mark, good post.
As for our friend Bruiser, he sure makes liberals look really bad...
I can't believe he stooped to calling a pastor names. Maybe it reflects more on his vicious, amoral, corrupt, and twisted character than on liberals. It's a heart issue, not political with him. He needs prayer. He needs the Savior.

BRUISER said...

"I can't believe he stooped to calling a pastor names. Maybe it reflects more on his vicious, amoral, corrupt, and twisted character than on liberals. It's a heart issue, not political with him. He needs prayer. He needs the Savior."--------Rosie

If Rosie saw the world and Bush's policies towards our foreign brethren...damn even here at home she might explode from spontaneous human combustion because to her, like most Republicans, ignorance is bliss. Until Ignorance such as Condoleeza's gets three thousand killed on 9/11 for ignoring warnings....and Ignorance such as thinking the real enemies of the world live in mud huts in Iraq and not the castles of Saudi Arabia....Ignorance like the rightwing thinking Osama Bin Laden should be forgotten because their dreadful leader never thinks about his old friend. Rosie this is politics and if Mr. Tim wants to jump in the ring he should know God is not partisan. Although any Republican considering themselves "men" of God while wanting to conquer by any means necessary is just blasphemy.

Erudite Redneck said...

I agree with Bruiser. Here. Each comment.

Bruiser can be a total ass at times. But here, he speaks the truth.

Pastor Tim degrades his traditionally honorable title of "pastor" with drivel like he posted here today.

That's the way I see it.

"What's the frequency, Kenneth?"


Jesus is a liberal.


Oh, Mark, I swear to God, I'm not trying to be mean. But the dialogue you created in this post would have been considered creative and to the point in 1944, or maybe even in 1969. But not now.

And now, I will try to return to the if-you-can't-say-something-nice-don't-say-anything-at-all philosophy that hs kept me so generally quiet around here lately.

Mark said...

Why do you say that, ER? Do you disagree that the New York Times demoralizes the troops in Iraq, by their Liberally biased reporting and editorializing?

Do you think the terrorists are not emboldened when they see our President being accused of lying to his people?

I think it's entirely to the point.

And Bruiser wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit him in the ass. All he does is repeat Liberal talking points. He probably doesn't even understand what they mean. I mean, look at what he writes. Gorillas? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Jesus still loves you, bruiser!

Erudite Redneck said...

I don't believe I would be making fun of anyone's spelling if I were you.

I think you overrate the influence of the NYT on a generation that gets its news from other sources.

And I will fight anyone who says that to question the president is to aid and abet our enemies.

I was lied to. Who the hell should I want to see strung up? If the buck stops with the president, it's him, isn't it? There's a NEST of neocons liars in the White House. Who is their boss?

Thank God th Senate grew some balls yesterday.

Mark said...

"I was lied to. Who the hell should I want to see strung up? If the buck stops with the president, it's him, isn't it?

If indeed you were lied to, yes. But so far there is no proof anyone lied about anything. Even your own heroes are on record as saying the WMD did exist, and besides, WMD weren't the only reason we went to war in Iraq. Remember the 16 UN resolutions that Saddam refused to comply with?

And the spelling is not what I am making fun of. It is the choice of words. The word, "Gorilla" is spelled right.

jgaoehals14962 said...

Am I right? You are questioning my right to make political statements because I am a pastor? Is that what is bothering you? If that it is, then I must heartedly disagree. Pastors have to speak to both sides of the aisle, and have the right and responsbility to do so.

Yes, I am a republican, because the Reps seem to hold the moral high ground on certain issues. Doesn't mean they are perfect. Doesn't mean they are God's party. But there are so many issues that they hold to, that the Dems seem to want to tear down and I cannot align myself with them. I have a right to be a republican as well, as a citizen and as a pastor. Just because I am a Christian pastor does not mean that I must remove myself from the debate.

As for the Dems, it seems this is a party of lies to me. Same for liberals in general. Just look at Mary Mapes, Dan Rather, Jason Blair, etc. The media in general lies... look at the Katrina lies... 10,000 dead? where are the bodies? Rapes? Murders? Children being eaten... press did nothing but lie that it was Bush's fault, when in reality it was the mayor and governor's fault. You may point out that FEMA was slow in responding and they were. They were not a quick response team. The immediate response has to come from the state.

