Monday, November 07, 2005

Evil White Man.

"I Yam what I Yam, and that's all that I Yam" --Popeye

I am so sick of being the Devil. Everywhere you turn in our culture, if the media is to be believed, the white anglo saxon male is evil incarnate. I mean all media, not just the newspapers and electronic news sources. Television programs, books, magazines, all of the media.

Last night as I was dozing, my son was watching a cartoon show that was telling it's viewers that America is a "white supremacist power structure".

A cartoon show!

I became wide awake when I heard that.

White men blew up the levees in New Orleans to kill black people. White men oppress black people. White men inhibit the immigration of Mexicans and other illegals from entering our country. I've even heard it was the evil white man that perpetrated the September 11th attacks.

We are called racist if we dare to display a confederate flag. We are called racist if we dare to speak out against true racists like Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton, or Lewis Farrakhan, or Charlie Rangel.

If we remind people that Margaret Sanger was a true racist. If we want to stop the lawful killing of unborn babies we are somehow guilty of denying women their rights. Even if we try to treat women the way our mother's taught us we are being chauvinists.

We are in a lose/lose situation.

If we express concern over the threat to our country from middle eastern extremists. We are not allowed to search young middle eastern appearing men in airports even though it is they who are the most likely to be carrying a bomb.

Try saying some of those same things about any other ethnic group and see how righteously indignant people get.

And if you are a White Christian man, you are doubly damned.

I am not the Devil.


jgaoehals14962 said...

Hi Mark,
How about this: women should not be pastors. The Bible says so. Therefore they are not qualified... try saying that... and you are branded the antichrist...

I like what Doug Wilson says about that topic... we don't mind women in the pulpits because we've always had women in the pulpits...

I like it when men, especially evil white ones, stand up for the truth of what Scripture says. Of course, then we are called all sorts of names, etc...

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Geez...I think you're making things out to be much worse than the reality of it, Mark.


What the hell was that cartoon your son was watching?!? (Btw, did you hear about the Iranian cartoon encouraging kids to grow up and become homicide bombers?).

I hope you're just on a rant, blowing off steam, and not really believing that much of America really buys into the bull from the likes of the Louis Farrakhans of the world. Many of us realize the hypocrisy of "black power" = "just", "white power"= "evil".

Sheila said...

Hi Word.

I'm with you.

Mark, you just can't believe the majority of people in this country really believe that way.

If they did, there would have been a forced take over some time ago. WE're always going to have publications, TV, and speeches that express something that really P_____S us off.

Freedom of Speech. One of the most precious liberty's we have is what you just did. Compplain in public about what upsets you. How precious is that.

What was the cartoon anyway and are you certain you heard it right?
Why are you taking it so personally.? That's what you should ask yourself.

El Diablo Blanco said...

I hope you already bought your son the New Lamb and Lynx CD. Prussian Blue is the wave of the future in trailers across this country. As race baiting as FOXnews and the Republican run mainstream media I can see the fears they are selling you on just like the PANDEMIC of fear the Republicans sold you on in 2004. If you really think Republicans like safety why are these borders still open under Official Republican Policy?

Sheila said...

That's pretty deep for a spammer.

To bad it didn't make much sense.

Dana said...

I think that you have written just what my husband thinks. He, too, is tired of being the reason behind of all of society's ills. I agree that it is ridiculous.

Mark said...

I don't know, Sheila, I just woke up this morning with this on my mind. I don't know why. But it's not just the news media. TV shows portray the American father, especially the white ones, as stupid, incompetent, and always wrong. Watch "According to Jim" sometime as an example. If you can stomach it. I watched the first episode they ever ran and it was so bad, I didn't finish watching it. I've never watched it since.

I don't know the name of the cartoon but it was on cartoon network and features a smart ass little black boy.

El Diablo Blanco....the white devil..very clever. But this post has nothing to do with politics. Nothing. And I don't have a clue what you're talking about otherwise. Prussian Blue? Is that a new crayon color?

Sheila said...


I understand. You are caught up in the stupid white man stereotype.

I'm hopelessly caught up in the "intimidating free thinking female" who doesn't have enough money for an Extreme make over.....stereotype. :)

WHat can we do except rise above and know their not talking about us, right?

By the way Watch the Jim show just once also. YUK!

I hate the Simpsons too. Influences children and adults to act like mean spirited rude children.

If you notice, the Diablo Guy's name leads to an advertisment page.

Gyrobo said...

You sound pretty defensive for someone with nothing to hide. Perhaps there really IS something wrong with you.

Have you ever considered that, Mr. Scientist?!

Etchen said...

