Monday, August 09, 2010

This Is Where Our Tax Money Goes

"Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth." ~ Rex Stout

I posted this video before as an introduction to Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. In that post, we focused on Governor Christie's response to a complaint from a member of the New Jersey teachers union.

This time, I want to focus on what "disgruntled" teacher, Rita Wilson says.

Did you hear that?

She is complaining that she "only" makes $83,000 a year for less than a years work. She is also complaining that she is "only" paid for the 184 days a year that she does work (not counting her benefits package, pension, and paid vacation days). Apparently she is upset that the Governor has proposed that the teachers not take a raise for one year and to pay for a small part of their benefits in an effort to save the failing state economy.

Watching this obscenity, I have to admit the old Liberal in me allowed a little bit of the old class envy to emerge. I don't make half that much a year, and probably never will. And, I work a full forty hours a week, 52 weeks a year. I would be grateful to "only" earn $83,000.00 a year. I would also be grateful to "only" be paid for 184 days of work a year at that level of compensation.

So, it really makes me angry that this woman has the audacity to complain that the good people of New Jersey, many of whom make less than half what she makes in a year, are less than willing to sacrifice even more of their hard earned money to pay her grossly overpaid wages.

Especially since she probably doesn't deserve to earn even half that much.

Her attitude indicates she doesn't possess the brains or common sense to be teaching anyone, much less impressionable students. She may have a college education, but obviously, in her case, education doesn't equal intelligence.

Now, don't misunderstand me. I have a great deal of respect for those who earn a good living through the sweat of their own labor, and because they had the foresight and drive to earn their diplomas. If one does the work, one should be compensated accordingly. I have no problem with that.

I also realize that wealth is relative.

To me, a yearly salary of $83,000 is wealthy. To Bill Gates, for instance, $83,000 is chump change.

But this woman is a public school teacher. Believe me, if the level of the average public school student's education is any indication, not only does she not earn such a high salary, she should be paying the taxpayers back.

In any other occupation, one who so consistently failed to produce positive results would have been fired for gross incompetence.

Remember, the people pay her wages through their taxes which are extracted from their salary. They have no choice. They can't refuse. They can't choose to distribute their money to those who deserve much more.

To think that money is being forcefully taken from them to pay the exorbitant salary of one so ungrateful, makes me want to vomit.


Joe said...

I, too, used to have great respect for teachers.

But when I see that "this woman has the audacity to complain" about her salary of $83,000.00 my respect drops about seven levels.

Assuming a 10 hour day (since they are so badly overworked) they are STILL earning over $45.00 per hour.

Pretty good for a profession that used to pride itself on its poverty and dedication.

After all, it's all about the students.


Trader Rick said...


Jim said...

We have no idea how good a teacher she is and there is no consideration here for the cost of living in New Jersey.

That said, all things being equal, I think governor Christie's request for a 1-year freeze and 1.5% contribution to benefits is very reasonable. But we surely aren't hearing the whole story in this brief clip.

Mark said...

Jim, given the quality of the average public school student's education and the level of the teacher's indignation, she is probably a poor teacher who is probably still employed only because of the stupid "tenure" system in the education system.

From her argument, especially that stupid statement that teachers "do it because they love it" after stating her opinion that she doesn't get paid enough, I don't think it's any stretch to assume she has the IQ of a potato chip.

If they do it for love, she would be happy to teach for free.

Also, I failed to point out that she complained she wasn't "being compensated for her education and experience". What? What else is she getting paid 83,000 for?

If I can get $83,000.00 for working a mere 184 days a year without education and experience, I want to be a teacher. What am I doing in the highly technical business of selling cell phones, where I am required to be very knowledgeable, earning much less than 83,000 a year?

Always On Watch said...

She is complaining that she "only" makes $83,000 a year for less than a years work.

As one who now works with homeschoolers and previously worked in private education, that salary looks mighty attractive to ME!

Of course, Mr. AOW and I have always led a scaled-back lifestyle.