Bush may have lied on one issue, but the libs/dems seem to lie at every turn. Speaking in generalities. I think it is moral issue. There moral compass is themselves, again in general. This is the party that has spurned sound biblical teaching and it has become quite easy for them to lie because they have no moral compass.

As for Bush lying. You keep saying that, and yet there was a commission that found he didn't lie, and the same Senators who are saying he did, had the same intel that he did, and said the same thing when it was politically expedient. On this one issue, you seem to really rant. I love you brother, but your bias against the man has tainted your view to make it hard to discuss. NOT that we don't all have tainted views, but when it comes to this issue, you seem to go off like Rosie O'Donnel, or whoever. It's like your button, or something along that lines.

I'm not sure why you hate Bush so much, and you do hate him ER. He has professed to be a believer in Christ. And if that is so, then he is your brother in Christ as well. Therefore your hatred is unjustified.
OK, that should be enough...

Toad734 said...
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Toad734 said...

GUERILLA! Sorry Mr. Grammar King. It’s nice to see that someone is perfect.


Is that supposed to be a joke? Moral high ground? So are only the people who don't want women to be ruled by men immoral? Lying, cheating, stealing, committing perjury, securities fraud, falsifying intelligence, insider trading, greed, ya those are all things that I think of when I hear the words moral high ground. Take a look in the mirror dude. Morality isn't just about whether or not you protest gay people’s funerals.


You know what demoralizes troops? Extending their stays, sending them into battle without the proper gear, starting useless wars for personal profit, making them watch as over 2000 of their comrade’s die and then cutting their benefits. That demoralizes the troops a lot more than saying they may be fighting a war from which only oil companies and Halliburton benefit.

Mark said...

Toad, except for the fact that the New York Times has made all of those same charges, too. In fact, That is probably where you get those talking points. In addition to spreading Liberal propoganda that Bush lied, they have also spread the lies that this is a useless war for profit.

You don't care if the troops are demoralized, in fact, you are absolutely gleeful that they are. You and your kind want the troops demoralized because you hate Bush so much that you want us to lose the war on Iraq.

BRUISER said...

Hey Mark just where did I in fact write the word guerilla? of or gorilla? or nutella ? ....

So a Bush supporter is speaking to me about grammer now...whats next blaming Clinton again for Bush's failed policies?

I don't mind the debate...But to tow the Rush Limbaugh line of " If your a Democrat your against America" is pretty f-en rediculous these days Mark.

Erudite Redneck said...

I tell ya what's old, is Mar -- and anyone else who uses it -- throwing out the "talking points" label every time someone comes up with a consice list of reasoned assertions that he happens to disagree with.

They're thinking points, dude, and you should do some more of that.

Pastor Tim: I am not, at all, saying that you, as a pastor, do not have the right to spout off on any ol' thing you like, just as we all do.

I am saying that you are wrong, and that your apparently blind adherence to the Republican Party is an insult to the Christ you profess to profess. Brother.

And it's damn hard for me to put my credence into Bush's Jesus talk when I see so little Jesus walk in the man. Yep. I'm judging him by his actions as president.


jgaoehals14962 said...

Find some scripture to support what you say. Is my support blind? Can you prove that? And on what basis do you say that my so called blind support insults Christ? How so? Give me Scriptural proof, not ER assumptions.

As for Bush, I do support him. I think he is the best option we have had in the last two elections (the thought of Gore and 9/11 is frightening...) I am loyal to him because he the president, but only to a certain extent. there are a lot of things about Bush that I don't like. I don't like the fact that he thinks the answer to the problem in Iraq is democracy. Democracy is not the answer to man's problem. It's a spiritual problem, not the type of government problem. After all, it's better to live under a benevolent dictator than under a corrupt democracy.

What I don't like is the way you have called him a liar, because of the evidence of WMD's, yet your party voted to send us to war as well. Are you calling them liars? Are you denouncing them as well? they had the same evidence that Bush had, but still you call the man a liar, and now say that they we're not sure of the evidence that they did have. Great, so they did what politicians do and voted the way they thought the wind was blowing. Now they are blaming the president? They had every opportunity to vote against the war, but chose not to.

Erudite Redneck said...

The Dems bought the lie, yes, and repeated it. The next election cycle will decide whether they will pay for their own blindness and willingness to accept such.

Somebody started the lying. I want his or their head.

In the meantime, the bucks stops with the commander in chief.