Monday, October 24, 2005

The Gospel According to Ann

The Drudge report had a headline that jumped out at me this morning. I clicked on the link and found myself on MSNBC's website, a site I wouldn't have normally visited myself, as it is one of the more liberal leaning news organizations, in my estimation.

But this particular story piqued my interest.

Ann Rice, the famous chronicler of Vampires and the occult, has reportedly been converted to Christianity. According to MSNBC online, In two weeks, Anne Rice, the chronicler of vampires, witches and, under the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure, of soft-core S&M encounters, will publish "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt," a novel about the 7-year-old Jesus, narrated by Christ himself. "I promised," she says, "that from now on I would write only for the Lord."

While I rejoice in the encouraging news that Christ has perhaps won another victory against mounting odds, especially since Ms. Rice is certainly not famous for her piety, I must confess, I am skeptical.

This skepticism, on my part, is merely a result of similar news in the past regarding public figures who announced a miraculous conversion and then later showed no evidence that the transformation ever took place. Not that I have any right to judge. I don't. It's just that I would be more likely to believe them if I could see definite changes in their behavior.

For instance, if Larry Flynt had left his multi-million dollar hard core porn industry behind immediately after his so-called conversion, I would be more inclined to believe that his reported conversion was real.

But alas, we know he didn't. And as a matter of fact, not only did he continue publishing hard core pornography, he began to openly ridicule Christ and His teachings and His followers. Maybe Flynt was indeed converted, but I don't consider it non-Christlike to doubt him.

I think I will do something I have never done before. I think I'll buy one of Ann Rice's books. It should be interesting.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I read Ann rice's Vampire Chronicles in high school. In reflection, I don't think I fully liked them. It always left a weird aftertaste with me, and overall I'd say I found them rather dull. That said, it wasn't all bad. What strikes me about Ann Rice, and I say this without really following much on her personal journey, is that from her writings, she seems to be someone very much yearning for spiritual meaning and belonging in life. At least, that's how her characters in her novels come across to me. The loniliness of the vampires in her novel is one of emptiness and spiritual isolation. That's what I remember feeling.

I'm trying to remember how I got to reading her novels in the first place, and all that comes to mind is me digging the hippness of the vampires in "The Lost Boys".

Lone Ranger said...

I dismissed the entire article when she said Kristoff was one of her heroes. He is one of the biggest wack-jobs at the NYT. She's another Jane Fonda Christian -- also called cafeteria Christians -- who just pick what they like and leave behind the rest. I stopped reading her novels when the homosexuality went from covert to overt.

Mark said...

Lone Ranger, Yes, that's what i fear. And the point I was trying to make. I just felt that the Larry Flynt example was the ost extreme.

William said...

I am a bit skeptical of the "conversion" myself. Perhaps it is a ploy to write about vampires, etc. with people thinking that she is a Christian while her goal is ultimately to debunk the faith.

In her defense, the Apostle Paul also encountered such skeptism upon his conversion. Time will tell.

Mark: By the way, if she is a Christian, then biblically it is acceptable to judge her (in love of course - 1 Corinthians 5:12)

Etchen said...

I don't think that it is a "ploy" to sell more books by any means. I think that when someone says they have converted, we just have to take them at their word and judge for ourselves by their words and actions on if their concept of "conversion" agrees with ours. You know, I think I may be right in linewith you Mark for her next book.

jgaoehals14962 said...

All very good comments. William, thanks for saying what so few people are willing to say, concerning 1 Cor. 5:12. Of course, the libs (theologically) are going to toast you. But stand strong. Just check out some of the comments on my post for examples.

Let's be skeptical, wait and see if she bears any fruit. Remember, Jesus wasn't looking for those who just grasp the word for a time and then were choked out by the weeds. He was only interested in those who bore fruit, 20, 50 and 100 times... (see Luke 8:1ff)

tugboatcapn said...

Mark, I have read almost all of her books,And it would not surprise me if her conversion is indeed genuine.

Time will tell...

If you are planning to buy one of her books, "Memnoch The Devil" is a very interesting read. In it she expresses an explaination of the Creation story and the relationship between God and Satan that I had never heard before.

Be forewarned, though...
It's a wild ride...

I thought the whole time that I was reading it that she was dealing with conviction when she was writing it.

BRUISER said...


