Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Won't Give Up My Day Job

This past week, while I was driving around on my job, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the fall foliage was, so I decided to do something I've never done before. I attempted take photos of the changing leaves I saw. I don't own a digital camera. I don't even own a regular camera. My son used to own a Sony Handi-cam Camcorder, but he left it in a place where he couldn't keep an eye on it and someone relieved him of the responsibility of camcorder ownership. So I went to Walmart and picked up a cheap disposable camera and took pictures of interesting pastoral scenes wherever I went. I used 24 of 27 exposures by myself and let my son take the last 3 photos. Then, after using up every exposure on the roll, we went back to Walmart and had them put on a CD to install on my hard drive.

All so I could share the wonders of nature in rural Maryland with you, my loyal readers and friends.

Unfortunately, only a few of the pictures came out looking the way I saw them through the viewfinder. I have selected a few to post here that will prove that I am not a photographer.

Here is an attempt to capture the beauty of the city lights of Harrisburg, PA, after dark while driving 60 miles an hour.It doesn't work. I don't recommend trying to prove it can be done.

This is probably the best picture I took:I don't like the inclusion of buildings or people or power lines, etc. in pictures of nature but I couldn't seem to avoid that in this area, hence the Allstate office.

Looking west along the famous Mason -Dixon line. (The line is imaginary, Bruiser) That farm you can barely see sits with the north half in Pennsylvania and it's south half in Maryland. Way back behind that, is White Tail Ski Resort, which from where I was standing is clearly visible to the naked eye, but apparently not to the eye of a camera. It looks cool without snow. Trust me.

This is the picture that my son took. As you can see, he is a much better photographer than I. I watched him take this and laughed because I realized some of the photos I took would have been better if I had thought of turning the camera on it's end, as he did.

Lastly, I had been asked by some why I didn't dress in costume for Halloween. Well, I was actually going to go as the BTK killer, from Wichita, Kansas, which is coincidently my hometowwn, also, but I couldn't find an orange jumpsuit. I bear a striking resemblance, don't I?


Jaymeister said...

That first photo looks familiar - I think I have hundreds just like it. :-) I'm no better a photographer than you. But your son's shot is very pretty.

BTW, did I read correctly when you said you got your camera and exposures from Walmart?

Mark said...

Yeah, I hate Walmart, particuarly this one, because it's one of the top 3 stores in the chain. Go to any Walmart during Christmas season. Note the crowds? That's a typical day at this one. But they are still the most affordable store anywhere and I am on a budget.

Sheila said...


For a first try not bad. You were thinking to much and your son wasn't.

Look, look you just gave a great critique of your photos. It's like riding a bike. Wobbly until you practice enough. Go have fun. It will get better and better.

I bet all of us would lvoe a little picture essay of your life and your surroundings.

PS. I will hereby state that I was glad to see your looks are as normal as mine. happy middle years!

William said...

The fall season is so much fun. I like the winter better though because of the snow and the cold. Spring is probably the worst for me because of the pollen and the humidity and the temperature uncertainty.

Pamela Reece said...

I heard there is an orange jumpsuit that was dropped somewhere in Texas. If a man can change out of an orange jumpsuit into civilian clothing right in front of high-security prison guards, I'm pretty confident we should be able to get you out your street clothes into an orange jumpsuit.

PS. Don't feel bad, I got a digital camera last Christmas...I still can't figure out how delete the pictures once it's full!! Technology doesn't always mean least not in my world.

Francis Lynn said...

Amazing look-alike with BTK killer. But at least he had the decency to wear a tie for the pic. Where's yours? ;)
New Jersey is resplendant with fall colors too. Didn't know ya could transfer film to CD. But alas, no Walmart near me. Never even seen one.

Mark said...

My son is taking a class in photography in high school. His first assignment was to make a "pinhole camera" and take pictures with it. He got an "A" and a comment from the teacher, saying, "These are two of the best pinhole pictures I've seen." Then he had to take "motion shots" and the teacher's note said, "These are tremendous motion shots, you've really got a great set of prints!"

John seems to have an artistic flair. I should have let him take all my pictures.

Sheila said...


I hope he keeps it up. Beginning photography or any other art at an realy age is great. Young people are perfect becuase it hones their ablility to get in touch with their emotions.

Sounds a little weird. But if you think about it. When you see something in nature or life that connects with your emotions, that's all a Photographer or painter or singer are doing.

Anyone can become technically good, but just some have the EYE for it.

You should too. I bet with a some practice you'll be great. That tree you did show us was great. Your on the right track.

The night scene is something you need the right camera for and or the knowledge for night time photography. With the digitals nowadays, you don't really need to know how to take nightime pix anymore.

Poison Pero said...

What is the Fall Season???

Here in Phoenix we have no idea about the seasons.........We have hot and hotter.

Some like the mild winters, but I miss Denver's Winters........And can't stand Phoenix's Spring/Summers.
I thought about sending you a pic from here, but sand is depressing.

FrenziedFeline said...

We don't seem to have many trees in our area that turn with the weather. I had a couple at our old house that turned a beautiful gold. I don't even have a baby tree to call my own now. I guess I'll adopt the county's tree they planted on their side of the sidewalk.

Great pics--especially that one compared to the serial killer--lol.

tugboatcapn said...

The resemblance IS uncanny...

Another thing that struck me is the similarity (At least in general appearance) to the few pictures that I have seen of ER.

Makes me wonder if I should shave the middle of my head, and forgo the Goatee in favor of a full beard in order to fit in within this circle.

I'll think about it...