Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Imus Arrogance

I was watching Imus on television this morning and heard him make a statement that it seems obvious that President Bush should watch MSNBC so he'd know what "we" know.


Does Imus seriously expect his listeners to believe that President Bush is uninformed because he doesn't watch the Liberal news networks? And what makes Mr. Imus think he doesn't? Because the President doesn't call press conferences to publically announce his agreement with the all the opinions offered by the network news experts?


President Bush gets his news first hand through daily briefings. His advisors and staff members keep him well informed. On everything. And he gets the actual news, not just what the media wants to report and not biased one way or the other. He gets his news straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.

When we stop to consider who Imus is and what qualifies him to be an expert commentator on anything, it becomes obvious who is really the one who's informed. He gets the news the same way we do. From the news outlets. Granted, he has access to more different news sources than we average citizens do, and he has staffers who hunt down news stories that he deems worthy to report, but I am not so sure he uses all the resources at his disposal.

In the end, his opinions are no better or more informed than anyone else's.

I am still listening to Imus, and he just said his opinion of Harriet Miers is that she should tone down her eye make-up; she looks like a raccoon. That's a good example of MSNBC influenced opinion.

So, I should consider myself well informed about her qualifications now.

They are also commenting about the news that Karl Rove gave Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family information concerning Miers' qualifications that convinced Dobson to support her nomination to the SCOTUS. Dobson says it is something he probably shouldn't know, and he's not telling us what it is.

I don't have a staff of people who's main job is to keep me informed of things happening in the news as Mr. Imus does, but I believe I know what convinced Dobson to endorse Miers. Here is what I think, and why:

James Dobson is a one issue voter. He has said it many times on his radio program. He will never vote for a pro-choice candidate. That is his one issue. He campaigns to make abortions illegal again.

I believe Dobson was told Miers is steadfastly pro-life. That is the only qualification she would need to have that would make him endorse her nomination.

Ideally, a Supreme Court Justice should never legislate from the bench, and if Dobson believes Miers will work tirelessly to overturn Roe vs. Wade, that would be wrong and she should not be confirmed.


But I am pro-life also, and I admit, I would like to see the SCOTUS overturn that decision, too. In fact, That is one decision on which I wish the Justices would legislate from the bench. But realistically, that would be a colossal mistake. We have seen what Judicial activists are capable of, and it isn't pretty.

The country is safe. I am just a humble uneducated blogger and thankfully my opinions don't influence the Senate Judicial Committee.


Liam said...

It does sound pretty daft. Being from the other side of the ocean I’m not that familiar with MSNBC’s output, but is Imus supposed to be hosting a ‘news’ programme or is it an ‘opinion’ programme?

Either way, he’s putting the cart before the horse if he thinks Government should use the media to inform itself; except on the odd occasion where a reporter reaches a ‘breaking-news’ story as it happens, the government by nature of being The Government will know more about what’s happening than the press.

And what has her eye-makeup got to do with her capacity to be a Supreme Court Justice?

What a bizarre man!

Mark said...

Imus is a former radio DJ and stand up comedian, who has achieved some measure of success and now has a nationally syndicated radio program.

He has a lot of guests who are usually Mainstram News reporters, columnists, and commentators. He has allowed himself to become indoctrinated to their biased reporting.

rich bachelor said...

We get a lot of our political commentary from guys like him who are barely qualified to comment on what they had for lunch.
As far as I can tell, they're there because they already had media jobs, right about the time when every broadcaster decided they needed to become a political commentator.
Remember when Howard Stern suddenly got political, when the FCC went after him for obscenity? Made me want to call him up and say, "Kinda makes you wish you hadn't wasted the rest of your career making fart jokes, eh Howie?"

Jaymeister said...

Rush Limbaugh is no more qualified to speak on this stuff than Imus is. Like Imus, he's also just a drug-addicted ex-DJ who got big and, thus, important - yet you often refer to his wisdom on this blog. Nobody should take a grain of what any of what these people say seriously.

Francis Lynn said...

Imus was hysterically funny in the '70's on NY radio. "Put your hands on the radio" Now, however, he is boring. He should stick with comedy.

BRUISER said...

wait a second ...Your calling Imus' Show "Liberal" media?????? Your officially a f'ing monkey towing the Rightwings continual refusal of anything dealing with truth.

Lores Rizkalla said...

every one of us--liberal, conservative, DJ's, ex-drug addicts, men and women--has a right to weigh in on the issue.

what's arrogant is Imus' presupposition that his opinion is required reading (or listening) for the president or for any other individual.

one more thing...wouldn't it be mature to disagree in a respectful manner? just a thought.

tugboatcapn said...

I have personally never liked Imus.
Stern either, for that matter.

As far as the Abortion issue goes, it was made legal because of Activism from the Bench, so if it is overturned that way, I won't be very upset.

About the Miers nomination...
If Ruth Bader Gihnsberg is allowed to serve on the SCOTUS, then nobody should have any objection whatsoever to Miers serving.

If she is confirmed, she will have to work VERY HARD in order to be the worst Justice on the Supreme Court. (If that indeed is her goal...)

tugboatcapn said...

Oh, and don't nobody forget, while we are talking about Harriet Miers...

The President has the right, Priveledge, and responsibility to appoint WHOMEVER HE WANTS to the SCOTUS.

Not Rush Limbaugh...

Not Sean Hannity...

Not Arlen Specter...

Not ME...

Not YOU.


If he likes her, then all we can do is try to convince our particular Senator to vote for her, or against her, as the case may be.

Mark said...

I didn't say Imus is liberal media. I said MSNBC is. Imus says he is a Republican but he voted for Kerry because he "likes him" He voted for Kerry even though he said Kerry is a liar.

And Jay? I rarely refer to Rush in this blog. Once I mentioned him because he said something that made me think of something else to write about, but it had nothing to do with endorsing his opinion.

And once I referred to something he said because it was funny.

In spite of that, Yes, Rush is very much more qualified to comment on politics than Imus. Rush has made his career out of political punditry and Imus made his career out of irreverent comedy. Both can be considered experts in their specialty.

Poison Pero said...

Imus is just lame......He has nothing to say, and isn't even funny. --> And his voice is brutal.

That said, he has a face for radio.

Mark said...

Imus isn't real funny but his yes men are.