Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Supremacy In Diversity

Last night on the Sean Hannity show, Hannity interviewed a white supremacist.(I don't remember his name) I found the interview both interesting and disturbing on many levels.

One thing that disturbed me, surprisingly, was the way in which Hannity attacked the man like a rabid Rottweiler. In my estimation, Hannity sunk to a level somewhat below that of his guest, and that seriously damages the image of the compassionate Conservative in which Hannity takes great pride. He called the man names, and baited him and interrupted him and didn't listen to his guest's arguments.

And quite frankly, the man had some logical points. Or I should say, they sounded logical, on the surface. The interviewee was very articulate and never became flustered. He explained his position calmly and was polite, even though Hannity did his best to rattle him.

The white race is not the only race that has representatives that call for the separation of the races. The night before, Hannity had a black racist on his program, and he treated him with the same disdain with which he treated the white supremist. He made some fairly logical points as well, but he was just as racist.

At one point, in response to Hannity's badgering, the man at last admitted that he thought whites and blacks should be separated, saying, "It would solve a lot of problems".

He is right.

But, before you attack me for being a racist, try to follow me. There is a method to my madness. If whites and blacks were moved to different sections of the country, and allowed to establish separate nations of their own, there would no longer be race baiting, or charges of racism from either side. A lot of problems inherent in the melding of different cultures would certainly be avoided.

As long as we are considering the suggestion of separate nations for the races, we might as well throw the rest of the ethnic and culturally diverse groups into the mix. The Hispanics get their own country. Likewise people of Asian descent. And Arabs, and Irish, and the Polish and of course, Gays. Every race and ethnic group get their own country.

Does anyone see the problems here yet?

One of the first problems with this idea is that the majority of Americans are not pure anything. Yes, there are some who's ancestors never married out of their particular ethnicity. I once had a roomate who was 100% Irish. No one in his family history ever married anyone but other Irish people. But that is rare in America these days.

Who decides what group gets what sections of the country? I wouldn't want to have to live any farther north than I already do. And I'm sure there are some who would prefer not to have to live in areas that frequently get hurricanes. And so on.

Here is something I thought about in the first few minutes after I heard the white supremacist statement:

If we all had our own separate countries, would that inhibit progress? For instance, if an Asian scientist discovered the cure for Aids, is there a possibility that he would not share his discovery with those of the Gay country? Would he be obligated to and would the Asian country negotiate equitable terms for the exchange?

If a Black geneticist isolated a gene that, when altered, could increase memory and/or intelligence in man, do you think he would withhold that knowledge from his white and Hispanic colleagues out of spite for years of repression and discrimination?

What would happen if a white man invented a pill that would suppress violent tendencies in those who have a short fuse? Does there exist a possibility that he would distribute it only to his own race or at best, offer to sell it to the others at grossly inflated prices?

Maybe none of these scenarios would happen, but it illustrates the absurdity of racism. We need each other. We need to learn to get along and to help each other regardless of our color or culture or ethnic differences.

The future of our country depends on it.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

The night before, Hannity had a black racist on his program, and he treated him with the same disdain with which he treated the white supremist.

At least he's consistent, lol.

It's one of the things that bothers me about Sean, when he seems more set on biting and not letting go; not giving his guest a chance to really articulate his position.

If whites and blacks were moved to different sections of the country, and allowed to establish separate nations of their own, there would no longer be race baiting, or charges of racism from either side.

I think it's part of human nature to separate ourselves into subgroups we can identify with. If all the whites segregated themselves, there would still be discrimination amongst those whites. Blue eyes vs. green eyes, brown hair vs. blond, etc. Let's say we subdivided the blonds from the brunettes, then: the blonds then start alienating each other...let's say they start picking on blonds who have a certain genetic trait that gives them an aquiline nose, treated by the majority who don't have that nose-type, as an undesirable trait.

The point is, we are always subdividing ourselves in different ways. We are always looking to identify ourselves by similarities and differences.

UCLA vs. USC...if I go to UCLA and you go to USC, somehow I treat you as inferior. Some people will engage in friendly competition. Others will take it so far, that they desecrate the other school, vandalizing, or sometimes becoming violent at football games over stupid stuff.

You have Bloods and Crips...both groups are made up of blacks, yet they manage to find differences amongst themselves to engage in warfare.

There's national pride, that also separates people and causes problems; there are religious differences that will also alienate.

If I live in one neighborhood, then somehow I want to believe that my neighborhood is superior to yours, just a mile away.

We will always run the risk of treating our fellow human beings with unconditional pride or prejudiced crap, over traits we can identify with and over traits we cannot.

Mark said...

Exactly. Racism is absurd.

Anonymous said...
The above sites tell you what white supremacist like Dave Pringle are all about from an insider source.

William said...

The difficult thing about living in a nation that is so diverse as our own are the vast barriers that exist between and amongst our cultures. These barriers should not be heralded, however; yet, we as individuals should make confident strides to understand these differences. We should also institute government programs that recognize these differences as well.

Worst than racism, I believe, is when people say "I'm color blind." To me that says that you do not recognize my history nor do you recongize my culture. All of us - no matter what ethnicity - have rich histories and as we merge together in this nation, I feel that it's important to understand one another's paths.

That said, racism is absurd.

Erudite Redneck said...

Racism bad.

Can't say any more than that. Every time I see that picture of Hannity and I go into a spasm and have to go lie down.



BRUISER said...

The fact that you believe there is anything resembling "compassion" from the Rechwing is just hilarious. Hannity is a douche. Are you going to post the Tom Delay prison photo or what?

Lores Rizkalla said...

wordsmith: you're exactly right. except for the stuff about UCLA and USC. UCLA really IS superior :)

ER: I have to lie down after seeing Hannity also. But, it's only cuz he's just way too cute. Ha ha :)

seriously, though, i do believe that pride and insecurity are of the most hurtful aspects of human nature. we will look for security and identity in color, culture, geography, physical appearance or financial status and put people down in the process.

Mark said...

Lores, Hannity is married. I, on the other hand, am not, and I'm cute too.