Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christie For President

"I could never be confused with Woodrow Wilson." ~ Governor Chris Christie

I know it's early, and I know lots of things can happen between now and the next presidential election, but one man is beginning to emerge as a "person of interest" to represent the Republican party in said election.

His name is Chris Christie.

Christie is the Governor of the state of New Jersey. I wonder how he managed to get so many of those foaming-at-the-mouth rabid Liberals to vote for him for Governor? Whatever he did, it worked.

And, I'll bet the Libs who apparently considered him no threat to their tax-and-spend Liberalism are now re-thinking their decision to vote for him.

If you've never heard of him so far, here is a sample of what Republicans may expect of a President Christie.

Here's more:

And, more:

More still:

Still more:

One more:

By 2012, I hope he decides he's ready.


Always On Watch said...

The past few days, I've been reading up on and watching videos of Christie. I like what he says!

And I really hate to be saying what I'm about to say.

But here's a problem which may arise with his candidacy -- in the minds of many Americans.

Christie is a big man, with a lot of weight to lose.

As one who was once quite heavy, I hold no prejudice about size.

But in a Presidential race, particularly against BHO, I fear that Americans will see Christie in a negative light. And many Americans might say, "Look how big he is. Will his health be good enough?"

I hope I'm wrong in my assessment of American voters. However, in my view, voters have become dangerously superficial and rely so very much on the physical appearance of candidates.

Mark said...

AOW, Three words:

William Howard Taft.

He was as big as two men, so, it was fortunate that he was named both William AND Howard.

Besides, he's fat, but Obama is an idiot, and Christie can diet.

Joe said...

I LOVE this guy. He has "it" figured out, knows where he stands on issues and tells the truth about his stance, regardless of the consequences.

He can't possibly be a politician, can he?

May his tribe increase!

Marshall Art said...

He's definitely what many of us have been awaiting. At the same time, if he says he ain't ready, I believe him. Hopefully, especially as New Jersey begins to shows the benefits of his leadership, others will take note and be as solid as he, OR, others like him will simply step up. Lord knows WE'RE ready!

Trader Rick said...

He's much more ready than Soetoro, Pelosi or Reid or Rangel

Always On Watch said...

I thought of William Howard Taft. But, of course, he served as President quite a while back.

If American voters will pay attention to what a candidate really says and not to his physical appearance, American voters will demonstrate more rational thought processes!

In my view, American voters have been dumbed down to the point of incredible superficiality.

To be clear, I'd vote for Christie. In a heartbeat!