Ok now, as a white female I feel that too and no, gyrobo, I don't have anything to hide. I have to laugh, b/c/ when I talk to many forreigners, they always tell of the propaganda they are shown how American's are all evil, particularly the white man. My friend, you have now become the minority but without a minorities' freedom to b**ch about it.
By the way, what horrible cartoon was that?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


I think you need to just take a step back from this. You are starting to sound like blacks who always feel disenfranchised, blame white society for all of their woes, demand 40 acres and a mule, and are persecuted by Hollywood to play stereotypes only.

I mean...I can't believe that you really feel like all white males are portrayed like that American father (never seen the show). I have seen Malcolm in the Middle; but is their father supposed to portray a typical white male imbecile? Or is he just playing a father with some imbecile characteristics, who also happens to be white?

The dominant lead roles are still given to white actors. You can't tell me they are all roles designed to demean the white male. That's just silly. I think you don't really believe this, and just woke up on the wrong side of the blog this morning.

If anyone has any complaints to make regarding roles on tv, it should be me and my Asian brothas...who's representin' us? 'Cept for stereotypes.

In Starship Troopers, the lead character in the book is Filipino? So how is it that the lead goes to a handsome white actor, and not to a Filipino actor? Mark Dacascos has just about as much acting capabilities as Caspar Van Diesen.

Anyway, whites are doing just fine in this country. Don't panic.

Mark said...

Just found out. The cartoon is called Boondocks.

Gyrobo, Who said I have nothing to hide?

I don't really. If you have read much of my blog, and I suspect you haven't, you'd know that I am pretty much an open book. I even use my own first and last name.

Wordsmith, Someday I will avenge you, too, my friend.

Goat said...

Hey Mark, can you catch a cold one and do a high five at the same time?

Toad734 said...

Maybe the black guys just got tired of being the demon for the last 200 years.

Lores Rizkalla said...

While I agree with Wordsmith about a possible over reaction because white guys are doing fine in this country, I cannot help but acknowledge the definite PC-anti-white-male influence in the media.

It's real. Actually, the only thing worse is being a white male who is also a practicing Christian. You don't have to watch with much discernment to recognize the pattern. No less than 99% of the time, they are depicted as either mean-spirited, hateful and self-righteous OR simply stupid and out-of-touch.

And, yes, Pastor Timothy, if you're the kind of white male Christian who actually takes the Bible seriously, especially on such a politically incorrect stance, it's hopeless.

I have the advantage of being a non-white conservative Christian single woman who lives in Southern California. I get a kick out of breaking people's stereotypes and paradigms about what someone like me should believe.

Anonymous said...

well whites have a history of killing i.e. native americans, invading other countries killing & stealing (africa diamonds/slaves). and what about slavery and kkk lynching. its always whites intiating hate and hate crimes based on color and greed. its the whites that establish jim crow laws and inforced them. whites have a history of being evil. no other race kill others based on color alone. look at hitler and the nazis. whites invented guns.... whites track record isnt good. what have whites contributed to society other than greed & lust???? in 2008 its whites people who try to oppress every other race...whites dont want obama to be president because he is FOOLISH is that?? white people are evil! or atleast they act evil.

Anonymous said...

Hi mark,
Couldn't agree with you more. Everyone can bash the white christian males becuase we're the "bad guys". No one mentions that we are the one who formulated this country, the ones that invented almost everything, and we are trying to right the wrongs of the past. There is no white history month or white heritage pride or the national association for the advancement of white people, why? because these are considered racist. It is racist to want the white people to succeed in any shape or form. Essentially, the media and many others would like to eliminate us. What did we do so wrong? I like you am tired. I am proud to be white. There I said it.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is more evil than the white man is a smoker. I happen to be both and people just spit on me everywhere I go

Anonymous said...

Worry about the quiet white man who's geting awful tired of this B.S. Just when you "dump on the regular white guy" folks think youve got us licked is when we stand up and kick your butts! All you people that don't believe in the silent majority will just be amazed when we take it back and say "we let you have your fun, but enough is enough"! Some idiot is gonna get on this website and say something like "oh yeah, were realy scared", it's OK. When butt kikking time comes yours will be amoung the first. We aren't the loudest but we are the most, and that's the wayit is!!!

Anonymous said...

As a white male, I laugh at the idea when other whites argue about there being no "White History Month" ... everyday in schools children learn about White History!!! Black History Month was established, because the history of Black people was essentially ignored in schools or taught incorrectly. Also, there is a National Association for the Advancement of White People... they primarily advocate racial segregation, and was last revamped by a Grand Master of the KKK. And yes, I hear the argument that White men founded America ALL the time -- but how easily do people forget that it was founded by whites off of the free labor of non-whites, who weren't allowed to participate or contribute in the establishing of this great country. So yes, we are portrayed as evil hate-mongers, but while our history is great, it is also tarnished. Hundreds of years of discrimination have come around and bit us in the butt. I'm not saying that it's right, but I am saying that it is to be expected.