You think Joe Scarborough is "Liberal"??
You think that man from FOXnews who is now on MSNBC, Mrs. Crosby, is a left leaning newsperson? HAHAHA

Porn is as American as your mom's pie....whatever flavor.

You non freedom loving rightwingers need to post Tom Delay's bail.

tugboatcapn said...

I guess that the new Liberal talking points memo said to tell us to go post Tom Delay's bail.

Bruiser, can you enlighten us all and tell us exactly what Tom Delay did wrong?

Erudite Redneck said...

My opnion on people's relationship with Christ is within one of etchen's sentences:

"I think that when someone says they have converted, we just have to take them at their word."

Maybe they have, and maybe they haven't. But unless they are seeking a leadership in a church, it's totally between them and God. It amazes me how much energy Christians spend wondering whether other Christians are "really" Christians! Like our own dang will had anything to do with it. Beyond accepting God's grace and stumblingly trying to follow Jesus, I mean. (Of course, as far as Larry Flint, I don't know why anyone would believe a word he ever said. I think anyone who questions Jane Fonda's relationship with Christ, based on the fact that her politics doesn't suit 'em, is pretty daring.)


Sheila said...

I agree with you ER,

Especially for the fact that she had the gumption to advertize the fact. I think especially Christians who've been around the block a few times should be gracious and welcoming to the fold.

Nothing like the ones who stand back with disbelief to make a new christian feel bare naked and want out of the pool.

Mark said...

I meant I want to buy her new book about Christ. I am taking her at her word, but in light of others, like Flynt, I am reserving judgement. Not that it matters. She will be what she is and I don't have a say in the matter. Inever said I don't believe her. I merely said I am skeptical. I hope she did. It would be a great victory for Christ.

Sheila said...

....Well OK Then....:)

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

This is the same sceptism I felt several years ago when Alice Cooper claimed that he accepted the Lord and his, "fruit," bore witness. Let's hope that Ann Rice bares similar fruit. Thanks for the good news Mark

Ken Taylor

Goat said...

Mark, send me a different email addy so I can get you added to the Bible study, the one I used, the one used in your profile is not going through apparently, everybody else received my invite. Let me know, I want you onboard and posting, I like your slightly skewed, as mine is, perpective. Let me know.

Goat said...

Anne Rice is a gripping author from what I understand, an ex loved her books.I start having a problem when fiction blurs facts as she and many others have done. She is a great writer though no Tolkien or Herbert for epic fantasy.

Lone Ranger said...

What this all adds up to is my previous call for roller coaster cameras at the gates of Hell. Doesn't sound so far-fetched now, does it?

Mary said...

The way I see it, if one is a Christian, one doesn't have to announce it. It should be obvious.

If Rice's proclamation is just a stunt to promote her book, it's a pretty sick tactic.

For her to say that she has found Christ is simple and, in the end, meaningless. Acting like a Christian is what matters.

Claiming to be something and being something are two totally different things.

Erudite Redneck said...

Claiming to BE something and BEING something are two things. DOING something is another.

I am trying more and more to DO as a Christian, because I have come to believe that there is no such things as just BEING a Christian. It's that whole faith without works thing.

The hostility here -- suspicion, skeptism, whatever -- exhibited toward another's profession of faith is amazing. Somebody give me a source or citation indicating it is Christlike.

Those who would make the Christian faith an exclusive club have mised the point of the Gospel. It's "good news" not bad. Y'all should be ashamed.

The Gospel According to Lone Ranger is particularly loathsome. His garden-variety meanness cannot be of God. It's of the Lone Ranger.


Mark said...

ER, with all due respect, Your own comments seem to be a tad judgmental.

The Bible teaches us that we should test others to see if they bear the fruits of the spirit.

The very adnmonition that we need to be test, and be tested, implies that skepticism is "of the Spirit"

This goes back to Jesus' warning to us to beware the wolves in sheeps clothing. Liars and Con artists abound within the Christian community (see Jim Bakker, Jim Jones, Robert Tilton and others in the mold of Elmer Gantry.)

It is not hostility, but common sense.

Patriot said...

Rice will have to do a lot for the kingdom to make up for her years of books that revel in sex and violence. I hope she is sincere. That's between her and God, but don't expect me to hand her the hymnal.

Erudite Redneck said...

Yes, I casn be judgmental from time to time. Patriot must walk around in robes, carrying a gavel, though!